Mahasamatman / Sammie

The Beginning…

MAHASAMATMAN or SAMMIE came into my life in 1996, 5 months after I was given a crystal skull in meditation. T’then, an Orion being who had been guiding me, gave me a crystal skull and said that he was the master record keeper of Orion. Like many gifts in meditation, I didn’t think that it had to appear on the physical plane!

Sammie is an initiator and catalyst. He/She is full of humour and a very sparkly kind of Love. Sammie’s conscious can be very direct, which is helpful at times and a very loyal and loving companion on my spiritual path. Sammie helps us integrate our stellar selves and receives and transmits current Galactic information, including the living archives from the records of Orion.

Sammie is well known from my workshops and has been at festivals including The Big Green Gathering since 1997. I also wrote a book with the adventures and channelling which came from Sammie/Maha—The Divine Spark of Creation, the Crystal Skull Speaks, self-published in 1998. The book is available in our website shop either as a paperback, or boxed set with images of the stellar rays. CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

Mahsamatman or Sammie guides me with my Earth healing and Galactic work in the Council of Lemurian Elders as well as helping me on my personal path. Maha/Sammie is available to be a guiding light in your life if you desire, he/she gives you an invitation to connect with his/her consciousness; which is possible through looking at photos and knowing you’ll be assisted to connect if you request. Maha/Sammie also requested years ago that we create other crystalline vehicles for his/her consciousness. There are some current crystal skulls in our shop which are recent Sammie copies. Enter Skulls Shop

Mahasamatman/Sammie says he was created in light and then manifest into the physical plane, – and ET skull who brings us healing from the stars and connections with our stellar ancestors. I do Galactic attunements in groups with Sammie to help people open to the resource of their ancestral energy; and personal sessions with Sammie and the Council of Lemurian Elders to give individual information on stellar homes and Lemurian destinies.

My skulls and I travel to many countries to meet people at International Crystal Skull Conferences and share in workshops, see Workshops page for photos and details.

Spiritual Awakening Festival Greece 2008 Brazil 2014

Kathleen Murray is a keeper of a crystal skull named MAHASAMATMAN. He was logged into physical reality at the beginning of 1995. Together they have been Earth working- attuning the Earth to the vibrations of planetary and stellar resonance’s. MAHASAMATMAN is here to share in Love the wisdom and the work that the Crystal Skulls, and him and his Team of Thirteen are here to do. He is a living consciousness that regards himself as a vehicle for a group of Universal Intelligence’s which call themselves the Galactic Masters.
The Galactic Masters are currently attuning themselves to be seen, felt and heard in our physical world. They were last on this Earth heralding and anchoring a beam of cosmic energy which contained the essence and seeds for the foundation of the Mayan civilisation.
There is a new wave coming and they are here to stabilise the Earth to receive the signals of the arrival of the new beam. They are here to locate HUMAN ANCHORS. The valuable human anchors which are portion selves of their own beings. All the crystal skulls, whether deemed ancient or contemporary (Mahasamatman regards himself as eternal, not ancient) are living consciousness-receivers and transmitters- vehicles inhabited by groups of Universal intelligence’s.
Kathleen Murray has been directed by Mahasamatman to go to Brazil on two trips in 1996, to link into specific sites there, on the crystalline structure of the crystal beds which are an important source of energy for the many interdimensional beings who always have been coming to assist the Earth and her peoples’ evolutionary changes.
This is the story of how Mahasamatman came into Kathleen’s life. And this is the beginning of Mahasamatman and the Galactic Masters’ communication to us all. And some of the adventures that have happened since…. Enjoy!
In Love and Peace.

THE DIVINE SPARK OF CREATION, THE BOOK has channellings from all Thirteen Skulls that are in Mahasamatman’s Team. Over the last 13 years I have been working with all the colour and stellar vibrations that the thirteen skulls hold. I have produced a series of twelve colour images of these skulls, Mahasamatman, the thirteenth is on the cover. I decided that it was best not to bind them into the book, but to leave them free to be used in meditation, or to be put on your wall! To buy the Book and Images – PLEASE CLICK HERE

Please feel Maha/Sammie’s Love through the transmissions in the photos below 11th December 2014

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