Paintings by Kathleen Murray

2004 Water Colour Paintings

The above set of paintings, finished in 2004, are acrylic on water colour paper (16″ x 12″ or 40cms x 30cms)

Lemuria Paintings

All the paintings below belong to a set of paintings called LEMURIA. Here they are individually, and then some photos of the set.

This set of paintings was first begun while I was at Glasgow school of art, 1976-1981. I graduated with a BA Honours in Art and Design, my degree show was in multimedia with large mural paintings, my thesis was on creativity.

I started this version of the paintings when I moved into the School House in Rhynie in 1992, after a dream, which welcomed me into the temple. Green Tara was the nearest figure I could find to the figure in the dream, so I began with her. Some parts of this painting are still being worked on.

There is also another ‘layer’ of paintings which I have started, when completed it will sit above this layer. What you see here is to bring the energies of Lemuria back into our consciousness now. The top layer is a set of three (6′ x 6′ or 2m x 2m) paintings of the Council of Elders from Lemuria which have been guiding me (with my knowing!) since 2004. I am currently working on these paintings.

I have shown them in DVD format in a creative piece with a Sound and Light show at workshops and festivals – easier than transporting the paintings. Although they were shown ‘live’ at the Samhuin Fire Festival in Aboyne. Aberdeenshire in 2006.

Below is a proposal I prepared in 2004, to perhaps explore how open the art world is to an exhibition of spiritually conscious paintings, with crystal skulls of course!! I am open to suggestions…

1976-1981 Glasgow School of Art     B.A. Hons


One Woman Shows:  

1982 Aberdeen Arts Centre

1982 Greenock Arts Centre

1983 The Engine Room, Edinburgh

Joint Show 1983 Round Gallery, Barbican, London

1983-1986 Travels in Africa

1985 Gallery Watatu, Nairobi, Kenya

1996 Scottish Arts Council Grant to bring work created in Africa with native women home for exhibition

1987 Aberdeen Arts

Mixed Shows: 

1986 Kapil Jariwalla Gallery, Camberwell, London

1988 – 1997 I was responsible for the opening, and running of Scottish Arts and Crafts Space, Exhibits, Aberdeen. During this time I began exploring my spirituality and metaphysics, developing the channeling of intuitional guidance that had been coming through my paintings into writings. During this time I began exploring the colour, light and consciousness of crystals and Earth energies.

1992-4 I studied under Lindsey Senegal in Holland and Portugal– Awakening Light Body and Higher Vibrational Frequency Energy work

1994-1996 I studied crystal healing at the Academy of Crystal and Natural Healing, Carrbridge, Scotland

1997 Mahasamatman, a clear quartz skull came into my life, after being given to me in meditation

1997 Two trips to Brazil for exploration and writing

1998 Publication of my book The Divine Spark of Creation, the Crystal skull Speaks

1996 – present day ongoing project working with the land, Creation of the Sacred Garden, Rhynie

2000 Kalif, a large smokey quartz skull is given to me

2000-2001 I produced a set of 14 paintings of higher vibrational energies called Imprints of Wholeness which I use in healing and the teaching of Crystal Keys as a Healing System

2001 Sound Healing Intensive with Jonathan Goldman in Colorado, USA

2001 Jade an ancient hollow skull found in a tomb in Mongolia (made of jade) is given into my care.

1997 – 2003 Working with the public through workshops in the UK, Holland, Australia, USA, and Brazil. I have been taking these skulls and my paintings to public events, the largest in the UK being The Big Green Gathering. I create a healing temple atmosphere with sound, ancient Tibetan and Indian singing bowls and bells, and light. The light experience is from a piece of technology called the Voyager, or Liminal Light Box. It has 250 LEDs run on a computerized sequence, this was developed by Kirby Seid with others in California.

This technology is now called the Light Labyrinth and now has a music visualiser, to work synchronisticly with sound and light, something that I have envisioned for years. Kirby continually updates my Labyrinth as he progresses with the design. To find out more about this, please see Kirby’s website

The inspiration for my request to bring my work back into an Art Gallery setting has come from seeing such a growing response from people at these events. The Big Green Gathering attracts around 20,000 people a year, over 5 days. Because of this interest in 2002 I created the first temple setting. In 2003, we had two temples, open to the public from 10am to 10pm.  I am assisted by a team of people who have been trained to work in this environment with the skulls. Every day I did a meditational shamanic journey, with our temple becoming packed full of people (about 50 max.). On the Saturday night, I had use of one of the large marquees on site and along with the skulls and a team of helpers, we ran a Vigil for Peace from midnight to dawn. This usually attracts around 200 people.

With the completion of the set of 5 paintings called ‘Lemuria’ which were begun in 1992 with Tara, I feel ready to synthesise my work and bring it into a new level of exposure.


I would like to present my current paintings to the public in an art gallery setting. The crystal skulls I have attracted a great deal of interest, and I would like to make them available for the public to experience, perhaps daily. To make it easy for security reasons the skulls would be present when I am present. I would like to create a sacred space and take people into altered states of consciousness, into relaxation and meditation to open their senses and receive healing energies. The crystal skulls generate great healing energy which is activated using sound and light. My paintings are also encoded with healing energy, to heighten the sensory experience. From my early days of showing paintings to now, I am more interested in creating an interactive environment and using all the skills and resources I have developed to hopefully share my enjoyment of the beauty and grace of Life.

I have another trilogy of 6’by 6’ paintings that I am currently working on, begun 1995.

From 1995 onwards I have been developing my skills in working with colour, light, crystals and Divine Consciousness. The aim to assist with the healing processes involved in our Spiritual journey of becoming more and more human! And enjoying life!

Kathleen Murray

February 2004

January 2013

Paintings all together in the Lemurian Temple for the first time. It is a wonderful painting and music studio! These are some I am currently working on:

So this is 6m wide x 4m high now the paintings are all together

These are the 3 paintings I am working on which depict some members of the Council of Lemurian Elders (more later when I have finished them!); the top row of paintings. The painting in the middle has an image of the Crystal from the Heartlands of Lemuria, so it can transmit lovely Lemurian energies.

These are a couple I am currently working on, December 2014:

The above paintings are commissions. If you are interested in commissioning a painting, then please email