Earth & Cosmic Healing Trip to Puerto Rico and a Caribbean Island



Experience the Puerto Rican Rain Forest

3rd – 7th August 2016


Swim with Wild Dolphins in the Sea of Bimini

7th – 12th August 2016



“Crystal Skull Spiritual Healing Journey” with Kathleen Murray and ancient crystal skulls Mahasamatman/Sammie, Jade, the Twins and Kalif  

There are two parts to this wonderful personal and global journey of transformation, the first is in Puerto Rico and the second is in Bimini, a Caribbean Island where we can take boat trips to swim with wild dolphins. You can choose either the rainforest part or the marine part or come for the whole trip with both parts.

A Soul Call for Atlanteans and Lemurians to Unite, to Celebrate and Honour Life and to Illuminate the 13 Atlantean Temple Matrices with the consciousness of the 13 Ancient crystal skulls.

Kathleen Murray

Kathleen Murray with Jade, the Twins, Kalif and Sammie

“I’m dreaming my dream and working my magic to awaken other dreamers and magicians to respond to the calls of Soul, Higher Self and Earth. To hear and respond to the calls of all Divine Beings in the Caribbean Sea, the Oceans and in the Taino Indians’ sacred land of the rainforests of Puerto Rico. We can find through cooperation and co-creation, the wonder and the joy which is Oneness.” Kathleen Murray

This is a Crystal Skull Healing Programme set in the Atlantean vibration of the Caribbean, where we can swim with wild dolphins, and share ceremonies with Taino Indians in their sacred land of the rainforest of Puerto Rico.

We can sing the songs of our ancient of beings, which we know in our hearts. We can sing and sound and play music to wild dolphins and whales and all ocean creatures. We can co-create Peace with the Peacekeepers of the Oceans, the Earth and the Star Nations.

Crystal Skull Healing Programme with Mahasamatman/Sammie, Kalif, Jade and the Twins – ancient crystal skulls connecting with the ancient beings in the rainforests Puerto Rico and in the Caribbean Sea. The Council of Elders who come through the crystal skulls will assist us in our personal healing so we can transmit the qualities of Forgiveness, Love, Compassion, Trust, Freedom, Truth, Acceptance, Beauty, Grace and Surrender. We can become in unity a community which is focused on World Peace, Inner Peace and Galactic Peace.

It is time to put to Peace aspect of ourselves who are still holding ourselves responsible for destruction caused to Our Beloved Earth during Atlantean times. We all play out parts, then as now.

It is time to co-create a healing of the Golden Atlantean Matrix. It is a gathering of the peoples of Atlantis and the Priests and Priestesses of Atlantis. It is time to face the conflicts, to let go of the guilt, the shame; and in the process of forgiving Self and others, to make commitments to eternal Peace and Love. We all have opportunities for healing ourselves and through access to the purity of our hearts and the transformative power of our Love in Divine Service, we can humbly follow the guidance to create the magic and activate again the Golden Matrix of Atlantis.

We are the Guardians of the Golden Matrix of Atlantis, whether in our Star Nation self, or human form. We are the Upholders of the Temples and in our spiritual work we will begin the activation of the 13 Temple Matrices of Atlantis.

There will be opportunities to have personal sessions with the ancient skulls, either sitting in meditation by yourself, or having a personal guidance session from the Council of Elders, channelled by Kathleen.

We will do group meditations/shamanic journeys and ceremonies with the Elements and Elementals of Nature, in the rain forest and on the beach. You are welcome to bring partners or family, children included who might not want to take part in the greater Healing Mandalas we will set up. Their presence is welcome and they can come without paying any contribution to the spiritual teachings. There will be plenty opportunities to do other activities, such as walking, hiking, zip lining and water sports/trips and beach activities. All are welcome to be together as a group to swim with the wild dolphins.

I was excited to receive this invitation to spend time in a rainforest doing ceremonies and to explore an ancient land, meeting indigenous people; also of course to swim with wild dolphins and spend time by the ocean and the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

Spiritual Teachings

The Council of Lemurian Elders that guide me have given me this information on our Personal, Global and Galactic Healing Mission. I was guided to look at information transmitted to me in 2011 by an ancient Jewelled Tibetan skull which, apparently was removed from Tibet by a German expedition and held in Nazi Germany while Hitler and his scientists were trying to access the power of Atlantean crystals again to control the Earth’s energies. It was placed in Russia at the end of World War Two. This skull is still in communication with me and will assist us in our Crystal Skull Healing Program; in healing ourselves and healing the sacred spaces or temples in the Earth.

Information from the Ancient Jewelled Tibetan Skull

“Time to introduce people to the Timeline of Lemuria and Atlantis, to help people understand the significance of Lemurians and Atlanteans working together in Unity. One of the periods of the dark nights of Lemuria parallels the downfall of the first Atlantean civilisation. This was the beginning of star wars on Earth and the control of power of not only the temple circuit of 13 temples on the Earth’s surface but the temples in the inner Earth, to which there are portals in many different countries.

The myth about the 13 Crystal Skulls of Atlantis is well known. There were teams of 13 skulls, in addition to the 13 large quartz crystal skulls, working in all the energy networks or mandalas of the temples, and there were 13 levels of temples in the Earth. The temples are built in sacred geometrical form and fractal energy flows through the sacred geometrical structure. It is the Yin and Yang, the masculine and feminine of existence.

The network, or mandalas, of temples on and inside the Earth corresponds with the network or mandalas of temples outside the Earth in the other dimensions. These are the temples which exist in the star nations, the in between dimensional temples where the dragons and other mythical beings exist, the elestial temples and temples with the rays of the different crystal beings. All are connected as One.

The project now is transparency, to be able to let go of fears and deep emotions, giving freedom to access the truth of being and truth of Self.  True selves are discovered, or un-covered when there is surrender to personal and global transformation of the light and dark crystalline matrices in our cellular structure.

Transparency is a key, it is about transparency in all dimensions and the regaining of purity of heart, unity and community of Soul and Divine power in all dimensions.

At the end of the first Atlantean civilisation there was destruction to some of this vast temple network, towards the end of the second Atlantean civilisation the aim was more destruction of the temple network. To look at a larger picture after the first destruction; some of the temples became embedded with stellar frequencies that were starting to control the Earth’s energies. The rise of the next Atlantean civilisation did not mean that the temples which had been taken over were free again, it just meant that the energies that were present were used to control. After the destruction of the 3rd Atlantean civilisation the same thing happened, more of the temple network became controlled, infested by manipulating extra-terrestrial energies. The 3rd Atlantean destruction was the biggest and the most cataclysmic.

Atlanteans who knew in advance about the impending destruction escaped with their wisdom and knowledge to begin the seeding of other cultures around the world. And although sacred knowledge has been preserved in the Mystery Schools, the fall in the Earth’s energies through the fall in the temple network has never been recovered. The guardians and wisdom keepers of the Temples of Atlantis and Lemuria reincarnated in Egypt, the Mayan Lands, aboriginal peoples in many continents including Australia, North and South America, Tibet and Celtic lands.

There is a “disaster” timeline which is also seeded with the awakening of these memories; memories of destruction, disempowerment and the karma that each of us has potentially to fulfil. Anyone who entertains and believes the “disaster” idea is still very much controlled. “

This seeded conflict was experienced as heightening towards 2012 and it is still present in the collective subconscious and unconscious of humanity. Humanity has learnt to survive in energetically controlled environments, and non-holistic Atlantean technology has continued to be developed to  control us and the Earth through projects like HARP, Chem trails, mind control, disease and un-natural and health damaging substances in our food and water and a wide spread use of pharmaceutical drugs as an answer.

It is time for any of us who can conceive of the opportunity for Unity consciousness, wholeness, the healing of dualities and polarities to regain our heart and soul aligned Divine power, putting to Peace aspects of ourselves and completing personal, global and galactic karma.

The difference now is that the beings who have controlled us are transforming, and we are transforming. In this movement of transformation we are united. They are transforming, we are transforming, the Earth is transforming. This is a movement into Unity consciousness, which can be seen paralleled by the wider spread acceptance and truth of the Quantum Universe. We are not meant to be completing our spiritual journey separately from other humans, or the Earth, Gaia. This is the time which has been anticipated, encoded, of coming into Wholeness.

From my understanding, the jewelled Tibetan skull was inside one of the inner temples, not one of the deep inner temples, one of the temples which had easy access, first of all to the Lemurians, who taught the Atlanteans teleporting between the inner dimensions in the temple network and the surface temples.

The reincarnated Atlanteans began the foundation of Mystery Schools where wisdom and knowledge had to be kept secret in response to the loss of transparency. Crystal skulls were used to store the wisdom and knowledge, accessible by resonance; which is why we are guided now to open our hearts to this journey of healing.

Are you a Dreamer, a Magician, a Sage from Sirian Heritage perhaps? A Crystal Singer, a Crystal Dancer, a Healer or Guardian of the Temples of Atlantis or Lemuria; there is a vibrational call which sounds your name.

Can you hear it?

Kathleen Murray is a spiritual teacher, artist, author and musician. She has been a guardian of crystal skulls since 1997 and is a channel for the Council of Lemurian Elders since 2004. In her team of crystal skulls who will come to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean is Mahasamatman or Sammie, an ancient ET skull who holds the records of Orion, Kalif a large contemporary carved smoky skull with elestial crystals growing inside, who gives information on Lemuria. Jade an ancient skull found in a temple in Mongolia (made of nephrite jade) with sigils carved on top of her skull and the Twins, a double jade skull with shamanic masks carved on the third eyes. Kathleen will bring her musical instruments to play live music in meditations and shamanic journeys, including drums, Milltones, gong, Tibetan bells and bowls, chimes, song pods and Tibetan bell.   


Rain Forest part in Puerto Rico August 3rd -8th 2016

  • Regular DBL room lower level – $1320  (Estimated Conversion Rate to GBP – £856.20)
  • Regular DBL room upper level – $1370 (Estimated Conversion Rate to GBP – £888.63)

Price calculated in US dollars and based on DBL room occupancy (2 persons in one room). Minimum group 12 persons. You can lower or upgrade the price of the package per person by choosing different room options.  

Contact us ( Skype: destinationbelize Tel : +1-(787) 841-7456 Ponce Tours, Ltd.

PO Box 10112, Ponce, Puerto Rico 00732, USA)


What is included in the tour package:

  1. Shuttle from airport, round trip to hotel
  2. All the transfers in round trip to the group activity locations
  3. Accommodation in hotels for 7 nights
  4. All the excursions (except bio bay excursion)
  5. All the crystal skull meditations (except personal sessions)
  6. All the healing and cleaning rituals with Taino healers
  7. 3 meals food plan
  8. All taxes

What is NOT included:

  1. Air fares
  2. Personal sessions with crystal skull
  3. Bio Bay excursion
  4. Departure and airport taxes
  5. Tips
  6. USA visa procedure cost
  7. Any activities, transfers or excursion that are not indicated in the tour package
  8. Medical and travel insurance (must have) !!


1. We have 110V electric system in Puerto Rico the same as in the rest of USA. Bring electric transformers for 110V outlets to charge your electronics.

2. Take some warm clothing it’s can be a little cool in the winter and even some summer evenings in the mountains

3. Rain forest have every day rain for 1-3hours. Sometimes it’s raining in the night, sometimes during the day. Please make sure you have a rain jacket.

4. Swim suits

5. Waterproof bags for your electronics and medications

6. Bug spray

7. Beach towels

8. Water resistant, NOT slippery, comfortable, mud prove footwear

9. Flash light

10. Your medication if you have any

11. Your medical and travel insurance

12. Your tour voucher

13. Your passport

14. Change of clothing (please do not bring any fancy shoes or dresses). Take with you long sleeves light shorts and light long pans for jungle walking tours to protect your skin from bush.

15. Some cash for tips, laundry and such.

Please note: this trip dates are in the busiest Holiday season. The payment for this package has to be prepaid in full 90 days prior to arrival. Reservations have to be made as soon as possible with 10% of tour package cost to reserve your room. Reservation deposit is not refundable.

You are welcome to bring your own crystals and/or crystal skulls to join in the Earth Healing and for your personal energetic work.

Dzulietta Vilenski had a vision 5 years ago to create this healing journey. She is a travel agent and tour operator in Puerto Rico, so she is taking care of all the arrangements there and she welcomes you to contact her for any questions or precise information for you, or your friends or family if you are coming as a group. Contact ( Skype: destinationbelize Tel : +1-(787) 841-7456 Ponce Tours, Ltd., PO Box 10112, Ponce, Puerto Rico 00732, USA)

There is a rhythm to both parts of the tour combined, balancing all the 5 elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Divinity, allowing wonderful opportunities for healing and spiritual adventures and a spiritual and physical shift in consciousness. Dzulietta feels it is right to begin with the rainforest part to connect with the land and 5 elements, to ground and centre your presence as we begin the bigger agenda of our Earth and Cosmic healing work.

The Forest part of the Crystal Skull Spiritual Healing Journey is the first part of the combined tour package. The reason for this is for everyone to connect in with the Earth and land in this part of the world. If you have already worked with the crystal skulls Maha/Sammie, Jade, the Twins and Kalif then it will be time to attune to them and to our Great Work on this journey – the Earth Healing and Cosmic work to become once again the Guardians of the Golden Matrix of Atlantis. If you haven’t already worked with them, then this is the time to begin a relationship!

The process of healing begins with purification and the cleansing, we will take part in rituals and purification techniques that were used by ancient Mayans and Taino Indians.  


“According to Legend, the good spirit ‘Yuquiyu’ reigned on his mighty mountain-top throne, protecting the Taino people.” The native people will have made many spiritual journeys to the top of El Yunque. It still feels very special at El Yunque, La Roca, Mt. Britton and Los Picachos peaks and an aura of mystery surrounds you in the cloud of the dwarf forest! The top of the mountain has a lookout or view point, many people claim that they have seen UFOs hovering over the mountain. The native Taino people consider this mountain as sacred. All the streams and springs that roll down from the mountain are believed to be healing and rejuvenating. El Yunque has lots of waterfalls in hidden places in the forest that are very beautiful.

 Sub-tropical Rain forest occupies a small area in Puerto Rico, only a single, crescent shaped, band on the windward side of the El Yunque mountains. It lies within the El Yunque National Forest Reserve. This life zone is characterized by an annual total of 3,400 mm of rain. The main features are the Sierra Palms and a superabundance of epiphytes.  At the very top of the mountain peaks a further increase of both wind and rain creates the dwarf or ‘elfin’ forest in which few species are able to adapt and cling to the wet soil. Often shrouded in fog, this is a particularly beautiful part of the forest, with its twisted and stunted trunks. Giant ancient Ceiba trees that growing in the forest are a sacred symbol of the universe and creation of the world by Mayans and Taino Indians. We will see the very special Ceiba tree.Videos about El Yunque National Forest:


Three star (3***) hotel, an Eco Lodge in the Rainforest. B&B. Rooms based on DBL occupancy. Clean comfortable rooms with TV, WIFI. You will eat in the hotel restaurant. 3*** Hotel and rooms description, luxury rooms in 3*** hotel

Organic and natural meal plan menu for a week. 3 meals a day and drinks are included to the cost of the tour package.  READ MENU HERE

Day 1. August 3rd 2016

Arrive at San Juan, Puerto Rico international airport (SJU). At the airport you will met by a Ponce Tours Ltd. representative who will drive you to your hotel. Transfer from airport to hotel round trip will be included in your tour package. Time to settle in, eat and rest. Short tour on the hotel property will be offered to familiarise yourself with the grounds, trails, river and the private waterfalls.

At 8 pm after dinner, all the group will meet together at our hotel conference room which has a terrace with fantastic views of the forest, mountains and the waterfalls. Time to connect to each other and our crystal skull family. Group meditation and prayers will be offered to express our gratitude to the universe for safe arrival and the opportunity to be here, to meet with new friends and those who guide us in the healing process. A local Taino healer will perform an energy cleaning and purifying ceremony.

Day 2. August 4th 2016

During breakfast time the group will meet Puerto Rico organic noni fruit juice makers and learn about this magic fruit. Here are some videos about noni fruit juice and its magical power:

After breakfast the group will gather for a group meditation with the crystal skulls and we will begin our process of attunement to the Earth in this part of paradise. Kathleen will share information from the Elders and crystal skull consciousness about our trip and the roles we play in becoming guardians once again of the Golden Matrix of Atlantis. Then we can experience a meditation/shamanic journey with live music.

After this group will be taken on the tour to El Yunque National Forest to see tropical flora and fauna, swimming in the waterfalls, and have a lunch picnic.

After lunch we go to the very top of the El Yunque mountain for another meditation/shamanic journey.  

After this group will return to their hotel for rest and personal healing sessions with crystal skulls, if they wish.

8 pm after dinner; the group will gather in a location in the forest for an evening of energy purification, prayers, meditation with the skulls and to share the day’s experiences. If the evening is dry we will gather in the forest nearby to our hotel. If it is rainy, we will gather in the hotel terrace with a fantastic view of the mountains and forest for meditation. A sacred fire will be lit for this meditation if we are gather in the forest.

Day 3. August 5th 2016

After breakfast group will visit a Taino sacred ceremonial site in Las Piedras Ceremonial Park, meet with local Taino people to hear about their history. A healing ceremony by Taino healer will be performed. Crystal skulls morning meditation will be performed here with Kathleen Murray and Taino people.

At Las Pedras Ceremonial Park, we would like offer you an opportunity to participate in a petroglyph project. There is unusual small ceremonial cave located where the ancient Taino people used to perform cohoba ceremony. The cave was formed with giant smooth rocks and has a number of chambers. The first chamber looks like a womb, and it has passage ways to other chambers. In the first chamber you can see a rock almost entirely covered with ancient petroglyphs which some people have tried to decode. It is believed that there is a deep sacred meaning in the message of the petroglyphs. We can copy these ancient images onto a plastic sheet and take a picture of them. If you wish you can focus on the petroglyph during meditation time; and ask to understand the meaning of the message. If we are honoured to receive information then we can share our understanding in decoding the sacred knowledge with honour and respect to our ancestors.

For lunch we return to the hotel and there is time for a personal sessions with one of the crystal skulls, if you wish. In the afternoon we are going to visit an ancient place in the forest where Taino Indians’ petroglyphs were found. Our local guide and a petroglyph specialist will lead the tour. After this excursion we will go on a walking tour to see local waterfalls. Swimming in the cool and healing springs and creeks of El Yunque rain forest is a joy!

After dinner at 8 pm, the group will gather on the hotel terrace or in the nearby forest for the evening crystal skulls meditation.

Day 4. August 6th 2016

After breakfast the group will be transported to one of Puerto Rico spectacular caves, named the “Window Cave”, it is located in the mountain area. Our time in this cave will start with a guided tour in the cave. This is a private tour just for our group. After the tour we will have an opportunity to make ourselves comfortable in one of the deepest and darkest places in the cave for our crystal skulls meditation. Deep down in the Earth, in complete darkness, the group will have an opportunity to meditate with the crystal skulls and to connect deeply into Gaia, the Earth to further the work we are asked to do of Divine Service. Here is a video about this spectacular cave:

At 3 pm the group will visit an organic Taino community farm and ceremonial site (different location from the previous day trip) to learn about modern Taino peoples’ lives, and about their dreams and plans. Healing and energy cleaning ceremony by Taino shaman will be performed for the group with a Crystal Skulls meditation with Kathleen and Taino people afterwards.

Day 5. August 7th 2016

After breakfast the group will visit Old San Juan. You can participate in a walking, guided historic and cultural tour and also taste Spanish cuisine and drinks in traditional Puerto Rico restaurants. Excursion will start at 10:30 am. Here is a video about this excursion:

Lunch at Old San Juan restaurants. After this tour we return to our hotel to rest and relax, having time to spend with one of the crystal skulls if you wish. Today we will have an early dinner. And after this, 1 hour before the sun will set we go by car to the top of El Yunque Mountain before dark for a stargazing crystal skulls meditation. This will be an unforgettable experience! We hope the sky will be clear to give us that feeling of universal and cosmic connection, just being at one with everything underneath the deep blue sky and bright stars. We can experience the Unity of Creation, high above the forest and in communication with our star nation ancestors, limitless possibilities.

Day 6. August 8th 2016

Departure. The group that are going to take a second part of the tour package in the Bahamas leaves early in the morning at 3 am to San Juan airport. A packed breakfast will be provided for eating in the car while driving to the airport. The rest of the group will have breakfast at the normal time of 8 am and check out of the hotel to be transferred to the airport after breakfast.

My crystal skulls, Maha/Sammie, Jade, the Twins and Kalif will be available for your personal healing sessions during free time. Unlike other crystal skull guardians I do not charge for the gift of this time, but donations are very welcome. If you wish during the trip to have an in depth healing and channelling session, please arrange this during the trip with myself. Cost for a channelled guidance and healing session with the crystal skulls and the Council of Elders

*Half an hour 110 US$ or £75, an hour 220US$ or £150


Crystal Skull Spiritual Journey for healing

Marine Part –  Swimming with wild dolphins

Bimini Island Bahamas from August 8th -August 13th 2016

With Ancient crystal skulls Mahasamatman/Sammie, Jade, the Twins, Kalif and Kathleen Murray

Price: $1592 per person. (Estimated Conversion Rate to GBP – £1039)
Minimum group 10 persons, maximum group 20 persons. Price calculated in US dollars and based on regular DBL room with occupancy of 2 people per room.

Accommodation in 3*** Hotel.

You can lower your tour cost by choosing to stay in a room with 3-4 people. If you wish to do so, please contact us we can help you to find roommates.

What is included to the tour package:

1. Accommodation in hotel regular DBL room. 2 people per room. Hotel 3***, TV, A/C, coffee maker, free WIFI. Total 5 nights stay.

2. 2 meals daily (breakfast and lunch).

3. Dolphin swim boat trips for 5 days

4. Crystal skull group meditations and workshops

5. All taxes

What is NOT included:

1.All the airfares. Air fare from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Bimini round trip can cost $ 300 USd and airfare from Puerto Rico to Fort Lauderdale one way per person can cost $151 USD per person. All the prices are including tax.

2. Airport fees and departure tax

3. Medical and travel insurance (a must)!

4. Dinners for each day. We left this option for you to be free to choose to have dinner in different restaurants in Bimini. Our hotel will be located in the Alice Town. So, in walking distance you can find many different restaurants.

5. 2 excursions: Healing Hole and Fountain of Youth

6. Personal crystal skull sessions: I do not charge, unlike other crystal skull guardians for people to spend time with my crystal skulls. If you feel they are providing invaluable personal help to you, then a donation is always welcome! Cost for a channelled guidance and healing session with the crystal skulls and the Council of Elders, with Kathleen, half an hour 110 US$ or £75, an hour 220US$ or £150

7. Shuttle from Bimini airport to hotel round trip: $40 USD

8. Snorkelling gear (you can bring your own or rent it for additional price)

9. Any trips, excursion or activities that are not described in the tour package.

10. Tips

11. Medical and travel insurance **

12. Departure Tax $29 USD

13. Airport Tax $25 USD

Please note: this trip dates are in the busiest Holiday season. The payment for this package has to be prepaid in full 90 days prior to arrival. Reservations have to be made as soon as possible with 10% of tour package cost to reserve your room. Reservation deposit is not refundable.

Day 1. August 8th 2016

All group is meeting at the Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA (airport code FLL) airport to check in and board a flight to Bimini Island. Boarding time at 10:30 AM, arriving 11.03 AM the same day.

Approximate air ticket price per person round trip: $300 USD (tax including)

The group arrives in the morning on Bimini Island. The group will be transferred from the airport to hotel on the boat (short trip). There is now time to settle into your room, explore the beaches and surrounding area. Time to relax!

After dinner at 8 pm the group will meet together at the beach (no fire will be lit) for our first meditation in the Caribbean with the Crystal Skulls. We will meditate on the beach, and then spend sometime in the shallow water of the Caribbean Sea in meditation and contemplation of our commitment to make this world a better place, inviting the ocean creatures, whales and dolphins to join us.

Day 2. August 9th 2016

After breakfast (9 am) the whole group meets to board the boat and go to sea to meet with the wild dolphins.

We will all go into the water with snorkelling gear and swim with the dolphins for a while to connect and play with them, inviting them to be a part of our personal and global spiritual journey. The meditation begins and we can focus on healing and love for all worlds and all life forms.

Every morning the boat trip will take about 5 hours, time includes dolphin search, swimming with dolphins and round way trip to the shore. Snacks, lunch and drinking water will be provided on the boat. After this trip everyone will go back to the Island to their hotel for rest, or if you prefer you can have a crystal skull personal meditation.

After dinner at 8 pm the whole group will gather on the beach to share their experience of the day and for meditation.

Day 3. August 10th 2016

After breakfast 9 am the group will board the boat to go for a second time to make a connection with dolphins, crystal skull and the ocean. Lunch will be provided on the boat. After the trip everyone returns to the hotel for rest, or you can have a personal crystal skull meditation/healing session.

At 3 pm group members who would like to participate in an adventure trip visiting the rejuvenating Healing Hole on the Island which is believed to be connected to the one of the temples of Atlantis that now on the bottom of the sea. Group members will gather and be taken on a short boat ride to the spot where the walking tour begins. The tour will be lead by an experienced local guide. Tour duration is 2.5 hours. Price for this trip is NOT included in the trip package. You can pay additionally $ 50 USD per person for this excursion, if you wish to join.

Afterwards, the group will return to the hotel to rest and have dinner. After dinner the group will gather on the beach for a meditation and to share their experiences of the day. A fire will be lit on the beach.

Day 4. August 11th 2016

After breakfast 9 am the group will board our boat to go for a sea meditation with wild dolphins and the crystal skulls. Lunch will be provided on the boat. After the trip, the group returns to the hotel on Bimini Island to rest or you can have a crystal skull personal meditation and sessions.

Afternoon hours are free for relaxation or for a personal session with the crystal skulls.

8 pm after dinner, the group will gather on the beach for a group meditation with the crystal skulls and share the experiences of the day. Fire will be lit on the beach.

Day 5. August 12th 2016

After breakfast 9 am the group will board our boat to go for a sea meditation with dolphins and the crystal skulls. Lunch will be provided on the boat. On this last day for our meditation at sea together, we will complete our spiritual work together by sending out our wishes for Love, Peace and Harmony to all living beings, expressing our gratitude for all the opportunities we have had and all we have shared in our global and cosmic work together.

After the trip, the group will return to the hotel to rest. In the afternoon, you have free time to relax, or meditate and receive healing from the skulls. There is an option to participate in a land excursion to visit a local natural attraction where it is believed Ponce De Leon found a Fountain of Youth. Tour with a local guide will starts at 3 PM. Duration 2 hours. Price for this trip is NOT included in the tour package. You can sign up for this trip for additional $10 USD per person.

8 pm after dinner, the group will gather on the beach for the last group meditation with the crystal skulls and share experiences of the day. Time to say good bye to each other and the crystal skulls, sharing gratitude for the experience.

Day 6. August 13th 2016

After breakfast, the group will have time to pack to be ready for airport departure. Our flight will take off from Bimini at 2: 25 pm, arriving in Florida (FLL) at 3:02 pm.

To make a reservation 10% of the package price has to be prepaid as soon as possible to allow the hotels to be booked and to make this magical trip happen. Reservation deposit is not refundable. The payment for this package has to be prepaid in full 90 days prior to arrival. **    Medical and Travel insurance:

You MUST have a valid insurance policy, which includes emergency medical coverage. Check your insurance covers total cost, including flights. Please bring a copy of your insurance with you.


We recommend you get coverage, check with your provider for details.


This covers you for the rare possibility that you might have to cancel due to illness, family emergency or situations out of your control.

It’s also possible a Crystal Skull and Dolphin Healing program has to be cancelled due to weather or other adverse conditions out of our control. In the case of any of the above we DO NOT provide refunds, program re–schedules or replacements. Our Partners at Caribbean Island have worked with the CSA Insurance Group for many years. They are very accommodating and good to work with.  CSA covers cancellation by the tour operator due to severe weather.