Personal Appointments with Kathleen Murray

Personal Appointments

Kathleen Murray

Kathleen Murray is available for personal appointments. These can be as one to one sessions when she travels to workshops, or you can arrange to come to Rhynie for a personal appointment. For people in other countries, or who have too far to travel, Kathleen will do a remote session, setting up the Crystal Keys to obtain a vibrational picture and to send healing during the session. All guidance is channelled and recorded onto CD and sent along with the Crystal Keys Vibrational Remedies.

One to One sessions can be channelling on life’s issues, soul’s path or personal guidance, which is channelled from the Council of Lemurian Elders through the Skulls in connection with the person’s higher self. All healing work and channelling is done through connecting to a person’s higher self and Divine presence, from where the instructions come and are translated by Kathleen’s guides. You can prepare questions in advance to ask. Sometimes the answers come in a form of meditation/shamanic journey into your own healing.

These sessions are recorded onto CD so you can continue benefiting from the healing session at your leisure, as many times as you like. Kathleen will also prepare a vibrational picture of you, using the Crystal Keys material, this will be described during the session. She will prepare a vibrational remedy for you to take over the next month to assist with the integration of the healing.

At the moment I am too busy with my teaching commitments in Scotland and Europe to be able to offer one to one sessions regularly.  Usually I have a waiting list and the most I can promise you is being added to the list. At some times during the year it is possible for me to catch up with these sessions, I will contact you to tell you when I have an appointment free.


When I do personal appointments in my home, I offer you a healing experience with the crystals and skulls, often this is in the form of a shamanic journey which is recorded on CD with any guidance given. I use the Crystal Keys material to give you a vibrational picture and remedies.


I look forward to sharing with you,

Kathleen, Kalif, Sammie (Maha), Jade, the Twins, AS-K-Ra and the Council of Lemurian Elders