Hungary 2008

In 2008 we had two visits to Hungary, one in July and one in October. We were based in Budapest and travelling to sacred sites of churches, remote chapels and out in the countryside. We did workshops, personal sessions, workshops and Crystal Skull festival.

I send Love to all my friends in Hungary, and a big thank you to two lovely ladies who did so much to organise for the events, Csilla Cseh and Erika Pinter.

October Festival with AsKRa

We met hundreds of people at this Festival and the First Crystal Skull Festival in 2007

A very special place, the Pilis Chapel in the Pilis Hills, outside Budapest       With Csilla, Clive and Erika

This skull is called Baby, and is a Singing Skull with a movable jaw. The cross that is reflected on the skulls is from the Ceiling of the chapel.

The Altar and the setting up of the Altar

Gong Ceremony, The view from outside Pilis chapel

And just what is that cloud?   Joy with Erika and Sue Kitts

A powerful Church, where the spiritual Crown of Hungary has been kept

Drumming to the Sunset out in the hills

Workshop in Budapest with Karak and Istvan


The Shattered Skull (see Channelling)   Clive and Karak

with Christina and George

Making Music!! Clive, Csilla, Karak and Istvan

Television programme about guess what? Crystal Skulls….

Csilla, Clive, ready for TV interview       Maurice, Clive and Sue Kitts as we travel

The Houses of Parliament where we were very honoured to be invited as a small group to have guided tour and a short private time with the Spiritual Crown of Hungary

Looking across the Danube towards the Royal Palace         Sculpture beside the Danube

One of the many boats….

And out in the countryside once more…