Solstice & Gatherings

Solstice and Gatherings PageEvery Solstice and Equinox is a wonderful opportunity to connect with our ancestors and with the other realms. Traditionally a time when the veils are thin between the dimensions and a great time to follow the energetic traditions and discover the heritage of our guides, ancestors and essentially ourselves! Practical guidance on how to integrate the metaphysical traditions into our daily lives. Stone circle visits, sound healing techniques, meditations, prayers, gong baths, sound ceremonies, Agni Hotra and sacred fire ceremonies. Calling in our ancestors and working with our higher selves to embody our Divinity and vision Peace, Love and Harmony to all sentient beings. A beautiful time to share with the ancients and open ourselves up to new opportunities for our souls’ paths. Each day there will be time to relax and enjoy a guided meditation using crystals and sound from Shamanic drum, Tibetan singing bowls, quartz singing bowl, gongs, bells and chimes. Gong baths are an intensely healing experience not to be missed, especially in our round solar dome /crystal temple which has amazing acoustics!

We will visit stone circles locally, so please bring appropriate footwear and clothing for comfort (and all weathers!). An organic lunch of soup and bread will be provided and refreshments available. Please bring a mat, blanket and pillow and make yourself comfortable! Cost: £75 for the day, £300 for the 4 days. You are welcome to come for one more or all of the days. There is always a Crystal and Gong bath day (Introductory Day) at Solstices and Equinoxes for new people to join us.

Winter Solstice Celebrations & Ceremonies 2014

10.30am – 5pm The Lemurian Temple, Rhynie

A two day celebration over the Winter Solstice. This celebration offers us the opportunity to honour our Ancestors who represent us in the Higher Realms. This honouring is expressed through meditation in movement,  dance, ceremonies, sound healing journeys and gong baths. All are welcome (including beginners) to come and  join in this opportunity to remember our Selves for either one or both days.

£55 per day, regulars £50 per day

Organic home made soup provided, please bring some good food to share!

Lemurian Retreat

This is for Re-awakened Lemurians in this lifetime and those who feel the call from Lemuria and who have not yet discovered the magic of Lemuria. Lemuria is more than an island which existed around the same time as Atlantis, it is a vibration which is in us, in the consciousness of Gaia and it also exists in between dimensions and in other parts of our universe. There are many creatures from myths and legends who exist in the Lemurian vibrations for example dragons, unicorns, centaurs, sphinx. Lemuria was the time when we were in our Divine presence on Earth, in Wholeness and in Oneness with all the realms of the Earth guardians; fairies, elves, gnomes, devas, sylphs, undines and elementals. We were/are the guardians of our planet, fully conscious of our roles. The Lemurian civilisation has Dreamers, Witnesses, Magicians (all were crystal skull guardians), Earth Guardians and Temple healers. In this retreat all of these beings will be here, aspects of ourselves, so we can reconnect to create the magic again in this world at this time.

The etheric crystal skulls which hold the energies of the star nations were in the early 5th dimensional times of Lemuria. In the later days crystal skulls joined by now the more physical Lemurian peoples, to assist them to record and access sacred records, transmissions from Gaia and the Star nations. There will be channellings from the council of Lemurian Elders and meditations, shamanic journeys with music to help us integrate our Divine presence. Cost for four days is £300, or £75 for one day. You are welcome to come to one, more or all of the days!