Greece 2008

4th Spiritual Awakening Festival

Greece 2008

Conference room, Eden Beach Hotel, near Athens

Paschalis and Frixos, ceremony at Athena’s Temple, Sounio

 Julie Lomas, Paola Sani and Kelvin Khemery

Walking to Athena’s Temple

It was rather windy at Sounio

Poseidon’s Temple at Sounio

Julie Lomas with Paschalis and Frixos (who organise a fantastic festival!)

looking out to Greek Isles at Sounio

Sammie in the sunset at Poseidon’s temple, Sounio

Kalif in the sunset at Poseidon’s temple, Sounio

lots of hilarity and celebration after ceremonies!

Kalif was given a Peruvian Shaman’s hat to wear, so Jade had to have something!

Kelvin Khemery’s altar for his presentation

Julie, 2t, me, Intisar, Clive and Lulu

with Paola Sani, a Mayan wisdom lady from Italy. Poseidon’s temple,Sounio

For more photos and inspiration from Angel’s House University who run this great annual event