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Purpose Built Venue for Healing

I was guided to buy an old schoolhouse in 1992 in Rhynie, Aberdeenshire; while still running a shop and healing centre in Aberdeen. It has always felt like a soul calling to be here, and on this land. Over the years I have been given guidance to create a beautiful sacred garden with many large earth healing crystals to re-create the resonance of Lemuria. I had a blank canvas to start with as the garden had been unattended for many years.

All the crystals in the garden are working as a team with the Earth Guardians, devic spirits and cosmic consciousness which is always in communication with our beautiful planet of Gaia. It has been wonderful to be part of this ever unfolding journey of trust and faith, watching things grow and the creation of magic at every step of the way.

We have a stone circle in the garden, some of the stones used to belong to a Celtic/Pictish stone circle nearby which was cleared probably in the 19th century by the farmer. Two of the larger standing stones are still in place in the field, but when I discovered the stones which had been dumped at the edge of the field, there was a request from the stone beings to come and share in my garden. This was 1997 and with help from the current farmer and local builders, the stones were put in place around an area where I had visions of a place of sharing and meditating which needed to be dug into the earth.

Guidance followed to create a sacred building or temple in the middle of the stone circle which we started in 2009; a clear mission of faith as I didn’t have the money for the building when we started the project. In 2004 when I took over the directorship of the Academy from Sue Richter, I began channelling the Council of Lemurian Elders. Their solution to manifesting our new building was to give me lots of work in France, meeting again many of my beloved Lemurian family and teaching about Lemuria through the Crystal Keys workshops. So this continued and at the Winter Solstice of 2012, we celebrated the opening of our Lemurian temple in Rhynie.

We have a Solardome, a geodesic structure which is built into the earth with crystals embedded in the walls. We have a “Hobbit House” attached which serves as a relaxation space in the breaks from teaching courses for students. The Hobbit House is a round building too with one of the stones of the stone circle built into the walls. This is a handcrafted building, co-created with love and attention to detail with Philip Andrews. Philip’s wonderful skills with wood can be seen in the burred elm inside and out.

The temple is also my artistic and music studio, a very inspirational space to be in, and a profound place for meditations. It is a sacred space dedicated in Love to Divine service, with a large elestial generator crystal as the resonator/communicator between the realms. Crystals and the crystal skulls in my care love to be in co-creation in the temple.

The Academy is based at the edge of the village of Rhynie, Aberdeenshire (Map). Rhynie is an hour’s drive west from Aberdeen. Huntly (9 miles) is the nearest train station on the Aberdeen — Inverness route. The nearest airport is Aberdeen, where there is a bus link (service 80) AIRLINK TIMETABLE or taxi to Dyce train station, about 2 miles.

There is a small hotel a few minutes walk away in the village of Rhynie. B&B accommodation is available nearby, as is self catering for groups at a nearby farmhouse; both need a car to travel back and forth to the Academy. There is also B&B in Huntly and there is a bus service from Huntly to Rhynie, though for some workshops this may mean taking a taxi back as there may not be a late bus to Huntly.

There is beautiful scenery nearby with skiing or hill walking in the Cairngorm mountains. In Aberdeenshire there are around 200 stone circles and ancient sacred sites, and a wonderful coast line to the North where dolphins swim in the Moray Firth.