Crystal Keys students have always been welcome to repeat each level for free. I have been teaching Crystal Keys since 2001 and there are regular updates.
The workshops are intensive in person, so there is an advantage to doing the course online.
You can take as long as you want, and of course pause the workshop every time you need a break! For the Online course, you can practice the healing techniques on yourself in Level 1.

Once a year I teach Crystal Keys at Rhynie. If you choose to study the courses online, then you are welcome in the future to repeat in person, with me, for free.
I usually ask you bring a contribution to lunches and snacks. Over the years we have grown a strong spiritual Lemurian family, welcome to the family!

Crystal Keys students who have studied with myself in person may purchase the online course for the discounted price of:

Crystal Keys – Level 1 & 2 = £50 | Crystal Keys – Level 3 = £75

Students having studied with another Crystal Keys teacher can purchase the online course for:

Crystal Keys – Level 1 & 2 = £100 | Crystal Keys – Level 3 = £150

Please contact me in order to proceed and obtain discount coupon.

These fees are a token gesture towards the expenses of creating the online courses.

Crystal Healing Courses

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