Crystal Keys – The Wholeness of Lemurian Wisdom

Crystal Keys 2013 and onwards

I’d like to share with you what I have experienced teaching Crystal Keys since 2001. There is a huge opening in humanity’s consciousness to Lemuria, not just the possible existence of an island called Lemuria (which in its latter days co-existed with the island of Atlantis); but to Lemurian consciousness and the Lemurian vibration that can exist anywhere there is a Lemurian who calls in the presence of Divinity.

I have been guided by the Council of Lemurian Elders since 2004, to learn more about Lemuria and to share this with people who are Lemurian souls; to reawaken in them a knowing of their Lemurian beings and their homeland.

The Council of Elders call Lemuria the period on Earth, really before the existence of time; when the consciousness of Gaia was in light and we were all Light beings here together to create a paradise on Earth. So Lemuria, according to the Elders started with the Light of Galactic consciousness and covers all our experiences of individuation from the Divine Beings we are into matter. It covers all the manifestation of the different species on Earth, with the Galactic Light each carries and the creation of sacred spaces on Earth and in Gaia’s body. There is no separation between our journey on Earth and Gaia.

In Lemuria, which is only a vibration away in our wonderful holographic perception, we are the Earth guardians; we have many different forms before we took human form. We can discover ourselves as “mythical” creatures like dragons and unicorns, for me these myths are all about this period on Earth. My perception is that it is in Lemuria when we held our Divine Beings on Earth, merged with Gaia’s consciousness and if we reconnect with our Lemurian selves we are bringing in the power of creation of wholeness on Earth, which is the journey we are all on now.

By “remembering” or reawakening our Lemurian potential we are closer to the truth of who we are (whatever that means to us as multi-dimensional beings). I perceive this awakening as a deep soul call that enriches our life now. It gives us access to our greater potential and to all the power of manifestation through our hearts.

In the Crystal Keys workshops, there are always more and more teachings. Yes of course there is a structure in each level, to help people assimilate the teachings and attunements to their own truth. Each time I teach a Level one, Level Two or Three there can be new information or a different focus depending on the group, so it is very orientated to the assembled group of souls!

Level Four has been taught for the first time in 2012, at Les Labadous near the mystical village of Rennes le Chateau. This is a Lemurian sacred site, with overlays from Mary Magdalene, the Cathars, Celts, Galactic stories and more. Each level has concepts to expand consciousness and meditations or shamanic journeys with sound, and of course crystals and crystal skulls, to engage our left and right brains in synthesis, in Oneness.

Of course I am always integrating the new information too, and my abilities to teach expand with each integration. I teach to learn! This is living information which is presented to you with purity and an open heart. As a Lemurian I believe in freedom for all sentient beings, freedom to be loved and to be in Love. The Lemurian ideals, which have been held by many reincarnated Lemurians in cultures like the Aborigines, Tibetans, Mayans, and North American Indians to name a few; are about finding a peaceful way out of every situation, there is no need for conflict, on whatever scale. We are all connected in Oneness, as human beings, as a species on Earth with other species, and with the consciousness of Gaia. Everything we do to another is what we do to ourselves. Lemurian ideals are honour, respect, honesty and living in Love so there is always courage to be transparent. In the pure Lemurian vibration shame does not exist; we do not need to be ashamed of being human or being spiritual. We can ask for assistance from our ancestors, who are often ourselves, to heal the shame which has been passed down from generation to generation. There is natural shame which comes from being separate from the Divine, the mother, and every individuation we experience. Then there is un-natural shame which I believe was seeded in genetic manipulation and programming by those involved in the disempowerment.

All can be seen and recognised for what it is and brought into wholeness in us, this is our journey of empowerment with Love, compassion, acceptance and forgiveness. It is an exciting journey and I would love to meet you and recognise you as a Lemurian brother and sister!

Crystal Keys is not only for those who have chosen “crystal healing” as a vocation, it is for everyone to help them become autonomous in their spiritual development. Everyone’s quality of life improves when we are in tune with ourselves. We can live our dreams! If we are creative with art or music then we can heighten our creativity with our Divine connection. We can have more passion, motivation and inspiration and while we fulfil our needs in this life we can learn to create the future dreams for humanity and Gaia with ease, elegance and grace.

Let us remember and share our wisdom together
In Love and Peace, with many Blessings,
February 2013

Crystal Keys Level 1

This is the first part of an exploration into Lemuria, to connect with our Lemurian selves and to learn how to heal with crystals, colour, sound, symbols and vibrational remedies. This healing system was given from Kalif the crystal skull, and is simple to use. You will receive attunements in meditation and there is tuition for Dowsing, using a pendulum in the workshop.

Crystal Keys can be used along with any other healing modality, as it enhances the power of all healing. Through the crystal skulls come the Guardians of the temples from Lemuria, they are the resource which you are calling upon when you use Crystal Keys. In reality, the crystal key is YOU and you are learning to unlock your Divine power. The vibrational remedies will give support to your clients for 3 months. There is a manual, laminated pictures, symbols on acetates, and channellings which are included in the workshop costs.

You will need to buy 13 Madagascan crystals and a dowsing pendulum to use for your Crystal Keys Toolkit. I can choose for you with guidance from your higher self, if you like, you just need to state your budget. Kits can range from around £35 upwards to £120 (sometimes bigger) and I have many different styles of natural Lemurian crystals to choose from. Please specify the size you want when you book. Vibrational Remedies are also available for sale, £84 for a set of 14 remedies.

Kalif Rising – The Foundations of Crystal Keys 

Link to Imprints 

Link to Symbols

On this website I share with you the material given to me by Kalif the Crystal Skull. Feel free to down load and print out the Imprints of Wholeness and the Symbols and Instructions and try out this healing system in principle. If you want to experiment with how it really works I recommend that you treat yourself to your own Crystal Keys Set of 13 Lemurian crystals. In the workshop material that I hand out I have colour photocopies of the original paintings laminated. The way to use the symbols is to print them onto acetate, so that they are black on a clear background. This is for placing on top of the Imprints. You can buy your Crystal Keys set, set of Imprints of Wholeness and Symbols on acetate from our shop.

If you want the experience of being in a workshop and sharing and bonding in a group of other Lemurians, please feel very welcome to join us!

Workshops are where you can learn to grow and share with others on your journey; as well as direct experience of Crystal Skull Consciousness. The sacred space in a workshop is a powerful and beautiful place for healing and meditation.  I will always run Crystal Keys workshops at Rhynie, if you want to come for the experience of being in this Lemurian sacred space. Very soon we can offer the Crystal Keys workshops as online courses.

I asked Kalif to give me ways to assist in healing people who were in so much pain that they couldn’t talk or respond to methods of crystal healing that I had built up over the years. This was how the Crystal Keys material came about.

Usually I saw what was out of balance in an energy field and could take instructions from the PNH’s (person needing healing) higher self. When someone is going through complex crises, like a disease that holds the potential for death – for example cancer- the instructions for healing are complex too. I had to learn how to operate as a healer when in emotional situations with both the most loved woman and man in my life to help them through their experience of cancer.

The Imprints of Wholeness are paintings which I completed over four months. In reality, they are holographs – total spheres or elliptical shapes of light and colour, and represent all our energy bodies in our energy fields. This is what I would see forming in people’s energy fields as I followed the instructions with crystals from their higher selves, their I AM presences.

Below is some information from the Level One manual:


Let me tell you briefly the story of how I arrived at Crystal Keys, The Wholeness of Lemurian Wisdom. Those of you who know my work over the years will know of my ever growing Love, Love of life and through that Love the impetus to transform all that is not Love.

I started playing classical guitar at 10 years old, I have been an artist for 37 years, a channeller for 21 years, a crystal healer for 19 years, a Shamballa Multi-dimensional Healing master for 15 years. When I started to take on bigger projects to heal the land, and the stone circles around where I live about 18 years ago, things started to happen big time. A crystal skull came into my life, Mahasamatman, and well everything accelerated!

2001 was the 4th year of Pluto crossing my ascendant, the fourth year of a big transformation cycle. In the first year of this cycle I had a car accident that changed my life, all for the better! However last year was very intense with personal crises of birth, life and death. Many of these were on the inner self levels, but many were real events which have changed my life forever. I have a beautiful daughter called Joy who was born on 1st March 2000. She is one of these exceptional Indigo children who are very dynamic, and even though I have Amethyst who is now 19 years old, another Indigo, Joy has resources to energy far beyond anything I have seen. She comes in as a manifestation of a group stellar consciousness, and has been very present in her life since her birth. Sleep was a bit of a waste of time for her! With all my healing and meditation techniques I did manage to hold myself together over months of sleep deprivation, and learning to function 24 hours a day-an ideal opportunity to transform all fears at great depths.

However when the crises came in multiples, with the two people who were my closest intimate relationships having cancer, I needed to find ways of helping and healing at very great depths. My beloved John Armitage, Joy’s father, being a great healer and being of resources cured himself of his cancer. My beautiful and soul bonded sister Do- with whom I have shared many years of crystal, crystal skull, cosmic and earth healing projects- when her cancer was brought to our attention, we both knew that she was going to die. She had been getting the guidance to call in a crystal skull from America, and she was given the name Kalif months before his arrival. Both of our personal preferences would have been that she could have lived through it all, and we had to do a lot of surrendering to the bigger purpose of her life. Kalif arrived and I committed myself to all the deep, deep healing that would resolve all of her life’s issues. I asked for new ways of healing that could cope with situations where a person is in too much pain to be present in the healing sessions. I needed to track the roots of all the imbalances that had caused generations of cancer in her family. We had from September until Do’s death on 16th November 2000 to see all of this complete. And the happy news is that my beloved soul sister passed in wholeness into her new home in another reality.

I was also finding that in working with the sacred sites around Rhynie and in other parts of the world, that with the Earth changing in resonance, more and more non-divine beings were showing up, reluctant to let go their control. So once again I asked for new ways of healing that could cope with the depths of the real life situations.

CRYSTAL KEYS, THE WHOLENESS OF LEMURIAN WISDOM is the answer given through Kalif and Mahasamatman, and by my beloved guides and celestial beings who are here to assist humanity and Gaia through her Ascension process.

May this inspire you to be all you can be,

In Love Peace and Honour,

Namaste Kathleen

Crystal Care and Love

Crystals are the gift that Gaia gives to us of her living body. They are here in our lives to provide our own personal path with growth in ease and grace. Crystals can also be our major teachers in energy work. They are the energy masters, we can learn from them. I have found them to be my major teachers in this lifetime. And like all areas of life that we want to learn about, we need to give our commitment of time and attention. If we signed up for a course to learn computer skills, for example, we would make sure we were present for all the teaching sessions, appearing at the designated times, fresh and ready to learn, with notepads at the ready to take down the teachers notes and with our brains turned on to focus on the new learning.

So, my advice is to follow the same procedure when we want to learn about crystals, the way they work with energy, and how they can help us in our personal and spiritual growth. Set the times for your ‘course’. Appear at those times with your brain switched on to learning mode, notepads at the ready! You may or may not need physical notepads, throughout all of your course, because I have found in my crystal learning experiences that the first work they will show me is by working in my energy field. This can best be done be being in a state of relaxation, and meditation. We certainly have to be in a ‘being’ space to receive. Like any other course, you may be nervous about being able to absorb all the information taught, and often in academic learning we are not encouraged to be in a quiet receiving space, first.

But what learning we could always achieve when we understand that by centring ourselves we are much more receptive to learning. So with crystals- to embrace and learn about a new crystal and its role in your life, take the time to be in a co-joining with it. Your conscious mind can be quiet, open and inquisitive. Use your mind to ask questions, and then let your teacher tell you the answer. The answers will come first in pure energy. Energy in a formation, which becomes energy information when we have absorbed all of the energy. So at some stage, when we need to know consciously what is going on the crystal will tell us. You might not always hear a voice inside you, a crystal can tell us very successfully what it is doing by transmitting feelings.

I find out how a crystal is working in my energy field by tuning into how l feel changes and differences around me when I am holding the crystal. Then I can learn which chakras and where it effects changes, for me. Once I have identified this, I will ask how it will work with other people, whom I know have different energy fields to begin with. We all have our personal vibrational resonance. As we evolve on our spiritual path we are clearing and healing ourselves all the time. Our vibrational resonance, of course changes every time we heal ourselves from past patterns, and past traumas, and when we have the courage to face our fears and anxieties and doubts. And we can ask crystals to help us with our processes.

All the working crystals that you choose as part of your team for Crystal Keys can be your personal crystals for life too. Good news! Not only are they part of your healing kit for others, they can be part of your healing kit for yourselves! And the further good news is that as you move through life’s challenging situations use the materials and crystals on yourself. Sometimes it is most challenging to do healing on yourself-to attain an objectivity and clarity. However when you have confidence with your higher self-connection for your pendulum, you can dowse for which level of Self the areas of disturbance and disease are coming from. You will then know which imprint of wholeness to use, and the same for which symbols to use. You can go through the whole process if you like by lying down and placing the crystals around you. You may or may not feel the need to use vibrational remedies on yourself. Remember the power of the remedies is to bring back the energies of the healing session to the PNH. That is why the PNH taking the vibrational remedies every week afterwards for the specified amount will greatly benefit with the ongoing integration of whatever is up for healing.

You, as a healer, have access to yourself at any time, and it may be more beneficial for you to practice follow-up sessions on yourself weekly. Every time you experience the power of crystal keys you will have more confidence in using it for others!

If the PNH asks for the need for a follow up session, ask they contact you after they have stopped taking the vibrational remedies so that you may check on their state of wellbeing and you may decide that another appointment is necessary. You can always use your dowse if you are not sure, but over time you will have confidence in your intuition and guidance.

Guidelines for the Healer using Crystal Keys

This is a step by step guide as to how to use Crystal Keys during a healing session. When a person comes to you asking for healing (we will refer to person needing healing as PNH hereafter), you can look out your charts and dowsing pendulum.

Step 1 You can dowse for which Imprint(s) of Wholeness and which symbols to use before the healing session begins or when the PNH has arrived, when you are chatting. Simply focus on the PNH, clear your mind, and let your crystal dowse tell you what is needed. You can use the dowsing charts or dowse directly over the Symbols and Imprints, separating the ones you need as you go along.

Step 2 When you move into your healing space for the session, ask the PNH to lie down, either on the floor or healing couch. Place the Healing Field Energiser crystal at the foot of the couch, facing in towards the PNH. This crystal will begin to build the resonance of the sacred space needed for healing. Place the Imprint(s) of Wholeness that have been chosen about 18 inches away from the person’s head. Place the Symbol(s) that have been chosen on top. Then place the Healing symbol crystal and the Level of Self (Imprints of Wholeness) crystal on top, both facing PNH.

There is a healing symbol crystal which works with all healing symbols that don’t have their own crystals. If you are using symbols like the transition symbols use the dedicated crystal with that symbol. Symbols 1-10 use the healing symbol crystal, Symbols 11-22 have their own crystals.

Step 3 Now the energy field will continue to build, until the desired resonance is reached. At this stage bring in the vibrational remedy for the Imprint of Wholeness. Place it in the centre, between the Healing symbol crystal and the Level of Self crystal. The vibrational remedy will then absorb all levels of healing going on.

Step 4 At this stage the healer can introduce sound, either single note sound by using a singing bowl- Tibetan or crystalline- or bell or intuiting by voice if you like singing. If at this stage you wish to use pre-recorded music choose a simple vibrational experience, like the vibration of OM.

Step 5 While the crystals, symbols and Imprints of Wholeness work together, the healer is free to tune into the crystals and ask for their perceptions to be opened up, so they may hear, see or feel the changes taking place. Remember by asking we may receive, and only by asking, as I am constantly reminded by my guidance!

During this stage, you may also wish to go by guidance and use hands on healing of any kind if you know this modality. Or you may wish to continue to use sound around and over the person’s energy field. There are no standard times for working with healing. Go by what feels right for you and the PNH. I would say a minimum of twenty minutes is needed for this kind of vibrational work.

The crystals who have assigned themselves to Crystal Keys work, know the work they are doing and will do it anyway. The symbols that have been given are their way of sharing how they work. With each symbol the crystal is showing its starting point in the energy field of the PNH. From this static representation, it continues to weave the patterns to give relief from the condition it is treating. It continues weaving until all the dissonance is removed from the energy field, which allows the harmony from the Imprint of Wholeness to be achieved. The crystals will continue to work until the PNH has attained a state of freedom, energetically.

Step 6 When the energetic work is complete, talk to the PNH softly and gently, to bring them back into a more conscious state. It could be likely that they go into a deep state of relaxation while the session is going on, and will need to come to consciousness and take time to ground. Give them time, and ask if they would like a glass of water. While they are coming round, remove the Healing Field Energizer, the Imprint of Wholeness, symbols and crystals out of their energy field. Put them to one side. If they are still lying down and relaxed, place your hands around their head gently with the intent of grounding and sealing their energy field to complete the session. This is an appropriate time for the healer to say thanks to all Divine Beings, including crystals (!), who have helped with the session.

Step 7 The Vibrational remedy can then be given to the PNH to take in the following weeks after the session. Please refer to the information on the Vibrational Remedies.

Step 8 Some of this work is far reaching and deep by nature. Please give advice on taking care of self after the healing sessions. Ask the person to be as spontaneous with themselves as they can. That is, to go by their feelings and if they need to sleep more, or eat more, or less, to follow and honour those feelings. At times when there are great energetic changes in a person’s energy field there will be new or different needs resurfacing as part of the balancing. Sugar and salt levels in the body change and readjust themselves, so there may be a feeling to eat different foods. Sugar always seems to be a working component of balancing our emotional bodies.

Sleep is not to be underestimated as part of any healing process. The different states of sleep and dreaming are important to us to consciously integrate changes in our beings. Ask the PNH to be attentive to dreams and at times, especially when working with mental and emotional bodies, we need to clear a lot of residue or debris from our unconscious and subconscious minds. We have a form of dreaming where all this residue clears. Sometimes we are unaware of it, and sometimes we wake up in the morning full of things going on. But our conscious minds cannot get a grip on what we have been going through. There is often no need for our conscious mind to handle this kind of material.

After big energetic work it would be usual for this kind of clearing to take place over a number of nights. It is enough for us to know it is going on, and to be kind to ourselves if we feel slightly other worldly or ungrounded in the mornings. Please pass this on, and ask that the PNH is compassionate and understanding with themselves.

Drinking a lot of fluids, especially water is very good for all energetic bodies after a healing session.

Tips for grounding – crystals that can help – hematite (the most effective if the person needs lots of grounding) red jasper, tiger’s iron (a mixture of hematite and jasper). A couple of pieces of these can be put into pockets of trousers or jackets as the best way to help.

Crystal Keys Level 2

Multi-Dimensional Healing Awareness

Sacred Geometry

Fractal consciousness

Lemurian crystal temples

Our work of Divine Service

Activating our Lemurian light bodies

Resonant healing techniques; learning to use your Crystal Keys crystals with a higher level of perception.

We are the Crystal Keys – what is a Crystal Key?

Having the ability to be clear and using energy with the power of our hearts. Re-creating a bond with our souls and recognising the Divinity in ourselves and all consciousness.  Feeling the connectedness that runs throughout all levels of our Beings, taking us into new levels and depths of Self, discoverable through sacred geometry and the fractal nature of the universe in Lemurian crystals and crystal skulls.

Channelling from Kalif the crystal skull

“I work with you all multi-dimensionally. It’s my gift to myself to look after people, to work in Love with people. These are some of the skills that you can learn once the doorways are open to levels of yourself that are energy masters – clear, activated crystalline beings. We do this through our crystalline light bodies. We do this through our Greater Selves. All you have to do is just learn, just come and be… You can’t perceive multi-dimensionally unless you have clarity.

It is vitally important to be able to see the Beauty, the Light, the Love you hold; to actually look at yourself and see how beautiful you are. We will be given opportunities, taken into spaces and asked to look at yourselves – not the personality in this incarnation but at the Beauty, Light and Love you are.”

In Level Two there are new concepts to explore or integrate further if you are already aware of them, and meditations/shamanic journeys to expand your perceptions. New techniques are taught to expand your creativity with your Crystal Keys Crystals.

Crystal Keys Level 3

Level 3 is about Mastery of Self and Energy and the workshop can be taken as part of your spiritual path, to help you in your work with clients and facilitating groups (for meditation and healing).  If you want to teach the Crystal Keys, then I would like you to prepare a short presentation to show to our group during the four days we share together.

The presentation can be in the form of leading a meditation (in French and then it will be translated into English for me) and submitting written work to show YOUR understanding of energy – how it is in the universe, this dimensions and others; you can use anything you have learnt in crystal keys or from other spiritual paths. I want to see that you are capable of explaining about crystalline beings, especially about the crystal skulls and Kalif with the birth of the Crystal Keys healing system and why you feel you want to teach Crystal Keys as part of your spiritual path.  In Level 3 I would like you to give a short talk on the above (based on your written materials). The meditation can be about 30 minutes and the talk around 20 minutes.

For some of you who want to teach Crystal Keys and who can use Power Point, it would be nice to see your presentation using this medium. It is easier than you think to make a presentation! I want to know that the first teachers I have for Crystal Keys in Europe are competent and confident, because you are moving into the realm of Lemurian and Galactic ambassadors. There is a wave of awareness about Lemuria awakening in humanity. It is the time for people to rediscover Lemuria and the wonderful beings from Lemuria who are here to assist in the evolution of Gaia and humanity. You have the beautiful role of re- introducing people through the crystal keys workshops to a vision of wholeness that used to exist in the Earth and which is ready to unfold again. So you will be guided by the Council of Lemurian Elders with their Love and Care. As you know Crystal Keys Level 1 is about giving people attunements through your ability to hold an energy space to let the Galactic Masters/ Lemurian Elders channel through you. So a lot of the learning and teaching that you will share will not be in words.

Content of Course Crystal Keys level 3

Understanding the concept of Miasms

Disease Pictures and Matrices for Healing

The Light and Dark Crystalline Matrices

Finding and visualising the Sacred Geometric Matrix of the Human body

Developing the vision to allow crystals and crystal skulls to amplify the Divine matrix in the PNH (person needing healing)

Finding and identifying the flaws in the matrix of the PNH (detecting the individual miasms)

Superimposing the Divine human Matrix onto the flawed one on the PNH with Your Love and Care

Activating with crystals and sound

Elestial Crystals: Temple Elestial crystals and personal space ships

DNA, Golden Ratio and Fractal Truths

Visit to Sacred Site to share Earth Healing in Divine Service

Kalif unexpectedly, over the years, has manifested crystal dust in his eyes. I never know or can anticipate when or why. The first time was on the spring equinox 2003, the crystal dust wasn’t there the night before, Kalif was never moved from his shelf in the crystal room, and the next morning there it was. I was astounded! This has been repeated about 5 times over the years. I have made a remedy called Kalif star dust from the fine powder.

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