Jade – The Legacy

These photos were taken in the U.S.A., early 2001 before Jade joined me in Scotland. As you can see the jade is a creamy colour.

Although found in Mongolia the origins of this skull, the others found with it, and the jade skeletons are unknown. It is impossible to carbon date crystal, so academic researchers are guessing the age of this jade skull to be older than 2500 years, some estimate 6000 years, and older has been postulated. I have been given a date by a dowser of 128,000 years old.

Jade, as I have called her, is larger than human size; hollow and has 2 sigils (symbols from the unconscious) carved on top of the skull, with a sigil in a stamp form, carved at the base of the skull.

These photos were taken in December 2001 and show a dramatic change from the earlier ones, with the jade showing much more colour.


I am really honoured to have this skull as part of my working team, and no doubt the part that I have to play is voicing her stories and understanding her presence on Earth. After having Jade for a year, I began to channel the team of beings which come through her.

Channelled 3rd September 2002 Kathleen Murray

“Greetings. And greetings to you all of you who desire to hear these words. We are the beings (and we will describe more about our being-ness) who come through the jade skull consciousness and through this very precious sacred artefact. This skull was carved; born of Love, of a spiritual knowing of Love, to be left on Earth in the material of Gaia’s consciousness and the crystalline form of jade was chosen for our purposes.

Since the conception of the idea that sacred objects create a union between man and God; from conception to creation, there are perhaps no other ancient skulls upon your Earth that have ever been used in so many varied ways. There are many sacred objects which have been used in various ways and there are many which have been used more singularly. Some have the history of colourful adventures and misdemeanours of humankind.

And there are these ones, along with the skeletons and other artefacts that were all created with more or less the same intent – spiritual heritage through experience. The discovery of human spiritual heritage, to be lived again when these ones are held and embraced in knowingness by human beings. Picking up personal history, cellular memories reactivated. The reclamation of so much freedom and power through the healing by transformation of Self. Surely there are many crystals and many sacred objects that can do this, and surely there are many skulls, whether contemporary or ancient, that can do this. Surely there are contemporary carved skulls whose role it is to play the transformation into Love?

There are many of them. Spiritual armies of mirror shields into the depths of human experience. All skulls in some way have this. However there is a particular quality that comes from the jade skulls. Jade- the crystalline form of this wondrous heart healing and powerful feminine spiritual mineral and the knowingness within the molecular structure of the realignment of feminine power vast in its reaches. And to the healing of trauma in humankind’s hearts and in the fracturing of their souls, shame. All of the major themes of humankinds scripts, though we know they are more than scripts loved Ones. We know the depths of tragedy and the depths of violence and torture and torment which the peoples of the Earth experience (and have experienced) in all their countries of residence, within their personal family and national groups, within the consciousness of the whole of humanity. These skulls hold the keys to the healing of these things.

And yes it is the same of other contemporary crystal skulls. We are saying that there is a difference though. And that difference is a quality that is added. Not so much a potential but a quality, a quality of healing through the remembrance and resetting in the unconscious mind of humanity. Please when we say unconscious mind, know our definition, for look clearly at how you define your unconscious mind – do you ever attribute to that part of you that you call your unconscious mind a presence? Think about it Loved Ones. There is a “you” that is unconscious, we are talking about a being.

There is a personal unconscious you, and there is a collective unconscious you that is humanity. There is also the unconscious presence of God, the unconscious presence of Goddess, of the Divine. And there are unconscious Universal presences, in all dimensions of being unconscious. Your unconscious mind is a link to your unconscious being to your Universal being. And at this stage the “you” has melded into oneness. You become your archetype, the archetype of your cosmic nature. This is a process of alchemy, and the sigils and the carvings on these skulls and skeletons will take you through the processes you need to attain your unconscious being, your unconscious presence. And the route Loved Ones is through your heart and mind aligned. Through your heart and unconscious mind aligned – this is the purpose for the creation of sacred objects such as these skulls, and skeletons.

The sigils are access into all states of being to attain the healing. The sigils when absorbed in a human energy field begin a journey of transformation working through the unconscious, the individual unconscious and then through all of you- your subconscious, conscious, your emotional bodies and your spiritual body. You physically feel different and sense differently as a result of the integration of the states of being that are offered to you. These sigils can be absorbed and these skulls work most wonderfully and powerfully in a human energy field when held and touched. And when co-joined in cosmic consciousness throughout expansion of senses, this has been done throughout time with these skulls by humans in ritual, now loved Ones, now they are out again in your world to come into human knowing again, to come into human touch again, to fulfil the destiny for which they were created. The journey of healing by any individual who joins with these skulls and skeletons is a journey of healing of all in the past that mars and scars a most beautiful and wondrous future. There are many deep soul-felt grieves which will be called into healing in humanity. There are grieves of all kinds imaginable – violence done knowingly, violence done unknowingly, torture done knowingly and unknowingly, manipulation, taking of life, reeking destruction, using anger rage and God’s wrath harnessed through these skulls.

Man and humankind have much to heal in their relationship with God. There is more grief in the relationship with God to be healed, there is more grief to be healed with God than with the relationship with Goddess. The journey of the healing with Goddess is to allow the vulnerability and innocence and trust that we have in that we are fully Loved and cared for to be made real to us again. It is for us all.

Humankind’s relationship with God – in the name of God so many things have been done that have caused grief, soul’s grief, and severed relationships with God and with Goddess, lie in our unconscious being. Through the presence of these skulls in the hands of human beings, and skeletons, a wondrous momentum to bring in balance, and to create a most powerfully wonder filled future through our unconscious presence is offered here. Through the unconscious Divine presence. You have the opportunity to partake of this Love, of this wonderful Joy. “

Well this is the 5th September 2002 and I am coming to the realization that having an ancient jade skull in the house has had major impact on our lives, the lives of myself and Amethyst and Joy. And all the beings we live with, all the fairy beings and the devic spirits and the devic realms who live on this site. And it is their site, it always has been. It always has been an ancient sacred site of the devic kingdom, with open gateways to Lemuria.

All my work here has been to open up all that I can, given by guidance; all the energetic areas on the site that are my responsibility and my great pleasure to carry out. So paralleling this week has been a connection with the skull consciousness that comes through the ancient Jade skull and at the same time visions of the fairy circle that I am creating as an area between our stone circle and Pan’s corner, where all the ash trees grow.

So I asked the question “What is the relationship between working with jade skull consciousness and the fairy beings?”

And the answer is…

Loved One, it is a great pleasure to communicate with you and to speak through your voice; so our presence may grow and build in your life and in the lives of others also! Our presence in your homeland, with you, opens up gateways and doorways to the magical realms that have always been here. This area of Aberdeenshire with so many stone circles has also been a land of fairies with fairies using the stone circles, as well as human beings. Of course fairy kind have their traditional homes and their traditional fairy rings, where would they be without the wondrous colours they love, the golds, and the purples and the reds, and the silvery topped mushrooms?

A question that has arisen from our recent words to you – the question of our beingness- we will try and answer that for you.

We are allowing this time for a deeper mergence with this one who channels us. She is having extreme difficulty at holding focus at times, but this is a focus that is not necessary! For she is receiving information in pictures, and in the open doorways and passageways through her being, beginning in her brain to all the magical realms around. They are being opened, coaxed and encouraged, all part of the healing for this one. Coming out of fear, Yes more fear, transforming roots into her subconscious and unconscious presence. We as Jade skull beings hold fascinating force fields. Our essence of Jade, the crystalline form along with our presence as it works through the molecular structure holds energies of the subliminal around humans. To allow them to make links, and the sigils carved into our skulls are very real living experiences when you approach them in altered states of conscious.

There are many levels of adjustment to be made, and these sigils hold patterns which open pathways. The particular part of the sigil that is activated by an individual’s presence, called into being, creates its force field in many dimensional realities and it may be a shape that is held in radiant light, though the radiant light has to become often from shadow in some worlds. This is not just a matter of perception from a human being’s point of view. This is a truth of the nature of the transformative work of the sigils.

We are allowing this one time to experience the sigils working, and she can feel them now, operating through her own skull, transposed in the etheric. We have asked this one to sleep with our physical form and extensive work has been done in her energy field around her heart. This now allows us to move our presence form her heart up to her voice, her brain. And to unite her with sensing through her crown chakra as her whole chakric system now explodes into a new resonance of light, and grounds into the Earth simultaneously. Neural pathways to freedom are opened. We have been working with this one for nearly a year now, and it has taken this long in her healing to be able to receive fully the imprint of our consciousness with hers.

She finds these new experiences when channelling rather uncomfortable, for now! She will become familiar and akin to our presence with her. As the sigils operate now through her skull into her bones, foundational aspects of being are changed. She is feeling many physical sensations and scratching her head. As well as feeling a distinct tingling from her root chakra. This is a new form of channelling for her. She will become accustomed to it, she is not quite used to being third person! We are now letting her remove her presence from where it is, as we remove ours, and allow a transposition of consciousness, so she may function again in your world.

We have much more to say to you, and will continue with much Love and enjoyment. In Peace, worlds of Peace and the dream of Peace in your world in the worlds of Peace, this is what we bring.

Loved Ones, Namaste.

8th October 2002

Greetings to you Loved One.

It is with great pleasure that we join with you this evening. Especially since this rearrangement of vibrations is so harmonizing and so beautiful for us to connect through to you, for you have completed and shifted a lot of shit recently! (Reference to a dream I had in which I looked very happily on all the shit I had let go of!) We share with you and we laugh with you, laughing with you and supporting you on your journey. We are encouraged by your progress and encourage you in your progress. It is so wonderful!

We will allow this one as channel to get comfortable. It is so wonderful and easy for us to come through. For many channels have been blocked, we are talking about many individual pathways within this one’s multi-dimensional presence that have had to be released in order for us to come through so clearly. So much so as a group, through one heart, and through one soul’s presence. For now the ‘we’ that comes through as one voice is a harmonizing, yes, a very beautiful harmonizing, of many different star systems coming together as a group, representatives of each; as the elders, the ancients, the wise ones, the sages, the dreamers from Lemuria, the elders of Atlantis, and a very fascinating amalgam of an interstellar council.

This one as channel has already picked up and expressed to her friends of how sometimes she seems to be the last one to percieve an idea. We will say that is truly the way these things have to come through to an individual’s human consciousness. Her human consciousness cannot integrate an immediate channel from a multi- dimensional council such as ourselves. What we have been doing in our council sessions is training this human representative so that she may fully assist us with all our council duties as the on-Earth member of our team. There are other on-Earth members of our team, of our council, in different countries and they will sooner or later be coming together. Some are known to each other and others will become known. This is the way of the future network, and this is the way of Intergalactic Affairs being more consciously worked with on Earth, through our human representatives. So there has been a big call out to many members and at different times they will choose to bring to their conscious awareness from their unconscious presence the fact that they too are working as part of this team.

The team’s mission? Well, as always, Peace. And as always, to attain Peace in any particular reality, it is the healing, the harmonizing and the bringing into resonance all factors of conflict within Self. Polarities are up for healing, new balances and new foundations are being laid. Now we let this one go for a moment to answer this phone call and she can return later…

Well greetings to you again. Now let us just adjust with this one once more. We were talking about how much more easy our access is, of how so many blocked channels multi-dimensionally have been unblocked in the clearing that has gone on recently…

So Councils, Interstellar Councils, Inter-dimensional Stellar Councils, Inter-galactic Councils – does it matter what these Gatherings of Beings are called? No of course it doesn’t! It is a merging, a melding of form (of Essence in some cases), of different aspects of complexity, of vibrational resonances in another. We do not have the words to use in the English language, which quite describe how multi-dimensional beings can give part of their presence to a proceedings such as a council meeting while being fully functional in other aspects of being elsewhere, where they hold a presence.

Well surprise, surprise! What could help vastly with conducting the electro-magnetic fields to enable a being to be present in many realties at once and specifically communicate part of a presence into one particular gathering? Why crystals, of course! And some crystals just like the ones that have arrived here recently- the Amethyst from South Africa (spirit amethyst).

These crystals with their main generating tip, sceptre-like stalk, and the growth of many small crystals around their sides. What would these small crystals be for, except to be like transmitters for these councils’ agendas. This one as channel has already realised that their mission is world Peace and Inter-dimensional world Peace. Only this afternoon she stated that there was a connection with the fairy circle in the garden and the dedication of that to World Peace and inter-dimensional Peace, and inter-kingdom Peace, the State of Oneness, in other words, being held with the vision of Peace. The presence of Oneness held throughout All. These crystals contain that. So these are like microphones, receivers and transmitters and this is the true meaning of receiver and transmitter crystals. They are connected in with beings in other realities who can come through these crystals, so they are dimensional bridges. And why would you have a dimensional bridge, except for energy joining energy, access to power and resources in another dimension, access to aspects of being that need pulled through and joined in a journey of wholeness – Receiver/Transmitter crystals.

There will be many more identifying themselves in this role, especially like these amethyst which have been seeded, of course, off- planet, but have chosen a portal in South Africa to dimensionally materialize.

So councils of Stellar Beings, teams of Vibrational resonance, Orion. There are many representatives of Orion at this council meeting and the new Orion beings that can come through Mahasamatman, or Sammie Girl, the crystal skull now, and through Jade, our Ancient Jade friend. For of course we all know each other well. And if we have gathered on the Earth plane to assemble together in one household, yes it is to join with the human team member, but it is also so that we all can share! In as much as we are sharing the same abode, with our physical presence as skulls together, we are also sharing these spaces of meeting, of gathering. And a gathering of beings in other dimensions, so totally dedicated to Peace in your world and all worlds, through all realms.

Kalif is our representative of Gaia. Lemurian seeded, seeded with the dreams of Lemuria. Very much a Lemurian Gaian resonance. Not a Gaia that has been known to all, it is a Gaia of God, the God Gaia, as opposed to the Goddess Gaia, and the anchoring and activating of that presence on Earth. It is true to say that Gaia has moved into a new sense of wholeness and balance within herself/ and himself. Kalif very much anchors that vibration and is a bridge. The ears of the bowels of the Earth, the voice of the bowels of the Earth, the eyes of the bowels of the Earth. Along with Orion, there are many Pleiadians, many Sirians, many Arcturians, and in fact, all of the team that identified themselves through Mahasamatman the crystal skull. The Aldebarans, the Antareans, the Vegans, the Andromedans, the Cassiopeans, the Purple Ones, the Alpha Centurians, the Spicans. So the team that seeded humanity is represented in this council. Within the Pleiadian Beings are those who work with Christ consciousness, as always, great dedication to our brother.

So this one as channel has needed extensive training up to hold all these presences, amalgamated with the very varied inter-dimensional beings that work through Jade. The two clear quartz skulls have been working very well in holding these vibrations together, as they will do now on Earth for any human member who requires them to. They are eager to work. The red jasper is the home of the Syrians, in particular. Some of the others are still attuning themselves to see if they can work through this skull too, all of those with the red, orange, pink vibrations. It just requires a lot of stepping down of energy for some of them.

For us these may be considered scientific experiments, scientific experiments in the realm of universal science and understanding of the principles which govern energy flowing in all realities, so as such we have many scientists on our team. Our science is Peace, health, well-being, and dedicated to wholeness. There is no separation between our doctors or scientists. There cannot be when vibrational medicine and vibrational existence are one. And like wise, to be expert in these areas is to be a master of Self, and so really there is no separation between our religions either. We all have very individual relationships with God and Goddess, and each stellar community has an individual relationship- and that will always be the case. Every single being or vibration in this Universe has an individual relationship with God or Goddess or the Divine Source of Creation. That is why they exist, so they may express the individuality of the Divine. In that sense, each one of us is the head of our own religion, the head, the skeleton, the body and the skull!

We are our own authorities. So we bring to this gathering, this council meeting, aspects of presence, amalgamations of vibrational frequencies to hold the vision. We may take time to explain the different ways we receive and transmit to the Earth, to humanity as a whole, through individuals of course. And through Gaia, and with Gaia, both her feminine and masculine presence. There are many on your Earth who would never wish to consider that the being which inhabits the body of Earth is both masculine and feminine. So many of your limited belief systems require one gender for your planet. The need for balance is ever more increasing, so some of our initial work is to hold the presence of the masculine. To allow the masculine and the feminine to inhabit your Earth, the masculine and the feminine of the consciousness of Gaia. And at different times in Gaia’s history/herstory there has been more of a feminine focus or more of a masculine focus, and before that, Divine Presence, no gender.

It is the overlays of the no gender, Divine presence that is our current project, holding holographic spaces for this and radiating out the harmonic vibrations to create light fields, colour shows, all lit up through crystalline structure, all lit up like fireworks! And beautiful dancing patterns, if only you could join us in your dreams and in your altered states work and see! For of course you may if you desire, just ask! It may take a while to tune your channels, but send that desire out and it will happen.

We are wondering if we have extended this channel and her body for this evening, so if you give us a moment we will see if we can continue for a little spell or whether it is better to enjoy our communication for tonight and return at another time…

We will bid you goodnight, with all our Love, in peace and in Gratitude for Life. Namaste,

17th October 2002
Telephone conversation with Joyphin Swan

Well greetings to you both, Loved ones, this evening. Now first as our presence comes into both of you, we wish you both to centre deeply inside yourself, feeling yourself from inside your heart, moving downwards. Letting yourself flow and sitting lower in your chakric energy system than you usually do. Still having that presence very open in the heart, but pulling your heart energies down through your solar plexus. When you make that gesture your heart energies flow, and you will feel the flow into your solar plexus and sacral chakra. Let your heart expand more now, creating a disc that expands out around you, to anchor our presence in with both of you. You will feel your heart filled, and then move your own individual awareness lower now, from the sacred chakra into your roots. And we see roots through your root chakra into Gaia’s presence, where else can your roots be but within Gaia’s presence?!

So this journey is for both of you, and we know you have questions to ask, but we wish first of all to give you a gift, and our greatest gifts are always in experience. So feel yourself being filled, being filled with a flow of Love through your being into parts of your being that has forgotten what a pleasure it is to be filled with Love. Now we know that you two have been discussing stellar presences, and in particular, Orion.

The gift is one of wonder that opens up inside you, the gift is of a journey because you say yes with your hearts so willingly, to being involved in all kinds of cosmic adventures. We too are glad to be your companions. Always ready to meet together and through Gaia, through the presence you can feel as you move into your roots. Your roots in particular with Gaia, male and female Gaia together. The being of Divinity together with Gaia, within the healing of humanity, within the healing of all the kingdoms of the planet on which you live.

Within all the healings of Gaia’s journey into wholeness, the Orion spectrum of Light touches; touches all, touches all we speak of. It has been important that human beings like yourselves, and many others, are opened to the consciousness of this wave of healing. Just know it is not for humanity alone, and we say all the kingdoms, there are many creatures involved here, and there are many of the realms of the mystical ones, the dragons and unicorns, the fairy beings of all kinds. Earth guardians, guardians of the oceans, all the elementals which belong to your Gaia.

There are elementals on other planets and they all have the nature of the planetary essence itself within their creation, so your elemental kingdom has its own characteristics. And your own kingdom has been touched by the Orion experience. So perhaps the story of Orion and your Earth has never really been told in enough fullness to weave the picture which is the backdrop to the vision of Peace through Oneness. We are all called now, and to create now for your future. For our future, for all future and to use every now moment to receive and transmit these future vibrations of peace, to become now, to transmit again anew. For this way very powerfully and very wonderfully your world and all worlds will move into peace. So this chapter of Universal Peace is the Orion saga, and the many layers of Orion energy that touches the kingdoms on your Earth, the kingdom of humanity included in the kingdoms…

It is so wonderful that a council like ourselves can be together. We have so much joy at sharing, sharing all we can, and words simply do not convey our presence. We hope to be able to recreate enough of our presence, enough for every being that wishes to touch and to heal within themselves, some of their deepest fears, and some of the greatest opportunities to heal deep inner conflicts. Very essences of shadow Self, expressed and need now to be faced. Faced without fear and faced with readiness, a quickening of the heart and a desire to once and for all end the separation and to end the grief that has been caused. Also to end the fundamental choices to fracture soul selves, so souls may unite, masculine with feminine, in Love once again.

There will be many healings of this nature for individuals involved and we hope to create a resonance on your planet that will allow these healings to spontaneously happen. That is one of the greatest things we can do to create peace in your world.

So to be able to reach and reach out, and to be present is our aim and our desire. And with so much wonderful, wonderful helpers, all companions on our journey, many helpers in the crystalline kingdom, much of our presence can become known, not through language, but through the opening and access to create fields of resonance. When an individual steps into these fields, they have the opportunity to touch a vibration of truth within themselves, and to let that song sing out from their hearts. Vibrational temples to allow a person to find truth in Self. And when that truth sings out, the healing and the magic begins.

It begins and it reverberates and it sings its own song and it inspires others. Such power an individual being of any species has, to create a healing which spreads from one individual to the Oneness of all. We would love to use the opportunity of York to create these fields to allow all Divine beings to merge into One and to be present, and to be touched and to touch. To reach out and to be felt. And to heal the roots. Just as we are setting in motion with yourselves this evening, these beautiful spaces that allow the healing to flow to the roots of humanity, and throughout all the kingdoms. And to give that experience, so that when a human being leaves the vibrational temples, it is in them awakened, it is in their step, with every footstep they take. It is in their knowing in their hearts, in their unconscious being and that can change their lives. These are the dreams we dream. “

Greece 2008

More than one jade skull was found in the tomb in Mongolia and in 2002 another ancient jade skull came to the UK to be with her guardian Paul Critten. Lani has three sigils (as seen below, left skull, with Jade) and no stamp at the back. She is a completely different individual character, with a laughing mouth.

2003 when we had the 3 jade skulls together in the UK, with Paul (Lani) and Gillian (Cimi)

Jade and Cimi, both have a hieroglyphic stamp on the back of their skulls. I was told in Hungary by a Tibetan yogi that the meaning of the hieroglyph is the spiritual name of Genghis Khan.

Mount Bugarach, Jade in water ceremony, July 2009

We also do sound ceremonies where sound is played into the Jade skulls; maybe by didgeridoo, or toning, which activates the sigils. The person receives the sound through their skull, placed next to the Jade skull, and information is downloaded!

Gillian and Cimi, me and Jade and AsKRa 2013

Cimi, AsKRa, the Twins and Jade 2013

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