Introductory Day

Gong Bath Day



Every Equinox or Solstice I hold an Introductory or Gong Bath Day which has become part of the Lemurian Retreats or gatherings. The Introductory Day is suitable for beginners and of course all regulars welcome!!!


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Autumnal Equinox Crystal Meditation and Gong Bath Day

SATURDAY 20th September 2014

10.30am – 1.30pm and 2.30pm – 4.00pm (ish)

In the morning there will be time to relax and enjoy a guided meditation using crystals and Drums, Tibetan singing bowls, quartz singing bowl, gongs, bells, chimes and Milltones. In the afternoon Kathleen will do a Gong and Sound Bath, which is an intensely healing experience not to be missed! Sometimes we have a guest musician joining us, Clive Boucher who plays wonderful Native American flutes as well as concert flute and other instruments.

If you are coming for the day then please bring lunch to share, refreshments available. Please bring a mat, blanket and pillow and make yourself comfortable as gong baths are better experienced lying down.

Cost is £40 for the day (which is recommended as it will give you plenty of time to enjoy the garden and crystals) or if you can only make the afternoon; the cost is £20.

Introducing a New Idea – Gong Dance!!!

We have a few regulars who come to the Gong Baths who are dancers, and I love dancing too, so we are introducing Gong Dance for the first time.