Introduction to Kathleen Murray


I have always been a seeker, a musician, an artist and journeyer. The psychic abilities that I was born with flourished when I began working with crystals. I was clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient to a degree before I began working with crystals. Since and especially after my first crystal skull came into my life my abilities have developed and continue to do so!

So now I have Sammie, a skull who says he/she was not carved on the Earth, full of stories of our stellar heritage. Kalif, a contemporary carved skull with Lemurian wisdom and Jade an ancient skull, whom I believe has been used in many different cultures and has vast powers of transformation. I also have an ancient double jade skull called the Twins.

My job as guardian is to take these skulls out for people to experience their beauty, wisdom and healing.  I love it! It is my belief that every opportunity we are given in this life is for our own journey of healing, growing into the Wholeness of Love. My interactions with crystal skulls have always been to further and deepen my spiritual journey and they are part of the heritage of humanity. I hope you enjoy your experience with them, for this is the work they will do with you!

In Love and Peace, Kathleen 2014

Kathleen Murray is the Director of the Academy of Crystal and Natural Healing, in Rhynie Scotland, where she runs 2 year part time Diploma courses (accredited by ACHO- Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations and members of British Crystal Healers) for Crystal and Gem Therapy; Colour Therapy and Advanced Vibrational Medicine (accredited by ACTO- Association of Colour Therapy Organisations).


Since 1992 I have been studying metaphysics through the Lazaris material. I thoroughly recommend this huge and ever growing library of information on the human condition, this and other realities, and the power we have as magicians to change everything. My students know how highly I speak of this channelled material, and how when appropriate Lazaris’ teachings are woven into my own.

Angels House University, run by Paschalis and Frixos in Athens is another recommendation I have. They run all kinds of esoteric courses and of course the Spiritual Awakening Festivals.

Julie Lomas of Conscious Connections is another lady who I admire. She lives and works in Spain, Kuwait and Bahrain. She was one of the organisers of the Universal Energies Conference in October 2009.

Kirby Seid is a metaphysician, co-inventor of the Light Labyrinth, purveyor of magnificent crystals and skulls in California. I thoroughly recommend any events he is organising or attending and looking at his website.