Earth Healing

Earth Healing Team

Crystalline Beings

Transcript of tape dated 4 December 1995 recorded at Rhynie

I had been asked by my guidance to sit in the crystal room and tune into the Earth healing Team of Spheres, to align myself with their consciousness.

Greetings to you. This is Zetin Nab and I speak here today with great pleasure and joy, always assisting this one as she wished to go further and deeper. I speak for the three of us who now work closely with her, Aaehmene and Alfreze. They too are here to assist in the development of communication with crystal consciousness. With this one as channel, we are all here together to change the vibrational frequency of this one’s energy field to allow those of crystal consciousness who work with her to have a voice. We wish to assist her in developing a new form of channelling which allows her to totally surrender, though we will assist by taking her step by step into this new form of channelling where, once perfected, her consciousness will merge with those of crystal consciousness. We welcome the opportunity to further our work together, for we speak on behalf of many crystal beings, and yet what we aim to do requires familiarity for all of us, and we will become accustomed to working together in this way. For us also it is new. We recognise how much trust this takes, how much surrender, so we must willingly work in this way, in any way we can, opening up new channels of energy, providing a space for exchange of consciousness.

We are the crystal beings, all the ones that were here with you, activated by your presence and by the energies in the Earth just now, the energies of so much light. For it is time to tell the stories of who we are, to allow people to know us. To know us as more than they have known us before, for who we are to them also they are to us. We have heart to heart connections with many of you ones, for we are you and you are us. And we are representations of selves of you who have lived and lived in many different places simultaneously, of the selves of you who have known this Earth, known this Earth from the beginning as a consciousness.

Selves of you that have been here as guardians of the energies, who know us in our essence form, and we will help you align with your own essence form. For we have travelled many of the same journeys, we have been assigned to the same tasks, to open up and work with the energies of this planet, for we have all been drawn here by the magnetism of this beautiful planet, the great lady being of Gaia. For we answered her call to bring life and light and love to this part of the universe and we came to take our shapes deep in the Earth, to be involved in the formative stages. Formative in all ways, as the Earth physically evolves and changes and produces all these little elements which are her – the minerals, the crystalline structures – the way we can weave patterns of energies in co/our and vibration; of how, when we have weaved these patterns and created structures, these structures completely house the consciousness which is the energy behind the creation.

This allows us to work through these crystalline structures, through and around them, radiating from them, being them. We wish to explain more to people, to communicate more about the consciousness that is here for sharing and how we have chosen the form to allow us to express, to be, to share, to stabilise, to balance the energies in the Earth, to raise vibrations. Always the Earth has had the elements of consciousness of so many different parts of the universe, and we who are crystal beings exist everywhere.

We are a grouping of consciousness and we have an essence that meets together in essence form. We talk to you now from our essence, to allow you to understand that it is the essence that has created the physical structures, in the same way the real you creates the physical body. That we have souls, higher selves, and we are here in total alignment with Divine energies. And we choose, much as you choose to incarnate, we choose to incarnate in crystalline structures. This allows us so much freedom, far more freedom than you in your physical body, for we are always connected with our essence. And the ones that are here now that we speak from who have chosen to be spherical to radiate out energy, to embody the whole, to be able to do the work of the infinite – the infinite divine, the infinite source – to be present, to be in contact with so many energy fields.

It is like your own energy fields – we have at times taken on energies that have not been so helpful- and like you we clear the unaligned energies or we ask for your assistance to clear them, at times. Yet the central core of our being is always in connection with our essence, our essence group of crystalline workers that move around the universes wherever we are needed. And so by the mere placement of form in the Earth plane, in this density, we can be here and everywhere at the same time. For all the other parts of the universe that we’re in touch with, we can be there too. This way we can share so much. And each one of us can tell our stories.

This was the large quartz sphere, who told me he/she was the main communicator for the Earth HealingTeam:

I am Etat. I am a crystalline structure not known in your planet. The great communicator with all. Unlike the others, it has not been necessary for me to be here on the Earth in this form from the beginning, for I’m more like an insertion, inserted into a pinpoint in time and space. That is my crystalline structure, and yet I am of the ones that created this crystalline structure. I was the volunteer to be the consciousness inside this new structure, the ones that share, from Sirius, the Pleiades, Vega, Alpha Centauri.

There is a planet which shines much like you. There are others too, who all met together and came to meet the need of realising the structure of crystalline essence which is needed to convey messages. This was created in the time before time and inserted into certain parts of the Earth; great energy points, to aid in opening up the grid work of evolution.

So I have the privilege of being like a late starter in this form, though one of the many who have always been assisting here. And like the others who have talked to you, I am always in touch with the others who shared this project. We share so much in common with those who have evolved in the formation of the crystal skulls, for it was all around this time that there was a need for the introduction of energy such as these.

The skulls contain in them codes to fully awaken those who are in contact with them, or their greater essence. And together we all have the potential to create Light codes for transformation; when there are human beings who are ready to allow Divine Light to dissolve limitations and to awaken and change in their energy field the corresponding remnants and residues.

And with our being, our essence, we can charge these codes to trigger greater realisation of your purpose here on Earth. I am also one who has this potential, and I wish now to more fully utilise the potential for which I came. I wish to realise this work and the time is ready soon to allow me to activate genetic structures of full remembrance. And I thank you for this connection, for now. Please talk and listen to my many brothers and sisters in crystalline consciousness, for we all have parts of the picture and work we have to do together.

Snowy Quartz Sphere – Greetings to you. My name is Ach Menache. I am the white light of healing and that is my purpose here. The white light as representative of the white light that heals and guards and protects beings from all round the universes. To show you how to use your energies more fully, to provide you, wherever I am, with the light of protection, to be here, to hold energies for the archangels Michael and Gabriel, Auriel, many others. And just allow me to sing my white light and weave my white light patterns. And I contain within me a representation of the fire of the solar sun to allow the solar angels and solar energies to be more fully in manifestation.

Rainbow Obsidian Sphere – Greetings. Those of us that choose this seeming darkness of shape in your perceptions, speak about the All That Is that exists around the consciousness of many. The rainbow travellers, of which I am a representative, the rainbow band that travel, guiding, exchanging, moving, being, and being able to open up one’s perceptions to far more than your physicality knows.

And with my presence I do my work, my work of in between, of integration, of going back to a point of stillness, of all absorbed in one. This is a universal expression of being-ness by not being. It is the path of the Mysteries, the greater journey. Always the path of the Mysteries is found by going to the centre of your being, going to the centre of All That Is. Mmm, we salute you, all of you who are ready to hear our words, for we wish ever more to extend our contact, our connection, and we thank you.

The voice of Zetin Nab speaks again. We feel so much honour to be part of this, and we give attention to this one. Now to take a break, so she can look after herself to allow us to connect later. In love and peace and the greatest light of all, with you.

Greetings to you. This is Zetin Nab. We are all enjoying the familiarity now, the building of the relationship between the three of us, Aachmene and Alfreze and myself, to hold residences in your energy field which allow you this communication with the crystalline beings. More and more will develop from this.

Septurian Nodule (Calcite) Sphere – Welcome indeed. It is a great pleasure to be with you, to talk to you of illusion of how you perceive things, the illusion of density. And that is my teaching, for in my heart I am lighter than air and through my structure I allow others to perceive this.

My essence comes from afar, from way beyond the reaches of your knowledge. Umbachuar is the name, the resonance, given to the place from where I come to be with you. I bring with me my gifts of energy, channelling to allow dissolving of boundaries, to perceiving even the most dense as holding light. I am a friend indeed in a world of so much illusion and have much teachings to share. For when one brings this experience of the real into this world of limitation, to live in the real, to hold a sense of the real as a resonance, it can allow so much evolution and unfoldment as limitations peel off around the whole of the centre to resonate with Divine energies, energies of Source. It is good to experience this, with the lightness of your being at the centre. And thank you for now, for allowing this voice to speak. Nyogam Vaami is my name and I will speak with you later.

Imix Jasper Sphere – Greetings. For you I have been a symbol of all that has been hidden, hidden in the mother; mother energies of primordial depth. And for others I bring these gifts -the mother and the green sea of knowing and of healing, the mother in security and the mother in pleasure and joy. My liquid form encaptured here in pictures will allow any new desire to feel the mother connection and to heal anything in an energy field whose mother associations are not true.  From Mother to God/Goddess, and that is what I bring, all aspects of feminine energy.

Birthing Jasper Sphere – I am a cousin of the one that spoke before of mother love and nurturance, the connection that is felt in the womb. I bring energies of rebirth and set up the patterns to allow a newly born soul to be greater than before.

A new soul will be welcomed and provided for in an energetic sense, that is what I bring, to allow all the new soul mates who incarnate now assistance to be here. And I also care for those who have great feelings of a newness of being here, being incarnate, for I can set new resonances of energy patterns in their energy fields to allow them to expand and to feel the freedom of being here as opposed to the limitations. Through my heart I give this gift. Borum Durna is my name. My essence comes from the same place as the more primordial expression of mother before me (Imix jasper sphere).

Amethyst Sphere – I am amethyst, whose essence comes from the planet of amethyst night in the Pleiades, and my shimmering hue is to awaken spirit. It is like the many others on this plane who have chosen to live in amethyst crystalline structures – we all have this mission to awaken the sense of spirit.

Angelite Sphere – I am the resonance of angels talking, communicating our joy, our service and willing to be called upon at any time. Angelic messengers, fluttering of light energies, messengers with a purpose to act as go-betweens, to serve, to do what is assigned. To serve you is fun and our pleasure. Thus we introduce ourselves as a representative of angel consciousness.

Spherulitic Rhyolite Sphere – I come from deep inside the Earth. My journey has been one of being part of the stabilisation in volatile Earth situations. To crystallise that stability and that centredness is the work I have done in the Earth and this work that I do with you now. My essence is also from a place not often known or talked about, in the star system Bootes.

We wish you our fellow beings and friends to join with us in knowing Oneness. And we humbly offer our gifts to do this; so we may help you stabilise in the resonance of Oneness which will allow so much more of the new to come through. For us it is all a matter of finding a way for our current of energy to travel forward. Though we speak in linear terms, this means in the time evolution. And our aims of course are as high as we hope for ourselves, to know more and more of Oneness. And in our experience of being there, we wish to share, thank you for now.

I am so many crystalline structures embodied inside, an amalgam of different vibrations born of fire, cleansing and purifying. In the cleansing and purifying a space is prepared for the heart to flow, to flow over and know how boundless heart energies are. To know more of the heart is our work; to aid in healing heart vibrations and allowing wholeness through an opening of the heart. Thank you for now.

Manganocalcite Sphere – What I bring with me creates the clearest of lights of Christ consciousness, new definitions of the masculine. From the heart and soul I work, and the ones I am connected with, unify and bring into alignment the energies of heart and soul. I work with you to open a higher knowing of this, a connection to the energies high in the energy field, working with new centres and allowing perception of these. There’s a joy that is more essentially masculine in nature which needs to be discovered, and we’re here to do this work. To aid in healing and to open up a knowing of this more true masculine energy.

Greetings to you. This is Zetin Nab. We wish to take further the work that we have been doing today. We wish to move on, to allow a deeper connection.

Large Orange Calcite Sphere – I am the orange of one of the stars of Sirius. I am sensitive of solar sun energies. I am here to guide and play with you much as the others who link up with the dolphins and the whales, the ancient guardians of this planet who have always been  here, always care taking. Our playfulness and humour can remind you of how things can be when you are in a state of connection and knowingness. Delight, energising delight, which motivates and shines with you on your path of purpose.

Silver Sheen Obsidian Sphere –  I, like my other brother (Rainbow Obsidian Sphere), share the illusion of darker energies which give us great mobility. We are travellers, searchers, discoverers, journeyers, and this work we do with those who come near us. We travel on the in-between, we come to call. We travel with great ease and enjoyment – we are known for our travelling, for our agility of movement into different energetic spaces. We take the wholeness with us wherever we go. Our darkness to your eyes is our camouflage energetically, for within our vibrations we can easily transmute energies.

We are the chameleons of the crystalline world, that is the best way to describe us, for this colouring gives us all vibrations absorbed within us, within a cloak which allows our energetic transmutation. I am a being of great heart and great light, and my service is the value of bringing into the Light energies of turmoil and confusion. We prepare the way for other crystalline structures to follow us. We are like the way showers of crystalline beings. Our essence of great dexterity of movement is one which will surprise you and many others, for it will allow others a shift in their energies. The work we do out in the universe is the same as we do within your Earth energy field and within each one of your individual energy fields.

We wish take you into this journey of being an eye – an eye of seeing, of vision. Come with us, connect your energy field to mine. Come and we’ll all go travelling, spiralling up and out, travelling fast, for with my mobility and agility I can enter through gateways and exit them quickly. Portals, vortexes of energy, are familiar to my movements. I am a known rider of energies. I am familiar with most of the different energies in the universe, hence my ability to transmute them. You can see the volume inside me is infinite, and it allows me when meeting an inharmonious part; to be able to surround and encompass, to set up little structures of particles of light energy bringing in frequencies of colour needed for balance. Once surrounded this area will change energetically to harmony.

Once done, I take the tools which are myself and my knowing, and move on. Please journey some more and allow me to personally work with you as you are with me. Whatever images come to your conscious mind on our journey are ones which need their energy transformed, and each time they come as you are with me, I will work with them in the way I have described by surrounding in infinite wisdom the part of you which holds resonances of fear and distrust. And I can bring in all colours to be available for you, to complete the process and feel the healing and then to shine on. Work from your heart for your healing. We advise this to many people, to all beings. From that space you are calling in more and more the energies that are here to assist you.

Channelled by Kathleen Murray

The Importance of Rocks, Stones and Crystals in the Universe

Greetings to you. This is Etznab. I bring with me the Story of Creation. For this is the story which lies behind the Importance of Rock, Stones and Crystals (and Minerals) in the Universe. And, as we are speaking to you on this Planet Earth – this home of humanity as you know it as it involves the Story of the Twelve Creators or Twelve Creator Gods. For we use this title to show our alignment with Source, with God, Goddess, All That Is, the Divine Spirit and Essence of Is, of Being. For, in an expression of this wholeness, we are all related and we are all Creator Gods.

We come to you as this to remind you of your own origins. For each one of you has originated from One or more than One of us and We in turn, have originated from Source. To discover these origins for you is to discover your connectedness with Source. Rocks, Stones, Crystals and Minerals – these are all expressions of us, of Source. Each one has a composition of ingredients of energy and energy interchanges.

The way each particle behaves in an atomic and sub-atomic level is an expression of the journey that the Divine Source has made. The gases which were created first, like Hydrogen and Helium, through fusion of light and heat and purest energy which then became denser matter, always transmitting to radiate light, became the ingredients of crystalline structure. All has to do with Light, the structures it can become and the energy patterns it resonates.

The Stars and Planets became a more dense expression of this Light as Source. Each containing a consciousness, knowing its Source and transforming energies to know itself in more and more different ways. Each one of us contains within our cells, whether they be cells of pure light or cells of a physical body, memories of all the journey and story of Creation.

Every Rock, Stone, Crystal and Mineral is the same. They contain memories in the form of energetic patterns which correspond to different stages of this journey. Each one of them can awaken in us the cellular memories needed to discover our wholeness. And each one on their own is a fragment, a piece of the jigsaw. As we indeed are, in physical or less than physical bodies. We all correspond with one another.

At any one time, we can choose to express ourselves in many forms, in many dimensions, for this is the joy and fun of creation. And these learning experiences can be simultaneous. We can be in crystalline form, in many crystalline forms, or in the form of many different species on one planet or many planets in many different Stellar Systems. It is our choice. And I can say to you that there are far more and far many more link-ups with different groupings than you could consciously imagine, for your conscious mind does not operate in the realms and dimensions in which the greater you exists.

Therefore, it cannot comprehend or even imagine this. In most of the greater Realms, the larger vistas in which you operate, it is necessary for you to activate senses and sensory powers of which you have no conscious knowledge. The centres which alter you, this touching of communication, are developing and being developed in you now. Now. In this Present. For we, as one of the Twelve Creator Gods, are returning to you to assist you, as part of us, in this Knowing.

Many of us have gathered nearby this planet Earth and many more will come when certain gateways have been opened to allow their travel here. These gateways have representations on Earth, as representatives of larger Universal Gateways. Rocks, Stones, Crystals and Minerals are Keys for opening of these gateways. They are also the gateways themselves. And as we have said before, you also are them and they you. There is no separation. Each gateway you open in yourselves, each key you turn in your own energy field unlocks more. Unlocks more and more the bigger plan.

Crystals are more than tools. The imagination, we have said, is more than a tool. It is a being like yourself There are major differences here, once this is recognised. You contain, in your wholeness of Energy field, the rays or the colours of Light and the rays of unseen colour to your physical eye, which are also Light. You also contain, within your physical body and energy field, All That Is. Quite simply, All That Is. Every memory of every experience. To access these memories and experiences, you do need your greater capacity of Creator God. And that is why the Twelve Creator Gods have returned.

It is time to unite you with all your greater capacities which lie in Twelve Stranded DNA. The You which had Twelve Stranded DNA is the You of the Creator God.

Like ourselves, we have in our energy fields a lighter, less dense version of this structure. Some of you will be able to access these capacities sooner than others. This will be your choice, sooner or later. For those of you who choose this awakening later, it is because you have chosen to experience more first. Quite simply it is a matter of choice. At any time one wishes to accelerate one’s journey to the greater capacity, it can be done. With Trust, with Invitation and with Allowing. Uniting the feminine principle with the masculine. For those of you who have chosen to experience gender in a species, this needs to be one of the first steps.

To return to Rocks, Stones, Crystals and Minerals, they are all beings like yourselves. Within your energy field you may have doorways and gateways, the crystals, rocks and stones may be the doors and gates themselves. They may also be the keys to unlock and open the doors and gates.

And yet, each one of you may have Sister, Brother kindred-ship with these crystals and stones at any time. They may be part of you, you may have chosen to be part of them. You may all come from the same homeland – and I am not speaking here of Source – for we are all of the same Source and yet we have chosen to be born again in many universal aspects of Source. To be born again, along with and on many Stars and Planets. Your composition in these homelands is the same as that of the minerals and rocks and stones found there. You are them and they you. That is why, when Crystal Healing, more aspects of wholeness are achieved.

These minerals and crystals contain the energy patterns of the Source Planet or Star and correspond to awaken you to this. Any experiences you have had in this lifetime which create illness or disease and need a healing on the physical level, as well as spiritual, mental and emotional levels, reflect situations to do with a homeland of yours. Enacting conflicts in you physical body of events taking place elsewhere. The healing is carried out by the crystal mineral or stone with your physical body and this also aligns to allow the healing to take place elsewhere, in the homeland which pertains to this conflict of energies. Any ‘medicine’ of any crystal or stone or mineral is a ‘medicine’ of energy patterns and vibrations needed in Universal Terms. As above, so below. The Macrocosm and the Microcosm.

Channelled by Kathleen Murray 1994

Earth Healing Channellings from 1996

Earth Healing in Brazil
Mahasamatman 1

Recorded at Varhinga, Minas Gerais ,Brazil on the 4th November 1996

We greet you. And we greet you to our place in your homeland, our place for now. For here we have the deepest connection, the clearest, and as you have found from this morning our presence is strong and clear, and yes electric.

So much more of the transmissions of our beings can come through into this area. This is because of the work that we have been doing with the Earth’s Heart from here.

And others too, others that have assisted by bringing in their resonances to activate the crystalline structures in the Earth that they seeded before. This is why many star systems have their presence here now, for it is their work to activate now, the seeds that they sowed or implanted within the crystalline structures of the Earth.

And now they need the life harmonics of Solar Energy brought through them. The presence of this mountain that you felt this morning – it is a light structure around this area more than just being one of the mountain tops. What you both have seen is the light structure that extends many geographical miles throughout the whole of this area. And hence the one vortex opening into the centre of this pyramid, is one that would be chosen by all other civilisations from the different stars to come through to your Earth. For us, in our coming into the Earth’s atmosphere this vortex is clear and open and is easy to negotiate, to ride into the Earth plane and to make contact with the land. It is not always our reason for being here to be observed or in contact with human beings, for more of the work that we do and have been doing, is for the Earth herself. And if you can imagine that this vortex of energy has a point of high powered potential which is not on the Earth’s surface but is deep inside the Earth, and from there this is like the apex of another pyramid that encompasses the Earth’s heart.

For some of the ones that have come here, the riding in of the main vortex – which starts at the reaches of the Earth’s energy field -it has been easy to come down. But there are areas of turbulence when negotiating these energy waves as they touch in with the third dimension of the Earth. There have been some points, and there still are, which create problems for beings who are not so familiar with using this journey. At these points, if they hit one of the areas of turbulence, they are spun off and spun out. They will not travel down to inside the Earth. Some of the crashes have been either when these light ships have been travelling down the vortex to go inside the Earth, and they have been spun out. And others have been on their ascent, after they have completed their work within the Earth.

Our activity in this area has been so much different from the activity of others – other travellers from space in other parts of the universe. For their mission would not include entry into the Earth. And their mission may be to do with contact with human beings, in many different ways. Yet here, most of the work is inside the Earth. We have not come here to show ourselves to humans at times. It is not necessary here.

Just now we work with this one, with her physicality, just tuning up her physical vehicle. And we will leave her now.

Transcript of tape recorded 29th December 1996 at Rhynie , Scotland

Phil : Greetings. We request we have some questions that can be answered so that the one you work with can work with you to the best of her abilities. The first of these questions is “Who is she to work with you now?”
We greet you in Love, and welcome you. We are her future being. And that is why she may desire to work with us, as well as we with her.

Phil : I believe this ties in with the next question which is ” What is the relationship between you and the one you work with?”
There are more details. Yet for now we wish this truth to be encompassed. In the greatest form that it can. For in words, there may not be many, but future beingness means more than words. And the experience of connection which deepens this sense of wholeness. Of wholeness that extends beyond boundaries, beyond any words, any definitions. Universes, the beingness of Oneness. In essence this is our part as it is your part. And the words cannot describe the joys of connection, of surrendering to being part of a far larger whole than could be imagined. Of surrendering to Eternity, the infinity of Creation, the transcendence of all, of all limitations. This is what brings us all together.

Phil : Thank You for this, because this once again partially answers the next question. Once again regarding the one you work with “Who is she now to the furthest extent of her knowing?”

Again she will have the feelings which are more than words. Our connection with her in this work will allow her sensing of a far greater whole, and although she has readily claimed her homelands, throughout this universe, she is ready to claim more.

Phil : We feel at this time there is much work to be done with the Team of Crystal Spheres and Mahasamatman. We request knowledge of the work they do together.

Mmmm, the stories we could tell you… not just of what they are to do together, but of what they have been doing. It is possible for you to imagine how one like this being here, this vehicle, of Mahasamatman, with his entourage of spheres; of how much work they have been doing around the planet. Can you imagine how once they are here on the Earth plane, and they have their physical forms, and they are activated and working…… of how easy it is for them to take their lightbodies, their etheric structures which contain all that the physical contains and yet so much more – because within their lightbodies they have their greater being. And these ones together have been dancing around the planet. They have been doing work in many places. They are not restricted, by much.

Phil: With this thought in mind, the restrictions, how can the one you work with and myself thus assist you and the ones that are with you in your work?

By doing exactly what you are doing now. You may not know why, but you are answering a call. And to bring this one here, this vehicle, Mahasamatman, which allows our presence to be firmly secured on the Earth plane. For wherever he goes, he can also be like a vortex to allow us to come in. And yes we need this, and we will never take on a third/fourth dimensional form which would allow us similar potential to the potential that you have. We can come in through the vehicle of Mahasamatman and we can work with the Earth as we have described to you earlier in this transmission. This is so much of our work here, and yet there is more. for we need the human channels, the human counterparts, the parts of us that can open up and recognise that they are more, and welcome us to be here. As much as we welcome you. For ALL IS IN EVOLUTION.

Phil: We thank you for this information, and once again this has led to another question. “The work of the Skulls here, and we understand there are many Skulls, I really would like to know more of their work. And if it is required, more in fact, beneficial that these Skulls meet in the physical plane?”

It is beneficial that they meet in the physical plane. There will be much power at these meetings, much power. A meeting like this is a catalyst for a celebration. It would bring together the unity of all the others who work through the vehicles of the Skulls, in a way that will not have been done before. For we can have our meetings, as we do have, Galactic councils that govern in dominion the different sectors of the Universe, the star systems, the details of creation. Many of those who work through the vehicles of the Skulls serve in this way, in the other dimensions. We can have all this communication between us, and we can set our plans, our missions.

The coming together through the physical vehicles of the Skulls would allow us a Union which would burst forth our energies and our hearts. As it would for all present. In the hearts of the humans, the beingnessess of the humans that would be present at a gathering such as this – it would be like an explosion of Love and Knowing. An inspiration to all. And to ourselves to meet in this way. A celebration we have waited for, we wait for.

Phil:Thank you for this. Is there any information you can pass to us at this time, with regards to how we can best assist in this meeting on the physical plane? And when would this be a good time for this to happen?

We ask you now to dedicate yourselves to the work you have just begun. For both of you, you will serve in different ways, as you have different talents. But you will be together, in service. To dedicate yourself to this work is the most you can do just now. As our presence can become stronger as we work through this one, for she knows she is our voice. And for our voice to be heard by many, we are sure that the way will be made open for her to also connect in with the other Skulls. For some of the other Skulls do not have a human vehicle that is open to allowing the beings that work through that Skull to come in and to be heard in voice. Others do, and to different degrees, but the work that she is doing in voicing our presence will open many doors. You will both have our assistance, our Love to envelope you in your being, so that you both may grow into this larger knowing of yourself that awaits you.

Phil: Thank you. And in light of this answer, could you possibly pass on, if there are indeed other beings on this planet who are in communication with yourselves and also if they are in knowing of this presence?

The ones who are assembled here, who come through this one Mahasamatman are assembled for this purpose. There are other counterparts who are working with other human beings. But this particular resonance, this particular power of universal energy is through him alone, and to yourselves both of you, if you desire to dedicate yourselves to this work.. So as a whole, a totality of the energies that come through we say that it is not or another. There are so many other variations, other resonances, other frequencies of energy, and they are for others. They are all part of this beautiful cosmic dance we play. But yes, there will be other humans who will be aware of this need and they will answer the calls. And you will all come together. The magic of creation is always there. And with our Love and our Gratitude to you both for allowing our communication here, we embrace you with our hearts, our souls, and our being. May you go in peace today, and have fun.

Channelled by Kathleen Murray, to questions from Phil Wass

Earth Healing in Brazil

Mahasamatman 2
Iquaba , Brazil 30th Oct. 1996

Welcome, we beings are here to communicate with you. You see us more truly as we are. We have no bodies as you. We are all vehicles too. Each skull has a group of beings also like us. We are a civilisation in ourselves. Our counterparts in your universe are the ones you have been working with.

We bring new waves of frequency with us to stabilise your planet in its awakening state. We can make ourselves to look like you. But then we can imitate many forms of life throughout the universes. We are travelling agents for the Galactic Beams. Yes we can be called Galactic Masters. But not much is understood of our civilisation. The skulls look the closest to us, yet they are not our heads, they are our total vehicles. We are of this formation – disc like base to communicate with our bases, our planets of home. There is an entire universe of us. Study the Mayans for they are of us. Now they are us, they have come from us, but then we were different also – ALL IS IN EVOLUTION.

When the Maya came to your planet they came from the homes of our counterparts. Our reaches had not extended to the civilisation we are now, and the bases we have outside your universe.

The Ladder of Heaven, look for the ladder of heaven, the staircase between the realms that zigzags through the star portals. It is time for us to come through this ladder of heaven and to close some doors behind us. We have been riding a Galactic Beam on its journey here. As we have ridden others here. Our temples look like ourselves in pyramidal form. In our civilisation we hold harmonic consonants and project them outwards to signal the arrival of the Beam.

Hanub Ku. We carry with us the data of the Mayans in an extended form now.

It is like an update on the information that was left here by this civilisation. For an understanding grows on your planet just now of the keys and the codes of the resonances of the great Galactic Beam that is now. Our job has always been to carry the signals for the next wave that is coming. These signals need implantation now. They need those who will carry the signals in their energy fields, for us it is not possible to take on a human form. It is not possible for us at this time, it is not even necessary for us to do as we have done before, and come through, making an arrangement with the self of the human to leave; it is more valuable now we have the human anchors.

It is more true to the state of being that these human beings once were, that the anchoring of these frequencies coming in from universes afar; come into an energy field and are anchored by those of the planet now. This is the work that we have done as we have followed this Beam through the Universes. This is the work that we always have done. And with other civilisations and other species, it is always those that are in alignment with their homelands that we work through.

It has not been so on the Earth. Not for a long time. The human anchors have not held the connection to the Heart of their Earth, and all the ones that are here that will be part of this work are those that can anchor signals to the Heart of the planet, so that all the life forms of guardianship may take part, may receive the signals, and the Earth may receive the signals to her Heart. Before the others of the population of the species on the Earth receive them.

And in this way the Earth is prepared for the wave that is coming.

Those that have alignment, clear alignment in their waveforms, can be the anchors. It is as simple as that. Those that can connect into the heart of the Earth are the ones that can serve in this way. And then their presence as they go about the Earth, everywhere they go they carry in their energy fields the signals. The signals will be spread through other ones of the same species, and also the other kingdoms, or races (we call them races) they too will receive the signals. For we are the ones that carry these.

There are no others, and we do carry them for all. But first we have to work with the homelands. Then through those who are prepared to serve as the anchors. When the human anchors visit the places on Earth where there is information that has been given by us when we came a long time ago, this information becomes LIVE, LIFE, LIVING. For it is none other than life. And from Hanub Ku, the Light that carries the Life is what is coming.

The systems that many of the humans who have been exploring, of the universe and its energies, are very valuable now; for by their comprehension in their own way, of the systems of energy and how it travels – this is now needed. It is kindergarten work for what is coming. An understanding of the universal travel lines, the portals of the stars, the functions of the stars that relate with the other stars, the consciousness, the beings, the civilisations – this picture has come through much more to human knowing now.

Yet it is still the beginning. If people can see that if they can extend themselves into this world of information, then they are at the beginning. It allows the passageway merely, for all that that can be known now is only the preparation. And for humans to extend their potential into the comprehension of even how one universe works, this is valuable and this is the beginning. For once these passageways have been made, these channels, it allows the framework for the future – to come in through the same passageways, the same access to the collective resonance of the mind. It is for human beings to extend their minds. There is in a sense a correct use of mind. And in the sense we speak of, it is not a mind of self, it is a mind of greater self. It is a mind of wholeness, of allowing no separation of being. It is a mind whose access is given, is given to the Creator, in service.

It is enough for now until more of our civilisation can be open to the extent of the Universal Mind held within the human race. And yes, we are saying that the picture gets bigger and bigger. For in our evolution so much has happened since we were last on the Earth plane, and what we left on the Earth plane before is barely understood, by very few. And yet the beginnings of this understanding is all that is needed to assist us in our coming now.

Each of the Skulls works in the same way. There are connections here, there are connections there, to civilisations that have been identified; and yet this is not the end – the ones that have been identified with Atlantis – this is the beginning. For there are those that were the Creators of Atlantis, and they need brought into knowing.

As we come now, we come not from your past, we come from your future. So there is all the difference of our beings and all we carry with us. For our own evolution we bring, and to understand us, it needs access only to what we have left. We say that each of the Crystal Skulls on this planet has this potential, is as we are, evolved civilisations who have been here before.

And we do not come again with the same message. We do not come to bring understanding of where we were when we were here before. The Skulls are not for this either. The information brought through them of the past is to assist in knowing the identity of those who come back. And those who have been working with all the Skulls, they shall be able to track the energies, they shall be able to receive. But it will take all to an extension of their potential. As us, as you. We are here not to repeat new things, we are bringing them, WE ARE. It is valuable to understand how Light carries information, and how this effects all, everything, on every level of being.

For Light indeed does carry life. And we see Light is in evolution as life is in evolution.

For the species to feel the touch of Creation, this is one thing, we say there is more. To open that line, that line of knowing that extends through all the portals of the stars, all the Universal travel lines, all the civilisations, so that more can be experienced. And yes there are those here who may do that now. They are needed. To link up this web of expansion beyond boundaries. For boundaries hold the separation of the stars. And it is to see and feel no boundaries – consciousness side by side with consciousnesses. Each star system with its own resonance.

All are being given these signals. There are many from the different planets, the different stars, who travel out, who have all the possibilities, the capabilities to travel out to meet us as we carry this message, the signals of the Beam forward. Yet they are few, but they can hold stable in their homelands and prepare the way for the Galactic Masters who carry the Beam so that the signals may be spread.

The keys are to release the codes. All keys are to release the codes. The codes of this Universality within Universality. And in understanding the evolution of the universes beyond yours, you are open to receive the more that may come. For those that have the ability to travel out to meet us as we come, they are connecting with their future. And it is the same for all humans.

We shall end this communication for now, to allow this one the stability and integration that she needs. With our Hearts and our Souls and our very Beings WE HONOUR YOU.

Channelled by Kathleen Murray


This is Kathleen at Rhynie on 5th April 1996

Greetings to you. This is Zetin Nab and all your friends here and we have great excitement for the commitment you have made. Great joy in your surrender and your acceptance of our advice, for this is the way we can assist you. And we wish you now to connect with the essence of the smoky quartz crystalline being that came your way so recently in Edinburgh.

The one that has indeed been working with your team for a long time in full knowledge of its birth into spherical form as an incarnation which would allow it to be part of the team. This one is in full knowing of its work of healing the Earth and guiding the inhabitants of the Earth towards their Divine being. As you hold this sphere and connect into this being, you’ll feel the swirling pools of energy that flow up and down your energy field as its very interaction with you creates a bonding that is more stable and grounded than each of you can achieve on your own. This being works through your Earth star, through that point in your energy field which is a vortex for Mother Earth and loops into the different circuitry of Earth energies that can flow and connect you with many of the energies under the Earth, clearing pathways and channels of energy, taking your awareness down to the subterranean regions. And as we work with you above, high in your energy field in comparison, we create our pattern of holding open star gates using the Star of David anchored in your heart. And now feel that there are points beneath the Earth on a far larger geographical scale which link up with this Star of David, and this being connects in to these points.

So be aware of us holding the gates open for star consciousness to merge with Earth consciousness, and that at each pinpoint of the Star of David’s shape, there will be corresponding sites in the Earth, and each of these has a Star of David above connecting to star consciousness, and also a Star of David which is setting up right now around these points. So to explain this image of energy patterns- from the central Star of David which is created, there are other Stars of David at each point and apex of the star configuration. And we say now that this goes on into infinity, for as you hold this space and allow this energy to connect through you, with our assistance and the assistance of the Earth guardians, there is a link up of Stars of David all through the Earth.

So where you yourself hold the heart vibration for the central one, there are others that you are linking into who hold the heart vibration at the apex of each of these stars. And also there are the stellar beings who are assisting in connecting star consciousness with Earth consciousness through every heart. There is always a perfection in timing, though as you are aware, we use timing in the sense of energetic structures and other dimensions being aligned to connect in – that is our sense of timing and this timing today is perfect to allow all this to happen. It is for you to hold this resonance, to feel the energy flowing to these main grid work points. And you will get a sense of where they are.The Earth points, as you know them today, are linking up with the pattern that was established a long time ago in perfect universal symmetry, although now the symmetry is somewhat changed.

Channelled by Kathleen Murray


Greetings to you.   We are here as beings, consciousness who work through this vehicle of Mahasamatman.   And we greet you once again to continue with our work together.   As you touch more deeply into our energies, as we work with you and you with us, our connection becomes stronger.   As more of the fragments of your being unite, as you collect more of your energies through the physical plane, as you gather more of your power, we are more in unison with you.

We ask you now to vision, to vision and to use that vision into expansion, so you may feel our presence more, and the work of this vehicle and the Team of Spheres.

This site here at Rhynie has become an important one for us all.   We thank you for your dedication, in resurrecting this beautiful site.   You have known that it has been on your Soul’s Path to gather energies here, left by yourself, to retrieve the Soul Portions which were present at the time of dismantling this site.  It was a powerful and energetic space which provided on the Earth plane at this time a link with the powerful Earth Crystals which stabilised and held the resonances of the Divine Presence on Earth.   This site was disempowered at the time of Atlantis, as one of the many which had to be dissembled to prevent any further abuse of this structure which was set up with the highest intentions.

The other sites that you are working with in Brazil also were worked and held open to the power of the Divine, of the Creator at the time of Atlantis.   There are Earth crystals in the form of beds and also as very large crystalline structures deep within the Earth and this is where there has always been a connection.   The underground civilisations that you have encountered on both sites that you have worked extensively with, in Brazil at Sao Tome and here at Rhynie, have been keepers of the Earth crystals as they have lain dormant and deactivated.

The links between these crystals are now open at this time, so that the Guardian civilisations have been able to begin the activation programme.   This is only the beginning, for only a small percentage of the power flow has been resurrected between the sites.   In time a far more intense pattern of light energies will flow through from the Source of Creation to the Earth’s Heart and connecting up all these sites.   It is a fine process of tuning, and alignment and activation.   Where one site can begin to work with another, as stage one.   And then with another brought into the picture, to begin its activation.   And then to set up triangular configurations between the sites.   Each will have its timing to come into its being.   There always will be Guardians of these sites who will continue the work; and once the contact has been made there will be human guardians, Earthly guardians and Un-Earthly guardians as well.   With so much co-operation between all.

These sites set a perfect geometrical pattern.   Geometry of the most sacred, deep in the Earth.   And this pattern is becoming clearer and clearer in the etheric body of the Earth.   It also has a layer in a dimension high above the Earth, nurtured by the Stellar civilisations.

The dimensions where this sacred pattern has always been held, have been deep in the Earth, for there is an imprint here that always has been held, and there has never has been any reason for it to change. The Earth’s Heart crystal also holds the programming for the activation of this layer.   And thus working with the Earth’s Heart at all of these sites is important to generate the energy and activate the programme.   The other dimension that has held this pattern has been in the Stellar civilisations that were the Creators of Atlantis.   And although there has been much change in and evolvement between the Stellar civilisations, there have been Guardians on the Universal gridwork, who have been aware of their mission, to hold the potential for these energy lines to be open once again in the future.

The Lemurians who were present to close down these sites from abuse, have been ones who have been the keepers of the potential.   With their Stellar brothers and sisters, the Pleiadeans, the Sirians, the Arcturians and the Orion beings of Light.   And now on this level of Universal harmony, this geometric pattern of energy, this circuitry, is open and flowing. There is Light. There is information. Light carrying that information, and all encapsulated in the Greatest Love of All.

The light that is flowing through this structure from the higher dimensions has a cellular essence.   For each particle of light can be called a photon, but it may help your human beingness to recognise that this light acts in the same way as the cells of your physical body.   The particles are circular, and as your cells carry the information which is necessary for existence on the physical plane, with your DNA and RNA Then this light carries its information in cells.   And all cells are programmed with codes of awakening, to more and more remembrance of potential of the Divine Source of all Universal Power.   And it is like the activation of a great being.   This higher level, this higher dimension that we speak of, can be called the Earth’s Lightbody.   For this is where all of this information is contained.

The Earth, has never been separated as a consciousness from the consciousness of other planets and stars.   There is a unity here that is more universal than you could imagine.   And with each contact to the different stellar energies of this Universe there are doorways open to the other universes. As you understand the programming of crystalline structure, and the transmission of energies that is possible after activation; then see this whole project of awakening the Earth Lightbody as the same.

At each stage in the operation the Earth’s Heart crystal receives the information from the different sites – of their level of activation and interconnectedness. Impulses will then be sent, sent and carried, tendered and cared for by the Earth’s guardians – the Lemurians who chose to go deep inside the consciousness of the physical body of the Earth and the Stellar beings who also chose this as their mission in the Evolution of the Universe. We show you a vast picture of how all is linked together.

And we show you as human beings, of how valuable you can be, to be another one of the Empowered Creators standing side by side with all the other guardians of the Earth, of Light and of the Universe.   We encourage you to stand in Love, to go more deeply into Love in your lives, than you have ever done before.   Love holds the keys to unlock all that is less than Love for transformation and transmutation of all energetic resonances that are not in harmony.   And we stand with you and with all human beings who are in the process of conscious evolution.   We stand with you in respect and in admiration, in awe of the potential that you are unfolding.   And we are here to be called upon at any time, by any of you.

Those of you who feel a connection with ourselves as the consciousness that works through the vehicle of Mahasamatman, or who have any feeling and attraction for working with the skulls, with any of them, we welcome you into this Guardianship.   Look at these signs in your life, are they not part of the wake-up call from the level of your Soul and Universal Spirit?   We call out to you now with more radiance than ever before, for the timing is coming near for us all to work together.

In more conscious knowing of the work that is to be done, and we welcome you.   We welcome you in a Love that is so much more than you can imagine.   It is a combination of a Mother/Father Love, a Brother/Sister Love, a Romantic/Sensual Love, a Love of Self and a Love of the Divine.

It is All.

And we leave you for now IN OUR LOVE and we honour you. May you open your hearts to receive the gifts that we can give.   And we welcome you in connection to our Essence, through the connection of this vehicle of Mahasamatman.

 Channelled by Kathleen Murray

Earth Healing Channellings from 1997 and 1998

Earth healing channellings from this time are included in the book The Divine Spark of Creation…this is not just a sales technique to get you to buy the book, it is an explanation for why there are none here!!!


Merlin channelled by John Armitage / Haridas
Mahasamatman channelled by Kathleen Murray, recorded on 10th December 1999

I am Merlin, Merlin the magician of these Emerald Isles, these western Isles.

Welcome my friends it is a pleasure to be with you and speak with you.   I come to speak on the subject of New Year’s Eve, what I would call Old Year’s Night, which is of course the 31st of the month known as December.

For all of you upon the Earth now in these physical bodies will realise that this date is being put forward as the last day of the old Millennium and the gateway to the New Millennium.   The New Millennium, the Age of Aquarius – what does it mean to you as human beings is a question we hear many asking themselves,  asking others, asking their spiritual leaders.   It means the leaving behind of the Piscean Age, and the forward movement further and further into Love.   As I say further and further into Love, I realise that many don’t understand what Love really and truly is- many equate this word love with the human emotion, that many mistake as and for love.   This Age of Aquarius is the time for you humans to understand that unconditional Love is a state of being and not an emotion.   It is a stable, harmonious and balanced state through which there can be no judgement, no fear, no indecision, and no uncertainty.

So on the 1st of January of the year 2000, will everybody wake up in this state of Unconditional Love?   The answer could be yes, I would really like to say that it would be yes, but unfortunately at this stage I don’t see that all people will make that transition, will make that step forward.   I don’t see that many people or I don’t see that too many people are brave enough to step through the doorway to freedom.   That brings me to really what this communication and this channelling is all about – freedom.

On that last day of the Millennium, events will be taking place around the world, the celebrations will be starting to welcome in the New Year.   Others will be having celebrations to truly welcome the Age of Aquarius, while others whose agenda is not Love will also be having their celebrations.   Things will be happening in Egypt, and not only in Egypt, but in many places around your Earth.

But the beings whose focus is not love are planning great celebrations for themselves in Egypt in the place that is known as the Giza plateau.   There most of you know are many pyramids, one that is known as the Great Pyramid.    These beings whose lives are focussed in non- Love have organised an event, have organised a happening which they think will hold up the forward movement into freedom of the whole of humanity.

How naive they are to still believe that this is possible.   For understand although many people are frustrated, although many people do not understand what Love truly is, there are so many beings upon this planet now that are focussed in Love and on love in harmony and balance that nothing can be done to stop the forward movement into Harmony, balance freedom and Love.   It is through the dedication of many of these beings that are commonly known as Light workers of all kinds.   Light workers that share the knowledge- many, many different kinds of knowledge which help to free people from the restraints of their consciousness, that help to free people from the fears that have been drummed into you through religion and society and social situations.

For those who wonder how the Ascension process of the Earth is coming along and wonder if it will ever happen, I can tell you on behalf of all the councils. All the Galactic and Ascended Masters, Sananda and Mother/Father God that the Ascension process and this forward movement into freedom is further forward than any of you would dream and imagine.

As I have said the dedication of Light workers, of teachers or sharers has been amazing, and through their dedicated efforts things have moved very, very fast.   So I Merlin ask all of you that see hear or read this channelling to make a special focus on this day, the 31st December 1999, a special focus on Love, Harmony and balance.   I ask you to open up your hearts, to bring the Love through your higher heart chokers and to allow the Love to flow through your body to your feet into your Earthstars and into Mother Earth’s energy system.   Many of you would know this energy system as the grid works, some would call it ley lines.   For the Great Pyramid and what is planned for this day at the Great pyramid will have an effect on the grid work, on the energy body of the Earth Mother?   The effect is will have will not be disastrous, I am not saying that if you do not focus, if you do not join in the world meditations that everything is lost, everything is finished, because it isn’t.

It is not through fear that I try and drive you into helping and Loving, but your Love, your energy, your healing will just help to harmonise and balance and also negate the work that the beings who are focussed in non-Love have panned.   It is as simple as that.

Open up your higher heart chakras.   You may make affirmations.


It may be as simple as that.   You may gather in groups, you may work as individuals, you may do this meditation for a 24 hour period, 7 times an hour.   You can make this affirmation, this will keep the energy flowing through you, keep the harmony and balance flowing into Mother Earth.   Those of you that know healing modalities, you may also use healing techniques upon the body of the mother to harmonise and balance.   For those of you who have done Shamballa multi-dimensional healing, or Shamballa multi-dimensional Reiki, as some of you know it, can use the Shamballa energies to harmonise and balance.

For those of you who haven’t done this, you can still open to let the Love flow through you, and be the Love.   Understand that there never wasn’t a time when you weren’t Love, it is an illusion to believe that you are not, it is part of the control that is being put forward upon your Earth to stop you realising who and what you really are.

Just to remind you of who and what you really are – you are God and Goddess, creators and co-creators.   So as God and Goddess, creators and co-creators I ask you now to make the decision, to integrate the decision into your minds and hearts from now on we will create harmony, Peace, Love and balance upon this Earth.   And with that balance, Mother Earth and her children will step into freedom and wholeness and move into the Ascension process in harmony and balance, and then you will truly realise that you are multi-dimensional beings whose true state is balance and Love.

I ask you to please network this information in any way that you know how.   I ask you to pass it onto others and encourage others to join in this 24-hour focus of love and Light.    So that on the day on January the first, 2000 we will have created a different matrix of energy upon the Earth than the beings of non-Love wanted.

Remember there is no battle.   There is no fight.   To believe that there is a battle and there is a fight implies that you are suffering separation not only from your I am Presence, but also from God and Goddess him/herself.   Understand that we are all One and through our Love all will become Love.

Namaste, I am Merlin.

I leave you with my blessings.   Allow the magic to dance through your lives and through the magic be free and whole, bless you.

Greetings to you Loved Ones, to loved Ones everywhere.   It is our pleasure and our joy to join you and to be with you.   This is Mahasamatman, here to share with you all that Skull consciousness can do, can do to assist you to help you realise your full potential.   All of you out there who have crystal skulls may call in more and  more of the Galactic beings that embody skull conscious, Universal skull consciousness, so that your own crystalline vehicle and you will assist in stabilising the Earth’s light body.   There is much need at this time, which humans on Earth have as the 31st December, a time marked on this date of transition, though as our beloved friend Merlin has spoken of, this transition is ongoing, has been ongoing and will be ongoing.

So when we speak of the need for stabilisation, it is now and it will be on the 31st December, and it will be afterwards also.   As part of this stabilisation it is for you human beings to integrate your Galactic and Universal identity.   When you can open up with freedom and Love to being part of God and Goddess and All That Is, allowing Divinity- your own spark of Divinity within, through your energy field,  that this is the most you can do.   To bring that spark of Divinity into human consciousness, onto the Earth plane, and into the body of Gaia is the most you can do.

There will be many, many stellar beings and all of the guardians that assist Gaia in her transformation who will be downloading waves of Light.   It will start soon in its new phase, the new phase of Evolution.   This Solstice will bring in Galactic waves of Light, Gaia herself had asked for this.   It is part of this Universal movement.   We say that the energies of the Solstice will begin and grow from the 15th December onwards, peaking on the 22nd at full moon time, but also continuing for the duration of December.   And just as the wave of the energies of the Solstice would ordinarily stabilise out and call for integration into the light system of Mother Earth, there is a new wave that will come in.

For this is how we are assisting, as Galactic beings, as Universal Intelligences assisting the Earth.   There have been so many calls from humanity, from those who are aware how precious their freedom is, and of how their desire to live in freedom and Unconditional Love radiates out from their beings.   There have been enough calls made that allow us to assist be bringing in new waves of Light.   Higher, finer frequencies than those that will be worked with by the beings who are not in their own Divinity, who are more interested in retaining control, and retaining power over humanity and the whole energetic system of Mother Earth.

As these ones go about their business, they will be allowed the freedom of their illusion, that they wish to set limits on the evolution for humanity.   While we who are Universal beings say very clearly that we are here and in alignment with those in humanity who ask.   We will bring in these new frequencies of Galactic Light, they will be beamed into any energy centre that is opened up all over your planet.   You may call in, you may set aside some crystals to assist you, over the times of the Solstice and on and through into January.   We recommend that crystals, stone beings, all your sacred objects, the shrines that you usually have, these can be main focus points, for they are already carrying rays of Divinity.

This is what we wish to anchor into your planet at this time.   For it is these fine waves of Divinity that will ultimately hold freedom, and Unconditional Love regardless of the other beings who wish to see control set up.   So take your crystals and assign them to the purpose of working with the Earth’s energy system.   They are parts of Gaia’s body, and they will respond to the calls from Gaia’s heart.   Just allow them the space to do this work, and they will conduct as you may choose to conduct the waves of Light coming in.

You may begin this work, any time from the 15th December onwards, for the resonance will build and build and at the Solstice, the potential will be released into the crystalline banks of Mother Earth.   Flooding and flowing not only the crystalline banks of Mother Earth, but also all of human consciousness, all species consciousness of the Earth.   It will allow all the guardians in all the dimensions to move into the next stage of their evolution.   So clearly, once this transition has been made, as it will in the etheric on the Solstice, make it more and more real to you, as time goes on.   Celebrate and continue to celebrate the Solstice onto the 31st December.    Celebrating all the wisdom of your ancestry, of the Lemurians, and of all the stellar beings who are your friends, your brothers and sisters.

Loved ones you may choose to be key players in this Universal movement.   It is easy, set your intention.   Call in your companions in crystalline form, set the scene, the environment, in your meditation space, in your sanctuary, your home and hold freedom and Unconditional Love in your hearts, and you will be part of it all.

All the others like ourselves, the Galactic and Ascended Masters, Melchizedek, Metatron, and the Archangels and all beings of Light that are dedicated to Divinity will be with you all, in joy and in celebration.   And in holding the dreams for the future, dreams which you can realise and attain.   Use this time for your own personal evolution, as well as partaking of planetary evolution.   Remember there is no separation between these two.

Loved ones we thank you for your dedication and your commitment.   All will come together and all will be as one.   For these new waves of Galactic Light, carrying Love that will flow through Gaia’s body as she transform, they will flow through into her heart and out again.   Radiating out these signals to all stellar races.

The crystalline messages will be clear, they will resound throughout the Universe.   Dedication and commitment to freedom and Love leaves no space for those who do not wish to move into dominion, who still have need to control, to exercise power over others.

So we leave you Loved Ones, full of hope and joy.

With all our Love,


13th March  1999  Bury, near Manchester
Channelled by Kathleen Murray

Let’s just begin by centering ourselves, using our breathing.   Breathing in all this crystalline energy that is here for us.  Breathing out all the tensions and anxieties, anything that is to do with the outside world.

So breathing more deeply and slowly with every breath.   Breathing in the Light and the love the foundations of our being.   Calling in our I AM presence.   With every out breath making more room to receive.   And let’s open ourselves up, very simply by affirming ‘I am open to receive all that is for my highest good for my path in this lifetime.’   ‘I affirm I am ready for the next step forward on my journey as co-creator in this wonderful world and worlds, all evolving into Light and Love.’

‘I affirm I surrender all my resistance, all that stands in my way of being who I AM, so that I may be more fully me and bring my presence into this life.’

And still keeping an awareness of your breath, breathing in more slowly and deeply.   And now we will call in our all our back up crews, all our counsellors, all our family- our soul family.   To allow the rays of Light, colour vibrations of ourselves to come into this energy field in the Earth plane.   To open up the pathways of knowing, of feeling in connection with All That Is, that we may embrace the God within, the Goddess within, and live our lives in knowing of the Oneness and the Unity of All.

Now as the energy builds up all around us, you may feel the presence of your guiding ones.   They are there for you, let them tell you of the Love and the support that they have for you.   And surrender to that Love, let it in, like falling into Love.   Allowing yourself to let go and become your I AM Presence, which is the link with Divinity that you carry.   Let that direct connection open up for you now.   And we call in the Mahatma, the I AM presence of Source, the violet flame of unconditional Love, the silvers and the golds, and all the other colours that link us with our soul’s family, our homelands.

Although we will all travel on this journey with our individual awareness, our individual sparks of Divinity, what is building around us all now is our lightship- our travelling vehicle.   So let your senses open up as we call in and align the sacred geometry of our energy fields, our star tetrahedrons, so that we create all together as One, one very large merkaba.    We ask that these vibrations spin in harmony with this part of the Earth that we are in now.   Now you will feel, open your senses, that the light shape, or group merkaba around us is building and spinning until it hits the resonances for the Earth, here in Bury at this time.   As it hits the frequency that is called for by the Goddess Gaia, imagine, see or pretend however you wish to do this.   Become aware of the vortex of energy that is spinning beneath us in the Earth’s body.

Go down, we will all travel together into the crystalline fields in the Earth, to share the treasures here, so see this spinning merkaba of light with all our Divine sparks within, creating the harmonics as we take our awareness into the Earth, into her consciousness.   We are shown her structure within, the crystal banks, the caverns, full of crystalline beings- the flows of lava, the fire, the inner oceans that exist within the Earth.   Now your counsel will guide you to find the treasures of knowing that are for you today, so just allow and enjoy.

I am asking the Goddess Gaia to be shown where we can assist her most with our intentions of bringing Light, Love and Healing for ourselves, humanity and this homeland that is our planet.

“LOVED ONES, I AM THE GODDESS GAIA, and I speak to you to share my Love and welcome you into my being.   I wish to show you the treasures of the Lemurian vibration, so that you may rekindle your dreams, dreams that you have held deep within you of the harmony and the paradise that belongs to us all.”

As our light ship, as our merkaba, touches in with Gaia’s resonance, we are in Lemuria now.   All around are the colours and the forms of consciousness, the resonances of Joy and Love and Harmony.   You may see many of the now mythical creatures, like the unicorns, pegasus, creatures which now have taken an individual form on the Earth’s surface- but in Lemuria because they always could change shape, you may see them as two or three creatures at once.   The lions with wings, the deer that are like eagles and all forms of beings.   Enjoy.

For here it is to understand how fluid all creations are.   Crystalline structure is the nature of the Universe, and throughout all the crystalline vibrations, consciousness can move forms.   A flower can grow and become a bird.   The butterflies can become the angels and the fairies and the devic kingdom- those that are now known as the devic kingdom are everywhere, guardians of the Earth.   So let one of these beings take you by the hand to show you the magic of their world.

And to show you how you can take this magic back onto the Earth’s surface when you return so that you may live your life in more fullness.   Go now, follow this being that approaches you, and embraces and laughs with you and says ‘Come, come and share, I have something to show you.’

At this time the Earth’s consciousness was not separated from the other stars, the other consciousnesses of creation.   And all the starry energies, the starry lights flow into Gaia and out of Gaia.   You may see the radiations of light and all colours flowing.

Rejoice in the feelings that you have.   For there is a part of you that has always held this resonance and has always known that it will come into being again.    So talk, communicate and listen.

“I AM GAIA, I welcome you.   Loved Ones we are not separate, our journey is together.   And you may always reach me directly, I give you this gift of connection.   You may always talk to me, and I will respond.   There is no separation between the Earth, your homeland and the stars.   I have never felt the separation, for I hold within me all the creations from the Universes.   You can be a child of the Earth, a child of the stars, and a child of crystalline beings, you may play.   You may have all that you desire.

And as the Goddess Gaia, I am the Goddess of all, as all the Goddesses are.   Let my nurturance come into your being, come into your heart, come into the heart of your soul.   That you the individual may always feel the embrace of Love, supporting you as you choose your individual expression of Self.   You can be all, all that you desire, within this Love.   So state your desires now, each one of you.   What are your dreams, your personal dreams?   Let us merge your personal dreams with the dreams of creation so that you may see you are not separate in this Love.   When you can let in this Love you will never fear the separation of being, all fears dissolve when you can allow in this Love.

Bathe in this Love, create your dreams with this Love, and you will have all the support you need.   Surrender your personality to become more of the whole and you will be a co-creator, empowered in Love.

Let the spontaneity of being a child of the stars and the Earth and the Universes- a child of Divinity awaken you.   Let the joys and the playfulness awaken you anew. “

And just be…   Be in the simplicity of who you are.   You may take all the treasures of your knowing of Self with you.   You can never be less than who you are, when you believe in yourself.   So let your counsel work with you, each one of you, in your individual energy fields now.   Feel your counsel all around you now, tending you, tending your growth, playing with you, bringing in the colours that you need, as we all ask for this healing, becoming whole.

Let your counsel, co-ordinated by your I AM presence set in your energy field all the wheels and the colour mandalas- the richness and wealth of your being, so that you may carry your vibrations with you when you may walk on the Earth, when you live your daily lives.   And let all that you need to absorb from the Lemurian vibrations and the crystalline energies, work with you in healing, any part of you that has felt the fragmentation.   You may feel your soul’s energy come in, you may even see what appears to be the cracks in the shapes in these wheels of colour being infused with your soul’s Light.   Healing, and running into your physical body too.

Rebirth, regeneration of Self.   You will feel within the cells of your body the response, for each cell will absorb these colour wheels.   These cells are also crystalline in their nature and help you in the physicality of your lives, so spend a moment with your physical body, allowing the flow of regeneration and rebirth.

Activating for you the codes you carry of who you are, the heritage of your ancestors, your family.   It is known that the human body carries within the D.N.A. the genetic codes of your Earthly family.   And the D.N.A. that you have in your cells also carries the codes for your stellar family.   So let all the colour rays and the crystalline vehicles who are working with us now- Mahasamatman and his team of thirteen assist you in your awakening to your spiritual heritage of the starry brother and sisterhood, your Galactic family.

Let it all come together in Love, let it all flow and integrate within you.   As it flows through you, you are infusing Gaia’s body- all these rays with your truth, which in turn activates more of the crystalline structure within her body.   So in your participating in your own awakening you are participating in an awakening of all that is around you.   You are a co-creator in this Divine creation.   You are one of many teams and families who all hold the vision and dreams of truth and Love.   So let your Self conduct, be in the midst of this orchestration and let it all flow through you and out and into the Earth.   Flowing around all of the Earth.   Activating and setting the seeds for other members of the human race to come into awakening.

Loved Ones, this is what Earth healing is all about, this is what the healing of humanity is all about.   You are powerful conductors when you open yourself to the flow and you hold the intention of healing all the fragments of yourself.   So see and feel now your value, your place as we send out, through this merkaba we have created together, this lightship.   We send out all this beauty, this joy and Love around our homeland, and to all members of humanity who are experiencing pain and struggle and violence.   Let us surround them with our love.   Let us hold stable for them the energies of Love, Divine love on this planet.   Let us think of all the troubled areas, the peoples that are at war.

We need only think of them and transmit, as our crystalline bodies are in harmony with the Earth.   As we have received we can transmit, so use your mind to create the focus, and we will all send together.   To Russia, to China, to Indonesia, to Middle Europe, the Middle East, in India and Pakistan, South America, North America, to all.

You may also name individuals, your family and friends, people you know about, just bring them to your mind, for through our I AM presences we are all working in telepathic communication.   Each one of you only needs to bring a person to mind and this energy will be sent out to them.

And now, as we understand we are truly present in all realities and dimensions, let us allow this work to continue, for it need never end.   Let us always assign our I AM presences and our counsel to continue this work in the other realms.   It need never end.   And let us all trust that we can do this.   So for yourself if you need to, seal a heart or a shape of light, a symbol of your love.   Wrap it up and send it with your Love, so that now you understand that you can always be an Earth healer, a conductor for Universal energies.   Let it be, let it go and create in the other realities, that spark of you dedicated.

And let us now think of ourselves.   Let’s take our light ship, our merkaba and return with grace and with ease.   Slowly become aware of yourself in the physical in this room.   And use your breathing to connect your awareness in with this now, this now moment, breathing slowly and deeply, maybe moving your body, wiggling fingers and toes.

Know that you don’t have to close down, you can just send off to other levels of your being this work, and come into focus knowing that you are loved and guided.   All that you need to know is there with you.   You will have brought it all back with you in your energy field, and your conscious mind will remember what is right for you just now.   So just come back… come back… coax yourself in… this is life here…

The Journey of Empowerment into Divinity
Scheat and the Diamond Merkaba  

24th February 1999

Channelled by Kathleen Murray

Greeting to you Loved Ones, we have so much Joy, so much Celebration at being with you today.  Our opportunities for talking through voice have not been so frequent lately, and yet there are times like these, when (the both of you and) all of humanity are going through experiences and changes.  There have been opportunities for changes in all levels of being, and on a very grand scale, and these changes will continue increasing in momentum, all allowing the power of your Being to come more into operation.   There have been many clearances for you, as well as for many others in humanity, and there have been very intense clearances, for it really is the time to clear all the dross in all the grey areas of your being.

It has been the time to allow yourselves to feel, to integrate-subconsciously, unconsciously- and gradually more knowing will come to consciousness for all humanity, for it is a movement of great awakening, seeded from so long ago, and coming into play in this decade, like a great synchronicity of awakening.   This is the Journey of Empowerment into Divinity.

It is this journey of empowerment into Divinity of Self that is the grand movement that is taking place through all species and civilisations, in particular in the Universe that you know.   We have indicated before when we last talked to you, there is so much healing, unifying unity that is going on, between the stellar frequencies, the stellar selves, with solar families coming together.  It is the journey of Unity of an individual Soul, gathering all the fragments of Being, the fragments of Soul.  So let us take you on an experience, to assist you to bring more fully into your knowing all that has been going on in your inner worlds…

The news that we have to tell you is that the Galactic presence of so many Divine Beings from many civilisations and stellar races is increasing.  Their presence is increasing to allow each individual in humanity to feel the unity of individual presence and this movement is gathering Light force, Heart Love and is here to stabilise itself, and we are all part of this together.  The many, many Galactic Councils that exist are all working in Unity, so that the Force of Light and Love becomes a stronger and stronger presence within, on and above the Earth Plane.


Relax into your centre of Peace.   Using your breathing, letting go where you need to, and focussing with mind and heart to come into your centre.   Breathing more and more deeply, you will fell the gentle transition into relaxation and meditation, and altered state of consciousness where you can connect with the greater you.

Call in the members of your team of Co-Creators, from I Am Presence level, that aspect of your Divine Self.  Let your I AM presence fill you…   Fill your Being…   and very subtley merging these finer frequencies with yours.   Feel your energetic bodies change as they receive these frequencies through the opening of your chakric system far above your head.  Allow yourself to experience many colours and frequencies of Light and the Presence of your I AM presence, feel the merging…

Your I AM presence is your connection with Divinity.  Your I AM Presence is the spark of the Source of Creation that you have carried with you, since the beginning of your journey of individualising yourself.  And let your I AM presence now take you into the Sacred space where you go- your sacred space all around you now.   You may find it a busy sacred space, for in this calling all members of your council are with you, and all members of your Galactic council are here, so take your place within them and greet these Beings as they celebrate with you.   In Joy, and allow the communication to flow, allow the energetic mergence, allow these ones to explain to you what you need to know.

Let them show you the connection with Divinity that you carry, the Light of your I AM presence throughout all your realities, of who you have been, of who you are.   This chord of Divine light that is your energy as it flows from Source throughout all realities and levels of existence and Being.

Your I Am presence will guide you to another reality just now, where you are to pick up the pieces of self to be gathered here.   You will find yourself in an entirely different environment now.   The aspects of Self that are here for Unity will show themselves to you, will become part of you again.   For you have done all the clearance and energetic work before now, in this last wave of shedding the dross, the greyness, the boundaries that you have had, the defences that you have had, all to protect yourself.

And yet now is the time to let the Love come in, Love and the presence of Divinity into this reality that you find yourself in, allow in that Divine presence of Being.   And see, imagine and feel how the Divine Light and presence of God and Goddess fills this reality, harmonises and sweeps to you these parts of yourself that are calling for unity.   The Divine Light that you carry grows brighter as these parts are magnetised, and all that does not carry the presence of Divinity is transmuted NOW.   We call for the transmutation of All in this reality that is not in knowing of itself as Source.

Bring back in the power to yourself, and feel the harmony and the Love flow through you.   Now we will work with Germain and Melchizedek and all those who are holding the Diamond frequency for the Earth, so that she may be with you, encompassed by this frequency, all around the planet.   So see now before you as you are led into the future when the Earth becomes a Diamond and you are in that Diamond and all consciousness unites.    All expressions of being, many civilisations Earth bound and Star bound unite in the Diamond frequency.   And the members of your council will show you and tell you, experience with you and work with you in the healing that you desire, so call them in now.

Unity of Being…  Reclamation of Self…    of Power… of the magic… and the Freedom that comes with this healing.

Humanity, we are here to assist you.   So that you may see yourselves as you are, and when you can integrate the Divinity of yourself, you will be living more and more the presence of the God-self in your life.

We speak to you as the Beings from Scheat who know the levels of Divinity of the God, in all levels of existence.   We are the ones who were called in by the Atlanteans to set things in motion for now, for this Now time on the Earth.   When what had gone wrong had played its way, when all that was less than could be imagined for what was such a powerful race of starseeds, for all the power and the glories of the animal kingdom, the creature-hood expression of your planet of Gaia.   Of the land and in the Seas, when as we saw it the light was turned off, and the connection from Divinity was cut.   This has been called the fall of the human race and it is recorded in many of your stories.   At that time there were many interventions from the many other civilisations and in the weaving and the bonding of all of these- this scenario has had its time on Earth.

When we were called in to assist we knew our assistance would be best in the seeding for this NOW time on Earth.   When all the other civilisations who are working with that Divine Ray, and all the Divine Rays of Being will be stepping up their presences, recalling the vibrations of Paradise that this Earth was birthed in, and we are here to share with you now, so receive our transmissions.

We are here to balance your harmonics and to sing our song of the Universes.   We are here so you may receive our sound, our vibration.   Loved Ones, you have had so much of this dross to let go of, before we could be here with you- the jealousies, the angers, the rages, the envies, the sorrows, the helplessness, the  powerless-ness, the martyrdom- all that you have chosen to experience.   The Shame that you have created; the Shame that you have allowed; the Shame that you have chosen- all to let go of.

And it has only been through these deeper states of consciousness that are reached into through physical illness in your bodies that turns your world inside out, that allow for the purification, the burning of cellular structure of energy systems, the transformation, the stepping up of energies so that you may move into your Light bodies, easier- the transition from physical into Light in your energy field is easier now.

You may see and feel many things, we say to you enjoy.   Enjoy the release of these things- of all memories of less-than-existances, of knowing yourself in helpless situations, in powerless situations.   For in all the realities where you have not felt the connection with Divinity you have power to gain, from healing you have the magic of being to re-gather and attain.   And to enforce your presence, to en-force your presence in this healing that your presence may be filled with the force of Love and the light that carries that Love.   Empower yourselves now as this healing goes on.   Let the Shame spin off from you, that you may see what you cannot have recognised before as the things that have stopped you shining your Light.

Ask for what you desire here, whether it be knowing of self or understanding of the situation.

Work from this space, once again with your desires, and allow this fluidity of consciousness to take you into the future to unite you with all that connects you with this Divine Line.   That you may travel freely and know  freedom of being, create your hearts’ desires from this space, imagine and fully participate in the interplay of what you desire – feel the Joy it will bring you, the happiness, the pleasure and the security of knowing who you are.   Of knowing yourself as co-creator of the Divine plan, for Loved Ones you are, and let the call I AM THAT I AM resound throughout the Universes.

No matter what is going on around you on every level of your being you have the power to create your Joys, your Loves.   Through the creation of your Joys and your Loves, you may co-create in the bigger plan.   You may increase the Love and the Light that you carry, and you may magnetise to you all the healing and the Unity that is your spiritual journey.    And as your magnetism gains more and more Light, as your Light body becomes the Diamond and can hold the Diamond frequency, absorbed throughout all of your chakric system and grounded into the Earth, we call in the planetary consciousness of your homeland, called Gaia, and known by other names.

We call her in so that you may anchor the Diamond frequencies throughout her Light body, throughout the holographic flows, throughout the pulse of her creation.   Within the Diamond frequency, let us call in the Ruby.   Let us call in the Emerald.   Let us call in the Sapphire.   Call in the Aquamarine.   Let us call in the Citrine.   Let us call in the Amethyst, let us call in all frequencies of Light and colour in crystalline form that we may work now.   Together as a team integrating these frequencies through the human energy field, into your planetary homeland’s energy field, stabilising for this homeland of yours, and stabilising for the other homelands of yours throughout the starry and solar systems.

We call in all aspects of Divinity that are the guardians of these energy works, guardians of the sacred sites in and on the Earth.   We call in the keepers of the Seas, the keepers of the land, the keepers of the Crystals, the Water, Fire, Air.   All are keepers of consciousness, and through this frequency we activate the crystalline records that they may release within and around the Earth, all as One.

We activate the crystalline records to stabilise the Diamond frequency of Shamballa, the Diamond frequency of Truth and Knowing – the Diamond frequency of Galactic Mastery.   And you may see, feel and be aware of this Diamond consciousness as a merkaba, a Light vehicle, of course that is what it is, and you are co-creators of this Light ship, this merkaba of the Diamond frequency by attaining this level of being, by allowing yourself the freedom.

Join us now, as we the beings from Scheat, and Galactic Masters and Ascended Masters attune all forms of consciousness in civilisation, to this merkaba of Diamond.   Let us recall within the holographic facets of the Diamond the Universal truths and the Universal Laws of Sacredness, of Living in Knowing of Divinity, of the You that your I AM presence holds, let your I AM presence now give you the dreams, the visions, of Creation.

We all will transmit to you now…  that you may receive and participate as we work together as a team on this Diamond merkaba, as it surrounds you and your homeland of Earth.   You may see the Earth as being a small aspect of consciousness in the middle of this vast Diamond merkaba and this is a truth as this merkaba spans your Universe now.   So explore with your awareness and your perceptions…

And now Loved Ones be gathered in the arms of your I AM presence.   Be guided to return your consciousness and all levels of your being to harmony, as your awareness and the power of your self comes in through all these other dimensions and you return to your focus on the Earth plane.

We thank you for your participation in this Light ship of the Diamond merkaba, and we welcome you to join us, as in your night time.   We will be holding these frequencies around the Earth and in this Universe and you may come and create with us.   This is an invitation open to all of you Loved Ones, from Melchizedek, Germain, the Galactic Masters in their entirety, the Universal Crystalline beings whose bodies ARE the Universes, the starry beings and the planetary beings of which your species of humanity is One.   All levels of consciousness and the forms that it takes throughout the Universes are participating in this Diamond merkaba, the co-creation of Divinity for now.

We thank you for your power of being, and we surround you in our Love.   So just with ease more fully feel your physical presence, and feel more united with your physical body able to work as one, as one very valuable human being on the Earth plane.



Scheat 2nd Session 8th March 1999
Channelled By Kathleen Murray

Greetings to you Loved Ones, and once again we have so much joy and so much pleasure in sharing with you today. Allow your hearts to open to the wonders of this present moment- this sense of growth and re-growth in the land, and in the land far and wide. The sense of spring is in the air, the rebirth before the equinox.

The vernal equinox is so much more than the plants and the flowers and the trees on the land, symbolically on the land, with so much growth coming up from Mother Earth. Your planetary homeland is here to show you in the season growth and birth how your individual selves experience before the Equinox, a coming out of winter, a coming out of inner worlds, a sense of presence on the Earth plane to be renewed each year with the seasons. In these two weeks until the Equinox is a time all over the Northern hemisphere of the Earth, of coming into presence, awakening from the inner worlds, from the sleep time of winter.

In the traditions of the peoples of the Earth who follow the moon and the sun, the stars and the seasons in their cultures there is much worship, prayer, for the rebirth and re-growth of self. Calling in the ancestors, tending the land in preparation for the coming season of blooming, bearing blossom and fruit food for all. So now look at your presence of self. Are you ready to tend and nurture to see the expression of your individual self bloom, grow and use the pivotal time of the Equinox as a time for inspiration, of calling in your traditions and your ancestors?

The land is ready, are you? We see Scotland and the sites that have already opened- gradually this opening means the spreading of energies between the stones and the mountains, the woods and the valleys and the seas. For the mandalas in which the energy flows are ready to bloom again in rebirth. We ask you all to focus on tending the land, on tending the stones and the trees, of opening your awareness to how the mandalas of colour are growing and renewing and of how you may be asked to participate in ceremonies. These ceremonies may be yours alone, private times of individual prayer. You may be in the countryside or the city, for all is part of the web of awakening and connecting. Although there will be so much more opening of sites in the North East of Scotland, it is time to see the picture as it forms.

From the North East of Scotland across the mountain ranges to the West where the mandalas of colour spin through the seas and the land beneath the seas to the Isles. Your forth coming trip to the West of Scotland to Callanish, that ancient magnificent site of ceremony and worship… take your energies there now and imagine this very powerful site on a tiny island off the West coast of Scotland. Imagine the rows of the stones, the sentinels, the gateways and the portals, the ceremonial lines the presence of Beings, of the Ancestors. And the traditions of ceremony, of ancient peoples coming together looking for the activation of self at this seasonal time. Looking for their part in the rebirth of the mysteries of Being.

Imagine all around you now are the stones of Callanish, magnificent in their presence, a ceremonial amphitheatre, for gatherings from all dimensions. Where the stones have the power to conduct mandalas of power and Light, carrying in the Divine Rays of Source into the land, into the heart of the consciousness of Gaia. For this site, Callanish, to be used again in ceremony, is the beginning of what is to come as more and more individuals of the human race will be looking for the participation in the traditions of their ancestors.

We talk of the ancestors from all civilisations, from the starry civilisations as well as the ones on Earth, who have always held true to living in harmony. Callanish has an important role to play, for within the mandalic wheels that will be rebirthed and renewed by your activity on the site, there will be responses from many other major sites around the planet. There is a link with this site and the mountains and the power points of Tibet. In the past there have been many human individuals who have made this journey between Tibet and Callanish, and although the geographical distance has been large for those who have travelled, we are saying that there always has been that connection.

Now the resonance of Callanish is ready to move into rebirth. There are other sites in the oceans and across the oceans in North America, which Callanish works with in direct communication and these sites will enjoy the flow of energy. Before the web is woven and the energy spreads through European and African countries as well as to the North and round the magnetic poles of the Earth. Callanish has an important part to play in this also. Although Callanish has not been recognised for its Atlantean connections to date, we suggest this will hold true by your own experience, when you visit there. And you will find many surprises for within the circle of stones we will ask you to tune in to the record banks of information which lie within the Earth, and the stones are the keys to releasing this information. By your presence, activating your sacred geometry and the stones together you will reach the resonance which releases the information and the power of this site, the power of this site to hold a magnitude of frequencies of energy.

There are many star systems-not just one star system- which are aligned with Callanish. The Pleiades is one of these. Where there has been so much assistance and birth from this star system through this power point. There is a vast vortex here, as well as many other small vortices and you will find these in the land and in the sea when you explore. The smaller ones are connected in with some of the other isles. The other standing stones that are on Lewis are stabilisers for the main vortex of energy which is in the main circle of Callanish. We wish only to assist you with the joys of your own discovery, for you will have the wonder of participating in Scotland- rebirthing and blooming as all these sites, the ones in the North East of Scotland, and the West are connected through the mountains and the sea. We will also ask you to look more closely at other sites nearby to you, and these ones coming into harmony will act as stabilising points for the energy that is running through the mountains here. Scotland in its magnificence as an ancient country of many civilisations has been very active in the formative years of the Earth’s history. In the times of the foundations of the Earth’s body, Scotland holds many keys, and the power points at these circles open vortices which touch into the crystalline banks in the Earth.

So from one of these sites it is possible to feel the Earth and her flow, and to connect up with all the Sacred Sites around the world. You will find this from your experience and we suggest that you look upon your travels on the land as Earth healing, Earth working and coming into a rebirth of working with the planet as a whole, the lovely lady being of your planetary homeland is moving into Oneness. Her crystalline forms will begin to sing the songs of the Universes, for within her crystalline body there are seedings from the stars, in as much as in your human race there are seedings from the stars.

To come into Oneness, to come into the joy of knowing of Self, this is what is offered to you. We ask you, what is all your learning for? What is your journey of discovery of Self all about? It is not just so that your personal human energy field can respond and receive and transmit with clarity and harmony the essence of your being. It is not only that. Once you have that joy of knowing your impact, of knowing you are a responsive consciousness, to any environment you are in, it is so you may walk the Earth. You may share and harmonise and balance, and then you are ready to take on more of the collective mission of your species. For all of you have been birthed at this time, not only to complete your soul’s agenda to move with clarity into Ascension. Once awakened you will see how this is so much a part you play that you become so much bigger in knowing of yourself. It is a paradox of knowing the truth of Self and knowing your Essence Self, grounded into this Earth plane dimension, for as you activate yourself, you activate all around you in all the kingdoms- the crystalline, the mineral, the creature kingdoms and the devic kingdoms.

Once you can absorb you are here for this, that you, each one of you, is linked with your Mother, the Goddess of the Earth, and your Mother the Goddesses of the Stars and all the Goddesses as expressions of the Divine Source of Creation. You are here to be that link, an individualised species coming into knowing of itself and then you will feel you can take on the responsibility and be responsive for your planetary homeland. You can understand that every time you activate your energy field, your personal merkaba, your light body and you run energies of wholeness and Oneness living your Divinity, you are living it for all. You will find that you can stand up and say ‘I am living for the Earth, as an expression of my being She is.’

You will feel how moved you are when you can make this shift in your lives, when you can own that responsibility, that responsiveness in Self. ‘I am here for myself, for my homeland. I am here for all those that are also discovering their homeland.’ There is now so much more awareness of the starry civilisations who are here with you as brothers and sisters, only they have not chosen incarnation in human form this time. They are your family and they will come to these gatherings, the gatherings of your ancestors, for you honour the tradition of Oneness in which all your prayers are for realisation of Divinity. Realisation of Divinity will flow easily and gracefully at the Sacred Sites, for these sites we talk of it is rebirth, renewal of the energies of Sacred of Divinity. All it needs is you, each one of you as human individuals to say ‘I am here, all my learnings, all my techniques of activation of Self, all my discovery of Truth is for this now moment and my connection with my planetary homeland.

Everything you have ever learnt about transitions into altered states of consciousness, any healing system that you have embraced for yourself and others of the human species are tools at your disposal for recognising your Love and connection with the Goddess within and the Goddess of Gaia. Please ground in this information, you are not walking the surface of a planet for one single reason alone. You are not living where you are, doing what you do for all the outward manifestations of reality that you create in your lives. You are here to link and anchor all dimensions of being and wherever has been your joy of learning, whichever healing system you have embraced. You may ask your I AM presence, and call in the teams that are ready to work with any individual human being who asks for planetary healing. There are many mixed alliances of the starry systems, and you will find the one that calls to you (or two or three). You may actively choose to call in beings from systems to make up a team which you feel matches your resonance, in your energy field, where you have the links and the connections.

When you activate your personal merkaba and bring in the pillar of light as you meditate, when you heal a person remember the crystalline structure of all. The crystalline structure of your physical bodies, the crystalline structure of your energy fields, the crystalline structure of the land you walk on, and the crystalline structure of your homeland through the Earth to her heart, to her being, as her being has this form. Then you can see how much you can be the link that anchors into the Earth’s body. You will also see how, when attaining altered states of consciousness, you may leave your body and become a you in another reality, another dimension of vibrations of the finest nature which relate to some of the stars that hold this for you.

Call in the Arcturians. Call in the Masters of Light technology, call in the Self of you that belongs to these star system and these teams and open up the links in all directions and you will see the spinning mandala wheels of colour that contain your essence of self, linking through your I Am presence- the Divine Light line that is your connection to Source. You may spin these wheels calling in all the stellar rays that you feel affinity to at any healing session in which you are taking part. At any moment when you feel the joys and wonder in your life of creation- walking the land, sitting in your own sacred space, loving the presence of the trees and the flowers, try running your light body energies around other living consciousnesses and ask them to join with you for the plants and the trees and the flowers all have merkaba, light body vehicles where their consciousness exists. You may touch into these through your own merkaba. You may sit in your garden and invite and invite all the consciousness that lives with you to harmonise in the light ship of your being together.

Human beings you are powerful co-creators, you have all the kingdoms in your wonderful homeland to connect with, to feel the Divinity. We encourage you to do so. You may be in a city, you can do this in a city also. You can activate the crystalline cellular structure in buildings. You will instinctively know where there is flow within the city, you will be drawn to these places. There are highly conductive buildings in some cities, there are others where the material used is too dense to conduct. And yet do not stop there, for even in a concrete building you may activate the sand within and talk to the cellular structure of the material so it may hold more light. The parks and the rivers are natural areas that you will be attracted to, surround these with your merkaba, and bring in the merkaba of all the consciousness that lives here.

Loved ones, there are human beings who are still awaiting the light ships from star systems beyond to land. These people wish to be saved from the reality that they have created, and not to resolve and not to witness the pleasure of rebirth of Self, and the rebirth of all that is on your Earth. When you choose to stand in your own empowerment, when you realise the power that you hold within you, you may be the ones that create the light ships that will save the Earth and the peoples of the Earth. Yes, there will be assistance from our starry brother and sisterhood, but not in the way that these other ones have imagined. You are the ones who have the power to co-create the light ships that will save the Earth, by landing, or more as we are trying to explain, you can create these lightships coming into being, wherever you are. More of you of the human race who can see the joys and the Love and the Light that can be anywhere on your planet- as more of you tend the land, the more this will be true.

If you actively choose a place to create a merkaba, such as in a park, and you invite all the kingdoms in their merkabas to hold and to harmonise and balance, know that merkaba exists when you go off home to have your tea and to see to your family. Other humans walking into the park, walk into it, and it will allow them more experiences of joy and knowing of Self and it will assist with the rebirth of all. So whether you live in cities or out in the land, in the countryside, or out in the mountains or by the seas, which ever country you are in you can make a difference, you can assist your Mother Earth, the Goddess Gaia. You can feel all the joys and wonder of your co-creation for she is in a movement into Light. The crystalline structure within her body is holding more and more energy, she is re-awakening to a level of being which will take her through into her Light form- a total transformation and transmutation of all that is physical into Light.

When you can say to yourself ‘ I am here for my planet’, you will be co-creating. And you can call in your teams and you will see the magic flow. You will participate in making that difference, of renewing the traditions of your ancestors. We encourage you to focus on what you know as opposed to what you do not know. We encourage you to use the tools, all the healing tools that you have at your disposal, not just for human beings but for the land. Loved ones we will leave you for now. There are always those that will join you, from all the kingdoms. They are here for this- they know their part in the co-creation of a joyous magical home. And before you dream of the heavens -of where you will wish to be for eternity, in the wonder and the Love and the Light of the Divine Source of Creation- know you can make your own home like this. Your physical home on Earth can be heaven for you. That is what you are being asked to do- to bring heaven to Earth that all may be part of the oneness of Divinity and the heavens that abound throughout the Universes.

We leave you always with our love and our Joy. Namaste.


19th March 1999
Channelled by Kathleen Murray

Greetings to you Loved Ones, what Joy and Celebration we all have today- a day of Magical Dimensions.   Magical dimensions revealing themselves to you.

So open your senses and extend your perceptions, beyond your imagination, by pure intent.   We would like to share with you today the glowing activity of this ancient site.   We have always said that here, on the land, there are resonances which may take any being interested in interacting beyond the dimensions into Lemuria, and the vibration of paradise on Earth.

Here was the Sacred Site for all the kingdoms, a gathering place, a place of celebration at these times -the equinoxes and the solstices and the other ancient rites and festivals where all members of the Devic kingdoms would gather.   This is a gathering point.   And in the history of the land and the peoples, the devic kingdom have gone to the realms beyond your world and now they wish to come through the magical dimensions, to share more and more with humanity.   It is their desire.

Now just to set the scene, to allow the understanding of how it is so easy for them to come through once again.   This place has become a gathering place for all the starry beings.   Of this you are well aware with all the work that has been going on here over the recent years.   We wish to remind you of what may be to humanity a long forgotten connection- the connection between the devic kingdom on Earth and the devic kingdoms of the stars.   For we are talking of being that have taken on a guardianship role for this Earth, when we talk of the Devic kingdom for Gaia.   And of course there are other planets and stars for their consciousness and forms.   So we would like to say that in some cases there are not any differences between the starry beings and the devic kingdoms.   They are all the family of guardians that work throughout the Universes together- tending the forms of the land, and the plants and the trees and the flowers and the stones.

Around here on this site there are connections into the crystalline banks in the Earth and to her heart, and all the resonances of Lemuria and Atlantis.   With the influx and the continuing influx of crystalline energy here this has been building the harmonic patterns to allow this flow, so feel them now as they gather around you.   For we are talking of beings beyond your imagination.   It is a whole world, a whole realm, beyond your imagination, beyond belief.

The only way that you may be in contact with them is through your feelings and through your heart, through your Love and through your joy.   Let them in to talk to you now, let them in to share and be with you.   The ones that come in now contain pure vibrations of  Light and colour, as your perceptions extend out, let go and allow.

So they may come in on the very edges of your vision, and they will very gently come to you.   As you allow yourself that openness of being they can come to you directly.   We say to you, they are your brothers and sisters also, they are your family.   So think of the trees that you have been planting, the stones that you have been placing.   And allow the essences of these forms of consciousnesses to come into your knowing- the spirits of the trees, of the flowers of the grass, of all that is in your garden.

This site has always been a gathering place for celebrations, and all in sacredness.    A temple, a temple of living consciousness, and you are re-building this Loved Ones.   You are ready to know and absorb your own heritage in this journey.   And they stand by you now awaiting your embrace.   There are beings of all sizes and forms, allow your perceptions to pick them up.   Let go of any traditional beliefs on their shapes that you may discover them anew.   It is the fairies that are returning now in their thousands.   It is the fairies that will co-create with you in nurturing the plants and the trees that you have seeded and are growing.   You may find that you can connect with one of the many fairies, one that will choose to be the spokesperson, the communicator, one member of your family.

Now to assist you we will tell you that these fairies who come to you now are no bigger than the size of your hand.   And no smaller, for these are the ones who have chosen to be the communicators between their kind and human kind.   Open your hearts.   Let the Love flow, from and to you.   For these ones that are the communicators, will tend you and your energy vibrations to deepen the connection as much as they tend the plants and the flowers and the trees.   So you are each assigned a fairy tender-er to be the voice in your ear.   As we speak the elves that have come in stand by the trees in what has always been called the woodland area.   These elves are large, and when we mean large, we mean some as large as the trees.   We say this to assist you in your perceptions of their presence, when you are in the garden.

I am Pan.   I come to talk to you of the rebuilding of my temple, and to confirm to you that you have begun the rebuilding.   And I request that you make what could be termed a throne, a seat with majesty, so that I may always with you, and look out over this sacred land.   As you create my temple I will be with you, and it is true I have the humour much spoken of, and the ideas may be extraordinary and lots of fun.

Play- I am well known for the play and the mischieviousness to lighten up all around me with my hearty laughter.   So let the visions of this majestic creation come to you and I pledge all my assistance, so that whatever materials you need for this project will fall into your paths day by day.

What you will create up in my corner will allow the presence for the gnomes and the trolls, and all those you do not have words for- the hearty teams of Earth workers!   Gnomes and dwarves and trolls are perhaps the nearest words you have for these beings, who revel in their nights’ work, for their presence is more felt at night.   They are far happier walking the land (it has been their way) when humans are usually not around.   They will help you with your creations too, they have a great fascination for detail, and for building with stone and wood.   They will be the ones that call in the forms- well you need the whole kingdom of the fungi, which is closest to their representation of homes that you have.

And majesty… when I say create a seat for myself as Pan, it is there for any human to sit on, in knowing of having a Pan experience.   For I will interact and play with any human who comes into my area, that is my gift.   We ask you for a broader spectrum of energies of the trees.   We know that your attention is being drawn to all the energies that you need here, so today I would just like to remind you of a broad spectrum of all the ancient wisdom in your garden, in the trees.   We would like to see all trees in your garden, so that the ancient wisdom that they weave between them may be woven once again.

Now trees…trees, special, special beings, forms, yes.   Just focus in on the tree energy that you know at this moment.    We have been communicating with you all, that you will have been aware of, and the communication ray is one that will open up for you all.   It is time for all the devic kingdoms to share their wisdom so that humanity may return to their guardianship role of this wonderful Earth- to living in oneness with all life around.   We have desires to create all the magic dimensions in your garden, in our garden.   It may be your garden, it is our temple.

And we are open to the creation of all these interactive areas, for you all to learn and for us all to share the ancient wisdom of the land.   We wish to give our treasures to those who come seeking, and there will be many who come seeking, for we will call them in.   It is time for those members of humanity who are ready to take on their Earth guardianship, and we wish to reclaim our family that are incarnate in human bodies at this time, just as we have called you in.

Follow the life as it grows in your garden, in our temple.   Follow the pattern of energy as it weaves the wonder.   We see bougher-ed places of tranquility, we see the magic dimensions.   We see the beauty that was here, coming into being again.   And now back to the trees.

As we say, we have been communicating with you in the unconscious realms of your mind.   Now it is time to speak to you consciously.   All the sacred trees need presence here, that they may work their magic, for between them they weave the crystalline matrices that hold their wisdom.   Their wisdom is in their physical forms, and in their energy fields.   You will have trees here that will be medicine for all ailments, practically to bring back into balance a physical human body.

And now imagine trees, between them weaving their crystalline matrices; the holly with the ivy with the oak, the ash with the elder and the rowan and the birch, and the willow.    We also ask you to consider the shrubs- gorse and broom.   And we will assist you with more information at each stage of this creation between us.   Just be with us now in our vision of creation.   The crystalline energies from the stones and the crystalline beings have set the fields of resonance high enough to allow the magical dimensions to become a reality here on this land.

We do ask you for more running water, as there is beneath this site.   There are the caves and the caverns also beneath this site.   This underground system has provided homes for the starry beings who chose to become Earth guardians inside the mountain that is behind you.   There are vast areas of that mountain that are hollow too.   You have already opened up the portals that link with these civilisations.   We do not want to put too much more into words at this meeting between us all.   What is set in motion will come into you as inspiration and ideas, and this is what you are to follow- the spontaneity of your heart, knowing that that creation is the spontaneity of all of us, of the devic kingdom.   As you walk and tend the land you will know what we all wish to see here.   We just encourage you not to hesitate on the inspirations and ideas, they are very much part of the magical creation.

You are cherished Loved Ones, and it is so good to say ‘Welcome to the family again’ through voice, for we have never been apart in our other realities.   You may bring all the magic of the countryside into this dedicated temple site.   We will tend it with you.

It has been such a pleasure today, and more pleasure to come.   We celebrate with you your life and our journey together.   Brothers and sisters in joy and on Love, until our next communication, have fun.


Anchoring the Divine Self

Surrey  6th November, 1999
Meditation 1 of 4, from a workshop with Kathleen Murray and Mahasamatman

Kathleen:   Now let’s just prepare ourselves to relax and go deeper and deeper into meditation.   So using all the techniques that you are familiar with to centre yourself, and begin by using your breathing. Becoming conscious of your breath,   where you can sense and feel the breath that you are breathing in, whether it be in your nostrils or deeper in your throat or lungs, breathing in all the crystalline energy that is here for us today.   As you breathe out, release any tensions, any anxieties, any fears.

It is the time to make any affirmations to yourself – I RELEASE ALL THAT STANDS IN MY WAY OF BECOMING WHOLE.    And then breathing in the crystalline energy, light and the colours that bond us all together in this work that we are to do.

We call in our higher selves, our I AM presences which link us with the Source of creation.   We call in our guardians and our guides, our counsellors.    And feel your heart, all these calls need to come from your heart, from your desires to be at one with yourself.   Breathing more slowly and more deeply with every breath.   We call in Mahasamatman and all the teams of Galactic and Ascended Masters that work through him, all the Universal crystalline beings.   We welcome them in to our hearts, to this opportunity, and we say that we are open and ready to receive.

So just feel yourself relaxing.   Consciously ask to open your perceptions.   Ask all of those who work with you, to work with attuning you to all the new vibrations of energy, to all the stellar rays of our starry brothers and sisters.   These are all our Loved Ones, and ask to bring in parts of our selves that are asking for oneness and unity in our lives, that we may embrace more of who we truly are.

Greeting to you, this is Mahasamatman.

It is our great joy and great pleasure to connect with you today.   Allow us to be with you, to be with each and every one of you.   The more you open your hearts and your minds to receive, you open up your potential for being the spiritual being that you are.   Then we can assist you more, as you send out your calls and your intentions clearly, we are there with our Love to encourage you.   To stand by your side as you empower yourselves in this life awakening to the wonders of this Earthly incarnation you have chosen.   For all of you have the potential to bridge the realms to these other worlds to make them more real for you, and to anchor them into your life, into your daily life, through your being, through your energy field.

We call in our sister, the lovely lady being of Gaia.   And all of you who have chosen Earthly incarnations at this time, are here to open up to the energies of the Goddess, Gaia is the Goddess, and there are Goddesses in all dimensions.   There are Goddesses in each and every one of you.   All the qualities of the feminine that the Goddess can share with you- allowing, receiving, surrendering, being, creating, giving birth to form and giving birth to the Divine, feminine and masculine in each of you.

So let us take you on a journey, a journey to open you up to your own Divinity.   Sense around you the sacredness of this space that you work in. We will work with the sacred geometrics of the land here.   So imagine a twelve pointed star, all around your group.   We are setting the vibrations for this now, and this will act as a clear pillar of light, clear crystalline light that carries Love, that carries the richness and beauty of life in all forms.   All the work we are doing this weekend is within this sacred geometrical structure, and you will feel the power and the energy grow and build as we work with the Earth’s harmonics.   We will connect into sacred sites all over your world as well as into the other dimensions, and into the crystalline body of Gaia.

Allow it all to unfold within your perceptions.   Each one of you will be given assistance with your energy fields.   We already have been working with you Loved Ones- you have been prepared and you always will be as you state your readiness to move on and on.

We anchor the pure white light from the Divine Source of Creation through this mandala.   Within this light are all the colours known in creation, only some are within the range of human perceptions.   Just know that by being part of this work you are extending not only your own perceptions, but the perceptions of humanity who are the mapmakers, the reality creators.   You are prepared to be the front liners, the adventurers, and with each step you take individually all is recorded in the crystalline banks of consciousness of humanity.   As each one of you clears your fears, you are blazing trails of light and love and all these fears are transformed.

So we say openly now, for we too must ask, that all the guardians in all the dimensions, all those beings of light who are dedicated to the evolution of the whole appear.   We ask for their assistance to transform all fears all resistance in every dimensional reality, all 352 levels of being to the Source of your creation in your Universe.   And there are sources and sources and sources of creation, all with Divinity in their being.

By asking for transformation of this energy throughout all levels of being it is the most elegant way to touch into the roots of anything that you have carried with you in your soul’s agenda to this lifetime.   It allows healing to flow, to all beings that you have shared with in your experiences, in all lifetimes.   We will be working later on with the Lemurian vibration, and the Atlantean vibration, for now we are setting the scene, and as we encourage you to do for yourselves, we also do, working with teams of beings of light and Love.

This will be a very big gathering, for none of you have set any limitations.   The intention is for the healing of self, humanity, the healing of Gaia, the healing in your universe and all the connections to all other realities.   This is expansive work Loved Ones, and this is the way that it can be with ease and grace, for the Archangels and all the angelic realms will also assist as part of the teams, loving and nurturing you in all you set out to do.

Let us just move our consciousness, travelling together, and as this one has explained to you energy works holographically, yet your language has not the expansiveness that energy has.   So when we say upwards now we are talking about higher frequencies of vibration.    Use your imagination, your imagination is your key to the other realms.    Your conscious mind has a framework of only what it can contain at any one time.   It is your unconscious that holds the wisdom, it is your subconscious that holds the wisdom of who you are, and your superconscious- which all your guides and your I Am presence are part of.

So we will move together into alignment with your higher frequencies of self, into your Divine presence.   So see, feel and imagine this move of your awareness.   Imagine travelling throughout coloured pathways of light, up and out of the Earth’s energy fields.   Finding that freedom that is yours to move, to imagine, to allow your consciousness to expand.   Now we go out to join together with our stellar brothers and sisters, with the part of you that is working at a Galactic level.

Find yourself now in a large gathering place, a large chamber of light, and allow your perceptions to expand as you are greeted and welcomed here.   What we are asking each one of you to do at this time, in this opportunity, is to merge with the Divine light that you are.   And we ask you to perceive this Divine Light as a flower.   Whatever shape you wish to imagine this flower, you are the centre, the petals of this flower are the rays of Divinity that you carry.   You may imagine yourself as a small being standing in the centre of the flower.   You may imagine yourself in any way, but make it real to you, make it as real to your senses as you can, with the textures, the colours, and the fragrance.   So touch and feel, be, experience.   This flower is large around you, for you are a large Divine Essence.

Bathe in your own Divinity.   Bathe in the radiance of your being.   And the time is right, the energetics are set, for you to bring this experience, and these rays of your Divine self into your human energy field.   You will be given all the assistance needed, all the support, enjoy.    And imagine now, that you, your awareness, your consciousness is in the centre of this flower with all these wondrous higher vibrations descending into your human energy field.

See, feel and imagine this flower above your crown chakra.   Your chakric system extends throughout every dimension of being.   And humanity’s awareness will grow of this, for these chakras are inter-dimensional gateways.   We ask you now to think of, what would be the twelfth and thirteenth chakras above your crown.   You need not concern yourself with the details for this is happening for you, just see feel and imagine the flower and its opening and blossoming, as it holds these rays.   Now bring it down to your crown, holding your focus and feeling all the changes around you.   Allow the flower to open once again, fully, the centre of this flower with its stem going down to the roots is grounding through you and into the heart of Gaia.

This is a new extension of your light body, crystalline light.   Whereas at the beginning of this meditation, the roots and the bottom of the stem were your influence on the land at Gaia’s surface, this is a descent where the roots and the stem touch into the crystalline structure of Gaia, deeper and deeper.    As you invite the flower now it holds your energies to move down to the level of your third eye, your pineal and pituitary glands, and hypothalamus.   To all of your brain that can be activated only by your spiritual body for this is the secret of so much of the human brain.   We are sure you are well aware that you are only using a small percentage, about 5%, of your brain.   As humans become their full potential through activations such as these, it is through your spiritual body allowing the rest of your brain to open to receive the codings the information that contains wisdom, crystalline consciousness, the consciousness of oneness.

Some of you who may feel in tune with the crystalline vehicles of the skulls may also perceive at the same time the form of a crystalline skull around you as an outer presence encompassing the flower.   Just take a moment to see if you can extend your perceptions to this presence.   You will be attuned individually to what you desire, all co-ordinated by your higher self, your I AM presence.

Rays of Divine light activate your brain and all your sensorary glands.   Allow Loved Ones and enjoy.   It is the setting of new foundations for you, to build and grow from.   Now let us bring and integrate the image of the flower containing the Divine light of your being into the base of your skull.

So see, feel and imagine this flower descending more into your physical body, to the medula centre.   Any of you who have a desire to open up your channelling abilities, state that desire now.   Feel the energy flow there.   This is also a chakra which connects you in with your own soul’s energy, so you may invite your soul’s light and a fusion of your soul’s energy into your life.   Your soul has many purposes for you.   There is the agenda which you agreed on before incarnating.   The potential for humanity in this life now is far greater than at any other time.   These are momentous times.   This decade that is nearing its end is the most momentous decade humankind has experienced.   So you may ask that your soul’s purpose be revealed to you.   You may set the intention that you wish to work with this with all your commitment, with all your heart.

You may wish to set the scene for your future, for as we have said your soul has not only one purpose for you.   Once you have that wholehearted commitment and complete what you came here into this life to do, to be, to resolve and to heal, you may ask to merge with more of your soul’s energy.   This takes you into your soul’s, your solar family, your galactic solar family, your universal solar family.   The purposes and the agenda that will be given to you once you have completed your own one will be of the galactic and universal nature, where you will be one of those who volunteer to carry out your collective soul group’s missions.   You may just state these intentions if you desire, and it will sow the seeds to bring more wonders into your life, more ease and more grace, more of the synchronicities as all is arranged for you, with you.   With your surrender, with your willingness.

Now see, feel and imagine the flower descending to the level of your throat chakra.   Opening more fully.

And now into your heart, blossoming and bringing in the rays of your Divine Light, of all colours, all around you.   Encompassing all realities, past present and future, for with this light and this Love – healing is taking place.   Healing is flowing as we have said to any experiences that you have had that have been part of your journey into empowerment of self.

Now let the flower descend through your hara into your solar plexus and through all the tiny chakras in between, to rest and to be there, bringing in the love.   Allowing you to ground in the Love of your being, yourself, the Love of all creation, aligning your personal will with Divine will.   As we have asked that all that is not in accordance with your higher path be transformed, this will take place.   Transformation now.

Now let that flower be in your sacral chakra, to bring in the pleasure and the joys, all the fun, the creativenss of your masculine and feminine spirits.   During the healing, all the conditioning that you have carried with you, that says you are not worthy of finding joy and pleasure in life- it will go into transformation.

Feel your heart’s energy connect up with your second, sacral chakra, for within the higher vibrations of joy there are the keys to the sacredness of your being.   It is in humanity’s journey into freedom and empowerment to realise that there has been much control over the pleasure and the joys that you have been allowed to feel in your human existence.   And how the sacred element of your lives, the creative sacredness has been separated from joy and fun.   This chakra that has so much to do with pleasure and joy and fun is deep in your energy field and now it is time for each one of you here to allow the flow of healing and the Love to be  in your second chakra.  To stimulate the fertility of your being, as you are all wondrous creations, as you are all expressions of Divine self.   You are that sacred and by opening and allowing the Divine into this chakra, you are.

Now bring in your awareness the flower which is surrounding you  into your root chakra.   You are worthy of Divine Love and Divine Light.   You are Divine Love and Divine Light.   Your securities in every realm of existence, your true securities come from this knowing.   All other securities and needs that you have to fulfil your ideal life come from this knowing.   Allow the flow of healing to broaden your foundations.   And then see feel and imagine as the centre of this flower moves down your energy field to your Earth star chakra beneath your feet.

And the whole of the flower head is you, is your energy field.   The stem and the roots are connected with the heart of Gaia, the Goddess and the God energy flows through you.   You are at One.   So just take a few moments here to enjoy.

And now Loved Ones, all of this work in crystalline form will continue with you.  It is set in motion, begun, and you are living and growing, changing all the time in response.   We will join you later to explore more of the worlds and the other realms, and so we ask you now to be gentle and tender, just bringing your awareness back into focus, slowly and gently, into the room where you are sitting.   Not closing down in any way from all this work, just tuning out, and tuning into your physical worlds.

We leave you with all our Love and Peace for now,

Kathleen: Ok and if you need to use your breathing to bring you back into alignment, moving and stretching. That was a long experience, so just give yourself time to come around, gently.

Global and Universal Healing

Surrey  6th November 1999
Meditation 2 of 4, from a workshop with Kathleen Murray and Mahasamatman.

Kathleen:   Once again begin by using your breathing, breathing in slowly and deeply and opening up your senses again to all the energy that surrounds us.   We are sitting in a twelve pointed star, a mandala created for Earth Healing through the assistance of Merlin and the Ascended Masters who have great joy in these configurations.

Now, we set the intention that while we sit amidst this pillar of Light that links us through the dimensions, that we partake in whatever way we can with Gaia, with that Lovely Lady Being with whom we share so much.   We partake in all the healing that she is asking us.   She looks upon us as her children, as expressions of herself, the same as all planets and stars in giving birth to the races and species of beings that choose to live within their environment.

We wish to open up our awareness to Gaia’s harmonics.    We desire to be part of the whole, of the healing of all levels of consciousness that are held within her crystalline structure.   And we know that there is no separation between Gaia as a planetary and celestial body and her own kindred spirits that have also become stars and planets.   You can see that the picture becomes bigger and bigger, for within all the work that we do, that we take part of, assisted by our teams and our own back up crew of Light beings that are dedicated to Love, there are symphonies in the Universe.

Symphonies of vibrations in sound and light, and this is the communication between the planets and the celestial bodies.   The stars have a kindredship to each other, the planets also, as much as we may feel kindred to other races of human beings and can encompass that we have brothers and sisters in the civilisations in the stars.   Gaia also has her brothers and sisters.   We desire to open up our perceptions so that we become part of the Universal Healing that is going on, and part of the Universal movement in evolution, where all is returning to the Divinity of self.

We ask that we may transform and that we may assist in the transformation through our Love of all beings who have been created in unknowingness of Divinity, when they are ready and willing.

So let us ask for help from the crystalline beings, the crystal skulls that bring back the potential for dreaming, and let us now journey into the crystalline structure of Gaia.

So see, feel and imagine travelling into Gaia, throughout the elements.    Perhaps following the flows of lava, or the water that runs throughout the minerals and the crystals and the gases that are in creation, birthing and seeding newness.   And we welcome any of the guardians of the Earth who wish to make themselves known to us.   We ask for the stellar races who have taken up their homes here, still coming and going from their homelands in the stars, but who have become guardians.   There are some in our oceans whom we know as the whales and the dolphins.   Everywhere on Earth species that have been created have links with the stars, it is not only human beings- it is all creaturehood.

So as we journey throughout the beds of crystals, we will gather in a crystalline chamber, a cave of vast proportions.    Find yourself there now, surrounded by Light and colour, and just look around you at all the different shapes and forms, representations of the many different kinds of minerals and crystals that abound in abundance in our worlds.   And here you will see there is also in the centre of this cave a twelve pointed star.   The pillar of Light which links through our human energy fields in Surrey goes down into the Earth and now we can experience the light that we have been bringing in through our creation being held and being amplified by the crystalline structure in the cave.    Just take a moment to adjust to the vibrations here.

Greetings to you again this is Mahasamatman.

We and all the other crystalline vehicles join you, with Love and Joy and pleasure, in creating a vision of more peace to flow through the harmonics of the Earth’s grids of Light.   We wish to show you how energy moves inside and on the Earth.   We can communicate with you telepathically, we and the whole team of Universal Crystalline beings will send you pictures.   As you are receiving these pictures we will describe some of what is going on so that you may bring these into your conscious mind.   See from the twelve pointed star, lines of energy flowing outwards and inwards to it, and how these lines are all following the patterns on interlocking twelve pointed stars.   There are many grids of light that flow through the body of Gaia and around on the surface of your Earth throughout the Sacred Sites, and above your Earth – all the way through the universe to the stellar beings, to the planets and the stars.

Extend your vision holographically, you may take the shape of one twelve pointed star and follow it in any direction you wish, for these are the grids of light and colour that we are working with now.

You will see how each triangle within the twelve pointed stars holds very stable energy fields, no matter what direction you follow it in.   The completion of a pillar, a sphere, a circle however you look at it, around the twelve points, builds tunnels of light, pillars, tunnels, light that flows in all directions.   We will continue to send you pictures, feelings, senses of how the energy harmonics flow.   Let go of any control that you have desired to have in your perceptions and use your imagination to stabilise what you see.   For it is all in movement.

It is time to drop all linear conceptions.   For all of you who are working in healing and who desire to commit to Earth healing, the way you can make most impact is to allow yourself to be trained in holographic thought.   Holographic transferrance of energy, where you are partaking in not just being the start point to send energy out to another point in the Earth’s energy grid system.   Where you are a point of flow, where you are a sphere radiating out in all directions at the same time as receiving energy in all directions.   So you are pulsing and you become living light.   This way you can work with the Earth’s harmonics, in a very easy and graceful fashion.   So we give you just some time now to allow this to be anchored into your perceptions.

You are a point of living light.   You are a conductor, through knowing your own spark of Divinity- you are in connection with all that there is.   You can be an energy vehicle, where you receive and transmit simultaneously.   If any of you are finding it not so easy, we ask that you just let go, of all perceptions.  And just be light pulsing.

Now we will journey to one of the large Earth keeper crystals in Gaia’s body.   This is an Earth keeper from Lemurian times and all of you were present at the seeding of this crystalline energy.   So move with us now, through these tunnels of light, and colour until we come now to this great crystal palace.   You will find that you can move in and out of this crystalline form.   You have the access.   This is a vast Earth keeping crystal and it is time for you to join once again as one of the seeding group of this crystal.   You have the access, to join to go inside.   You can perceive the data, held in the crystalline structure.   Your brain will anchor the universal mind, subconscious, unconscious and super-conscious levels of your being that can access this knowledge and this wisdom.   So just go inside and be, experience.

You are linking with your Lemurian self.   And at the same time that you are receiving, you will be exchanging information.   The state of your being in this now moment is being transferred into the crystal.   This helps all of those who are the guardians and keepers of crystals to relay information all around Gaia’s body as to the state of the evolution of humanity.   You are that valuable.   Your resonance, your being is transferred into the crystalline structure.   As we have said, you are the map makers, the poineers and this is a way that the next wave and transition time for humanity can be chosen.   You are partaking of the choosing now.

You will find the universal crystalline beings in the forms of the skulls in the vehicles of the skulls, assisting you.   For they move in now, all their presences together.   We call upon the crystal skull guardians in Gaia to join us with this movement in Earth healing, Universal healing.   And as we dedicate all our work with open hearts, we join with others all around the Earth, who are also taking part in preparing for the next transition.   We connect in with those in Mount Shasta who have access to the civilisation of the Tulusians who live underneath the mountain and who are the Earth guardians of that space.

It is time to awaken more of the crystal skulls that are in the Earth.   We call in the higher selves, the I Am presences of the masters who are working in Glastonbury with the Sound of Creation, ringing in the changes.   We join together with our hearts and our commitment to be all we can be and to do all we can.

 We ask now for the clearances from Lemuria.   We surrender all our fear.   We ask for transformation deep inside our cellular memories, our universal memories where we have images of the electric ones.   They are now ready to transform,    where they had control once, now they have no control.   We claim the freedom.   For it was their way, they set up subtle electrical force fields,  but it was the beginning where all of those who had a presence on Earth could now not feel that presence fully.   It was the beginning of the withdrawal.   The only way to hold the Lemurian vibration was to hold it higher than the density that the Earth was to become.

The electric ones began this, it is deep within our cellular memory.   Now is the beginning of a long time of transition which will lift this restriction.   All those who incarnate now with a strong Lemurian presence can become grounded, can allow themselves to be.   It has not been your timings Loved ones to be fully on the Earth until now, and yet now is the time.   So let us celebrate, let us all celebrate together, once more, freedom is here.   More freedom than you could ever imagine, and dream that freedom.   Let your heart soar and sing and dance.   In the symphonies of creation, in the harmonics in the Earth, on the Earth and above the Earth, everywhere.

And all that you have set in motion is there now, so we thank you and express our gratitude to you.   And now travel along the mandalas of light and colour throughout the Earth’s harmonics, we will give you a little time to travel before it is time for you to return your awareness to your physical forms in that dimension.   So if there is anywhere you wish to visit in the world go there now, through these mandalas of energy.   Through the grids of light where you can travel freely, to pop up in one country and spread your light and your love and your healing, and then another.   Just take your time and return when you are ready.

We leave you all in our love and Peace,

Kathleen:   When you are ready just use your breathing to come back into alignment, moving your physical body so that you are aware of it.   And back, and gently into the room.

Anchoring Rays of Divine Light

7th November  1999 Surrey
Meditation 3 of 4, from a workshop with Kathleen Murray and Mahasamatman

Kathleen:   Now let’s just relax and centre ourselves once again.    Just begin by exploring your own feelings and your own state of being at this time.   What do you feel?   Identify it for yourself, are there feelings of excitement, inspiration, all the wonders of what awaits you, not just in this moment, but in the potential that you are uncovering in your life.   If you do have any unease, or anything that is uncomfortable, just recognise it.   We will work once again with transformation of all energies, beginning with our own energy fields.

Calling in our higher selves, our I AM presences, calling in the Divine Source of Creation.   And calling in all the crystalline beings that are here to work with us this weekend.   We call in the Universal crystalline beings, the intelligences that are open to joining us in our lives, to coming through the vehicles of the skulls, that they may assist us with unlocking our potential and the greater potential for all.

So breathing more slowly and deeply with every breath, and opening your perceptions.   Now we have quite a gathering with us this morning, from so many beings that are drawn to the light that we have been manifesting here in this spot on the Earth.   So see feel and imagine their presence, along with your own teams of guardians, guides and your counsellors, there are many other stellar beings that are here all with the energies of joy and celebration.   For those of you that can open your senses to hear, and for those of you that are accustomed to this, imagine the singing, the sound, the harmonics that are coming into sound – like the angels singing, choruses of all joining together in one voice.

Greetings to you all, this is Mahasamatman.

In our Love and with our Joy and pleasure, we are here to assist you once more in anchoring your Divinity, and to allow you to see how valuable you are.  Feel,  see and imagine the presence of the mandala of energy that has been building since yesterday, and how manifest the Iight is now that is flowing throughout the dimensions into the heart of Gaia.    Perceive this, how much more fully it is here today.

We welcome Gaia, her presence, her beauty.   As we all work together, we welcome her guidance and her direction to what we can all achieve for this spot in the land.   Which will show you the ways of how you can work with yourself and your own piece of land, your own of piece of Earth, where you live and are caretakers.   We know how ready you all are to take on your role of being Earth lovers, Earth healers, Earth Guardians.   This gives us so much joy as it will give you joy, to bring more of the richness and meaning into your lives, of how every little thing that you can do makes a difference.

We wish to bring the stellar rays into this mandala of Light, and into all the crystalline vehicles you are working with.   Be open now to being and doing the most you can, conducting through your energy field into Gaia now as this pillar of light has grown.

(Sounds of birds singing)  You can hear the excitement from some of our little friends out there who are joining in the singing.   As the pillar of light and this mandala have been working with the crystalline structure within Gaia, we have opened a vortex of Love connected into Gaia’s heart, into the iron crystal heart of Gaia.   Know that as we bring in the stellar rays, we bring them into this pinpoint in your energy field, where your physical body is.   We will take you on a journey into Gaia’s heart, and all will happen simultaneously.   The stellar rays will come through this point in the Earth’s surface and remain in your energy field, where you individually can feel the Love that comes through from these beings, and you will feel the unity from more parts of yourself joining together.   Bringing in fragments of self, unifying in Love and embracing the whole.

Let us journey into Gaia’s heart now.   In the centre of this mandala with the harmonics balanced, there are two spirals – though the truth is that it is one spiral working both ways receiving and transmitting.   But however your imagination and your conscious mind can conceive of this, let it be.   So go down into this energy spiral, follow the direction of the energy downwards, travelling into Gaia, into her body, merging with her consciousness.

Feeling and enjoying this experience of being magnetised to her heart.   Once you are there, you can imagine that as she becomes the being of celestial light she truly is, she is responding.   She is like you too, an eternal spirit who has chosen a body.   All right her body is bigger than yours, but it is the same for her in this period of transition where she is becoming more light.   And in her becoming she is drawing in Universal waves of energy, she has asked for this, this is part of the Divine plan that she will return to her natural state of Light, to her natural state of grace.   All who choose to be incarnate in living form on her and in her, have the opportunity of being that Light and that grace.   Imagine how her heart is now, vast, a vast chamber where she welcomes you.

In this chamber there are all the representatives of all the beings of Light that are dedicated, of those Universal forces, dedicated committed to this whole, fantastic journey, of becoming Divine.  Melchizedek is here, Metatron is here, the Archangels are here, the Ascended Masters are here, and the stellar beings are here.   It is a great gathering, this is why there is so much- excitement is one word which describes the energy here- and anticipation in a knowing of fulfillment for all, as one more wave of Universal light can be anchored into Gaia’s heart crystal today.

Look around you and sense the wonder in this gathering, and we will just give you some time her, so that the beings that you work with in other realities may greet you and merge with you, commune with you.

And now as the energetic scene is set, we will call in our stellar brothers and sister and the rays of the colour that they will bring in to the heart crystal of Gaia.   We call in the Arcturians, these beings are coming in with the golden ray, so allow the golden colour to come into your perceptions, flowing through your energy field in the physical plane and being conducted with your consciousness, your awareness into Gaia’s heart.   Feel see and imagine the gold all around you, passing through you, becoming you, and becoming so much more within Gaia’s heart.

We call in the Cassiopeians coming in on the silver ray.   Now you may at any time have glimpses, or begin to perceive as well as the energy presence of these beings, you may see their form, or you may not see their form.   You may feel their form, allow…

Usually they have existed beyond the range of human perceptions, but now it is part of the journey of oneness that they can come and be perceived.

We call in the orange, the saffron orange of the Aldebarans now, with all that they bring as their gifts onto the Earth plane.   For all the stellar beings bring gifts with their presence, there are masters of Light technology, there are those dedicated to the sacredness of being in the different stars.   There are those who activate by their presence your own stellar memories, by being open to perceiving them you are allowing your own recall to come through to your conscious mind, when it will assist you with your own personal evolution.

Some of the stars no doubt mean much more to you as an individual than others.    You will feel in your heart, the pull and that longing- family homes, loved ones, places and environments in the Universe where you have expressed yourself, your nature.   And it is time to ground that into your Earthly presence.

We call in the green ray of the Sirians, emerald green, swirling down and around, embracing, and igniting into the crystal in Gaia’s heart.   You may be able to see as these colours go into the crystalline structure of her heart, the flashes of light and colour and response as these colours take their places in the crystalline matrices, seeded there since before the beginnings of time.

We call in now the violet of the Andromedans.   Violet everywhere now and building on the other colours, for it is not that the other colours stop their flow when we call in another one.   It is building this mandala of geometrical patterns, colours interweaving, shining through crystalline structure, shining through the crystalline structure of you.   Remember that you too are crystalline beings, and all your physical matter is crystalline structure- blood, bones and muscles, brain, as is all the Universe…

You may perceive yourself now in your crystalline nature as you conduct these colours.   You may even see your crystalline presence, feel your crystalline presence.

We call in now the purple ray, deep and vibrant.   These beings say that we have no reference point for their origins.   Their stellar homelands have never been defined by human beings, though their Love and dedication and their presence is very much here.   They know who they are, and we can know them through their presence.   All of these beings were present in the seeding of humanities’ potential, and this is why they appear at this time.   They have loved and supported us, provided for us in whatever way they could throughout our own journey of evolution.   The choices that we have all made with our freewill.   They are back now answering our calls.

We call in now the ray of cerise pink, magenta, deep and vibrant.   Flowing in from the heavens, from the Alpha Centurians.   You may perceive how all these colours are working and intermingling with each other.   Pure rays of light and colour- essentially come together through this mandala, travelling down through your energy fields, into Gaia’s heart.   They are clear in their own presence and yet totally at one, weaving more and more of the sacred geometries in this moment in time.

Colour pouring in…and we call in now the electric blue of the Vegans, musicians of the universe.

And now we call in sapphire blue, sapphire blue from Orion, all these beings in their totality use these rays of light to anchor their presence, their Love, their contribution to all that is.   Sapphire blue.   These beings and the counter-parts of yourselves have chosen to experience duality in this system, now healed and in oneness.   Orion holds a bright, bright light, a light to show as an example other stellar races who are still in duality and who are being encouraged to progress into Oneness.   Orion is a vast star system with much potential as they have come and gone sharing their influence on the Earth.

And now we call upon the red ray from the Antareans, from the star Antares- ruby red.   Once again pouring in, and as all these colours weave their patterns bring in their presence, through your presence, through your conducting abilities, as they go through the mandala set up here on the Earth’s grids, their presence is flowing out around the Earth.   From when this mandala was initiated yesterday until this moment in your time, many others of the Earth guardians have contacted their human representatives.   Many beings, many light workers have been answering the call all around the world to welcome the flow of Love, of healing, and of light.   So as they do their work in meditation and altered states of consciousness, and in their lives, they are radiating out and receiving in all these colours to many different countries.   This is what we mean by the spirals that work in these vortices, in the tunnels and pillars of light, as they are received into the Earth’s heart they are transmitted.   Once again it is beyond linear concept, for energy can flow both ways.  It does at the same time.

Now we call upon the palest of pinks, from the star Spica, and bring in the gentle presence of the Spicans.

Now we call upon the aquamarine vibration from the Pleiades.   Clear and cool in this colour of aquamarine flowing down from that star system.   Once again so many of these stars are more than just one star and their influence is great in Universal terms.   Let this aquamarine join all the other colours flowing in and through you, and with the white light of the Divine Source of Creation, all is in synthesis and synergy, creating more and more wholeness, of a greater nature as each moment this flow continues.

All is working together.   These are the wonders of experiencing, of expression of all these Universal energies coming together.   Speaking to you from the languages of the lands beyond your Earth, and until recently mostly beyond the reaches of human consciousness, although there always have been the seers and the oracles who have kept open their starry connections.   There always have been the peoples and lands who have been aware of their ancestors from the stars.   Now it is open to all of humanity.   And we would like you, if it is your wish to join with us in just one more experience, one more image before you tune out of these worlds and back into your physical Earthly focus.

Choose one of the colour rays that you feel most attracted to and travel up and through the spiralling energy that is flowing down from that star system.   Follow the ray of colour of your choice up and away and through the Earth to that star system.   You will find a place where there are Galactic beings all around who are transmitting this colour through vast crystalline power.   So just experience these beings and the way they work.   This is one of the Galactic energy centres and they themselves are bringing in waves of light from far further afield than your universe.   Transforming and transmuting, using their crystalline energy to send out the purest of light that Earth, Gaia, and her people need now.

Can you imagine and bring into your awareness each of these star systems and these beings transmitting the light to Earth, and how they are all there now?     Vast beings of light – these are vast beings of light using their own crystalline bodies.   Well we say bodies – they have forms and are crystalline and conduct- though hold your perceptions open.   These are not the usual forms you see.

Now just allow to come into your perceptions, all of these twelve working together as though you are taking a bird’s eye view of your universe.   All these star systems with a vast mandala in the heavens, and a vast pillar of light from the Source of creation.  The great white light unifying all these colour vibrations, from galaxies and universes far, far away to assist with your one.  Then you will realise that the scale of what you participate in this morning is so much bigger than anything you could have imagined.

As well as the healing for your personal self as a member of humanity, and Gaia,  all the stellar beings themselves are receiving healing for their own star systems to bring in more harmonics in this transition time for your universe.

The peace and the harmony and the Love and the joy that are riding in these waves of colour are not just for the Earth and humanity.  They are for all civilisations, all species, all races of beings that exist as an expression of the Source of Creation.   This is what we mean when we say that all is in evolution.

So now Loved Ones, we are aware that the states of understanding that these journeys take you into are connecting into the Universal presence, the Universal mind, the Universal heart.   Such is your potential, and yet although we would always wish to share with you more and more of this wondrous work, there is no hurry, for there is eternity.   So Loved ones we are saying that we are aware that you need to be in focus in human form again, to look after your needs.

Once again it has been our joy to be a tour guide for all these wonders.  We leave you in Love and in Peace,


Kathleen:   Now all these energies are here and around us- let’s just very slowly and gently bring our focus in to our physical bodies, and into this room.  To bring our consciousness and awareness and align once again our greater beings with our presence here.   So either by moving your fingers and toes, and drawing deep breaths and bringing yourself back into focus in the room, slowly and gently if you need to, taking your time, opening your eyes when you are ready.   Feeling more here and of this world again.

Maha in Iceland

Mahasamatman the Crystal Skull and Kathleen Murray

Iceland 27th June 1999

This personal and planetary work is best done in an altered state of consciousness. My recommendation is that you record yourself, yes yourself, on tape speaking the following relaxation instructions and the message from Mahasamatman. Now isn’t that empowering! You will find that your consciousness changes as you read the words, for the words are energetic triggers which will bring through the Universal Crystalline Beings who are dedicated to our Evolution into Love. You will become your greater self, your higher self, your I AM Presence, by speaking the words of Truth and when you listen to yourself while doing the meditation at a later time, you can awaken your role as a planetary server.

Use your own crystals to hold and be around you while doing the meditation. They will assist by conducting Universal Crystalline energies that connect us in our greater forms. The crystals that need planetary working at the moment are ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond and gold. These do not have to be gem quality! You can use inexpensive raw forms of ruby, sapphire and emerald. You can substitute herkimer diamonds for the diamond vibration, and iron pyrites for the gold, if you wish.

You may also do this work by calling in the vibrations of the crystals and their consciousness – not having them physically present. However I am told by Mahasamatman that by using crystals, our wonderful planet Gaia’s body, you can assist by clearing the records held in each of the crystalline matrices. The ruby holds records of the Heart, the Divine masculine. The emerald holds records of the Divine feminine, activating the heart chakra of Gaia and of yourself. The sapphire is to bring us into Divine grace and the knowing of that. The diamond frequency of Shamballa is able to reverberate more and more around the planet now. It is here to be anchored, to bring us into our full potential of being. The gold is symbollic of Divine Love and Light, carrying the Source of Creation.


Make your physical body as comfortable as possible, making all the adjustments that you usually do to relax, sitting or lying down. Begin by breathing, being conscious of your breath. Breathing in slowly, slowly, slowly. And releasing with every outbreath, slowly, slowly, slowly. As you breathe in, feel the crystalline energy in your breath. Focus on the crystalline energy around you. It is there whether or not you have crystals present beside you. Crystalline matrices carry all living forms of energy, including Light and Love.

Release with every outbreath, so that there is more space within your being for more crystalline energy. Breathing more slowly and deeply with every breath. Allow yourself to go into a deeper state of relaxation. And allow yourself to go beyond relaxation into mediation. Your consciousness will change as you become more of who you really are.

Now we call in our higher selves, our I AM Presences, all the Ascended and Galactic Masters, all the Universal crystalline beings and our Mother Gaia. We are also working with the sun and the moon which are assigned to Gaia. And we call in the resonances of the stars, all our other homelands, so that each one of us stands in Unity, bringing our full presence into this work today.

Greetings to you, I am Mahasamatman. I am here to be with you during this work. Just feel and allow yourself to come into wholeness, opening to the love from the Divine Source of Creation. Each one of you are valuable human beings, and we are so happy and joyous that you have the committment and dedication to be part of this great planetary movement.

Through all the starry brothers and sisters we will be bringing in more resonances into your solar system and Universe. We ask you to hold the focus on Gaia, to be open to channel and conduct and ground in all of this energy into your personal lightbodies, merkaba fields- in doing this you are doing this not only for yourself but for all of humanity. You are the human anchors that we are all working with today. Open your perceptions to become your I AM presence, and see and feel the largenss of your being.

We ask you all to see yourselves as surrounding your Earth, Gaia. Imagine, see or pretend, it does not matter in greater reality. You are the only one who can allow your perceptions to grow and change. Your imaginations are keys to ignite your perceptions. Let it be so. Become the largeness of your being, grow into your I AM Presence. See, feel, imagine Gaia as though you are holding hands and hearts around her, together with all beings from all dimensions who are dedicated to bringing harmony and Love into this part of the Universe. Open your hearts and allow the Love to flow through you to your Earth. See Gaia’s Lightbody glow and begin to build in resonance. Let the love that we are bringing flow through to you and through your beings to your beloved planet Earth.

Now you may see, if you desire, Gaia. She will show herself to you in her real form. The body that she has as your planet is only a small part of her real form. Just like you have bodies that stretch amongst the stars and the moons and the suns, in your real form- she also has a vastness of being. So let her show herself to you, feel the light and the Love that she has for you. Let her put her arms around you to embrace you too. You may find that she has many arms because all of you are embraced together. You may speak to her yourselves and tell her anything from your heart… perhaps of how you have never realised her beauty.She will tell you that her beauty shines and grows as you become yourself in your beauty. Together you will come into fulfillment. And it is only together that you can all come into fulfillment of the Divine Plan.

So enjoy, Loved Ones. She has given you the gifts of her body, the crystals that you hold in your hands. These are the keys that she wishes you to work with. Feel them now. Let them become as you are- Light studded with jewels.

Feel the ruby vibration inside you and welcome it through you. Feel it working through your heart as all of the Galactic and Starry beings join you. It is time to reset the foundations of this planet, of this part of the Universe, through these crystalline keys. The ruby has been holding the records of masculinity, and it now needs Divine Love to flow into it. These rubies need to hold the resonance of Love most high, and we ask you to anchor the Divine masculine in you.

Allow God, the Father to come into your awareness- whatever your individual perceptions are. Let this flow through you now as we assist and support you with your work. This Universal Love flows into the rubies that you are holding and into the rubies inside Gaia. For all around the planet these rubies have been used to control and manipulate humanity. This is the same, not only on your planet but in any reality where masculine nature and focus has been separated from the Divine.

You will do your work and at the same time, there are all beings of Light who are working with the ruby resonance, with the ruby matrices which hold Universal records. There are many others with you.

Now focus your attention on the emerald. And let the Divine Mother, the Goddesses in all realities flow through you into the crystal that you are holding in your hands, and into the emerald beds in Gaia.

This is the way for the re-balancing of Light and Love, Divine Light and Love. The Divine feminine needs to BE, so that her vastness of being through you can hold the pathways for the form of the Divine masculine.

And through this activation the emeralds and the rubies will come together in wholeness. The records that they hold within them will hold the foundations of a Love that is most pure and it will hold in your part of the Universe, all the energies of all the beings- those in human forms and otherwise- to come into a knowing of the Divine. This Love is powerful, and Loved Ones that is why you are here as the powerful beings that you are- to shine your Light and Love, and to know that you can make the difference. It is time to end all forms of anything that is not love, of all the control and manipulations that humanity have chosen. So sit and allow all this Love to flow through you and be playful with it. You can extend your being into greater largeness and bring in more Love.You can sit and then expand again when you desire. Feel your heart and soul being fulfilled in this Love. When you call to us, we will always answer. Know your worth and your value.

Now we will show you how we are working together with Gaia. Around her Lightbody we have set up in her etheric, the matrices of ruby. These may look to you as shields. They are transducers of energy. They are at the very edges of Gaia’s Lightbody. We are bringing in from the whole of your solar system the new waves of Light and Love that are coming. Through your participation we can bring in and ground these vibrations into all levels of consciousness. When you perceive Gaia, perceive her as a sphere, and let yourself move around her. You will find many of the ruby crystalline structures. Then you may ask to see the emeralds that are there. These are the ones that are anchored for now.

We ask you to focus your awareness on the sapphire vibration. Feel the sapphire in your hands. Connect in with the sapphire and at the same time you can become that large Universal being that you are. Now see the sapphires in place between the rubies and the emeralds. The sapphires hold the potential for Divine communication. A communication that is not only in language. It is what you have always really known inside you- that you have no separation from anything in the whole of the Universes.

In the history of humanity the sapphire vibration has been disconnected from your Earth, when humanity chose its journey of separation. Now it is time to lay the foundations of wholeness. You will see the sapphire matrices, the crystalline record keepers being activated again around Gaia’s Lightbody. They are now set in place.

Now all beings may feel and know inside their hearts how multi-dimensional they are. And how fluid their being and consciousnesses really are. All beings may feel how you can become one expression of self and then move so easily so become another expression of self. This is how is was, when Gaia and all humanity were in Oneness. It was and is a natural state. In the history of your Earth this time is known as Lemuria. All consciousnesses could share and merge easily to become a flower or creature of pure Light, or just go from one form to another- to become the essence of the moon, or the sun or any of the stars.

This freedom awaits you Loved Ones. It is yours, yours to claim. As you stand in your power. For it is a very powerful state of being when you are at one with all of creation. You know that state of empowerment, you carry it deep within your being. You were that free and now you can be also.

So bring these dreams from the deepest parts of yourselves and into your reality, into your daily life on the Earth now. If you can use your imagination to go beyond belief into Lemuria, for Lemuria always exists beyond belief, beyond any rationality, any logic. Play with yourself now, stretch yourselves into your dreams, into your visions of great Hope, of Peace and Love for the Future. Go beyond… If even for one moment you can feel that freedom of being what a difference it will make. The sapphires that you are holding in your hand, the sapphires around the merkaba, the lightbody of Gaia, and the sapphires that are inside your Mother planet- all will hold that freedom once again and lay the foundation for all of humanity to experience again.

This is the power of creation and you are the conductors and co-creators.

Now we ask you to grow again with us. Think of Shamballa and the diamond frequency. Open yourself up to the diamond frequency of Shamballa and you will feel yourself growing in your awareness.

All beings who are dedicated to the movement, the evolution into Oneness of the Divine Source of Creation, have been setting the diamond frequencies around your Universe. The small diamond you hold in your hands can connect you into the diamond frequency in all realities.

The diamond frequency is the collective consciousness of all Ascended Beings. It holds all colours, some known to you and others not. It is like a gigantic spaceship, for that is its function. Your Universe is a travelling Light vehicle, its movement is into Wholeness and Love. Feel that now.

And let the gold vibration of the suns, of all the suns flow through everything now, flow through all of the crystalline matrices, through all of you. Let in the Divinity of your own being. Let it become real to you. See it, feel it, imagine and desire it with all your heart and it will be so. Each and every one of you can work with the vibration of miracles, every day and in every situation. It is your potential as co-creators. Let it be so.

Loved Ones what we show you today of your being, and of All That Is, is to give you Eternal Hope and Inspiration. It is to share with you what all Divine Beings are doing to fulfill the Divine plan. You can make the difference.

We ask you to participate in this work just as you have experienced today, and especially at times of planetary change which is accelerating so fast. We ask you to hold this presence of self and to work with all these crystalline frequencies at the full moons, the new moons and at all times of celebration. All the ancient festivals of all cultures, the equinoxes and the solstices and especially during the transitory time in August from 11th -13th, and onwards to hold stability at times when changes will become apparent.

The coming six months of your times requires your presence to lay the foundations, so that all moves with Grace and Divinity into Love.

You will be an example for not only other human beings, but other beings in other realities who need you to show them the way. Humanity has a capacity to Love like non-other. This is the wealth of your gift to all the other races. You who stand in the power of love are here to show others the way.

So can you accept this? Can you realise your value? All you need to do is let it in. Allow yourself to become, and it will be so.

We know humanity is so used to giving its power away, even to Light beings like ourselves, and yet this is what we tell you. We will support you. We are here to assist you. You are the Ones through your Love and caring that will move not only your planet and your race, but all the other starry races who will learn from you, into Wholeness through Unconditional Love.

For why do you think you gave your power away? Not to bind yourself in suffering but to set up the energetic links- so that when you come into your own power all beings move with you. Some of the other races believed that they were controlling you for their own ends, and yet the greatest truth of all is that when you chose to be with Gaia in Lemurian times, you created a paradise, and now that Paradise is to be reclaimed throughout all of your Universe.

We are honoured to serve you. And we will bow in front of you with a big smile on our face. Of course, for this is our gesture so that you will realise how great you are. We are here to reflect that greatness.

We know this is why humanity has held fear over our form, the form of the crystalline skull- for we are mirrors of your greatness. We are you, and you are us.

With great joy and gratitude we leave you for now. Namaste, Loved Ones, Mahasamatman.

Earth Healing Channellings from 2000

Stone Circles and Sacred Sites – Everything is stored in Stone and Bone….

Introduction by Kathleen Murray    6th September 2000

The stone circles in our land are a beautiful part of our heritage that I have been drawn to explore.   They are sources of living knowledge and contain the wisdom of our ancestors.  I believe through spending much time on the stone circles of Aberdeenshire, there are hundreds here, that they are far older than has been previously recognised.  Yes they were used by the Celtic peoples, and the Druids, but I believe that they were not built by any peoples that we know.

When I say they are ancient I feel they belong to a time before our recorded time, that they belong to a land beyond belief.   Lemuria, the land that imagination has forgotten and that does lie beyond our beliefs.   Lemuria has left its records in the crystals and stones of our planet.

I was born in Aberdeen and live now in Aberdeenshire between two sacred mountains, Bennachie and Tap O’ Noth, the mountains of the Goddess and God.   There are many many stone circles in this area.

Here is some information channelled from Mahasamatman and the crystal skulls I work with:

Greetings to you, lovely human beings.  It is our joy and pleasure to be with you and to take you on an exploratory journey through the riches of your past.   For the riches of your past can be the riches of your and our future together.  That is why they are worth exploring.   The stone circles and the sacred sites of your land hold the keys to unlock the resonances that your planet, the lovely being of Gaia are moving into.   Most of you know that these are important times of change, humanity and the Earth together are changing, monumental times that you will all look back upon and smile at your own awakening to your wisdom, to your realisations of your own spirituality and to the purpose of your lives.   Each one of you has chosen this incarnation for many reasons.  The most important one has to be the healing of yourself.   For each and every one of you holds the access to the wisdom of the universe and your personal access is through your own healing of self.  It has to be this way, there are no shortcuts to this simple truth.   You have asked to come into this life to heal all wounds of separation essentially to Mother/Father God, God Goddess and the Divine Source of Creation, whatever you want to call it.

In your own healing you gather back your own power, and what a power it is!   You are powerful beings in human incarnation who have undertaken to take part in this big movement of the Ascension of your planet Gaia into Light.   Gaia cannot move through this process without the help and support of beings who have been with her since the beginning of time – YOU.   You are that ancient, you are that eternal.   Any of you who have felt drawn or shown an interest in stone circles and sacred sites, once were the tenderers and caretakers of these sites.   And in these roles you knew their purposes and knew how to unlock their power and potential.   For you stone circles and their mysteries are magnetic.   Your soul keeps calling to you to remind you that it is part of your journey in this lifetime to explore and rediscover the riches they hold.

We will tell you some stories to help you with your remembrances of who you are.    Please read this with your heart connected to your mind, and not only to the conscious mind that you are so familiar with, but read it with your subconscious and unconscious minds, and with your access to the universal mind open.   You may wish to go into a deeper state of relaxation and affirm that your mind is linked with the universal mind through your heart.

Lemuria, when you were gods and goddesses experiencing all that was in creation.   When you could shapeshift into flowers, plants and trees, creatures and all forms of life.   There was not the density in the land or in any living consciousness for Gaia was still well in her light body holding very high energies in comparison with now.   Her living physical body was in formation and you who chose to be her companions were also in your light bodies.   This was quite an exciting challenge.  A new planet, a new realm of existence, a new paradise to play in – full of hope and joy, potential and fulfilment, born of Love and Light, all as expressions of Divinity.

You are all from the Universe, you are all part of the Universe, and part of every single detail in its wholeness.    Gaia was a star before she became a planet and you chose to come from the stars to create this paradise with her.   Aah…the thought of weaving a magical land full of all the creatures from your mythology!   All mythologies of all cultures and peoples hold part of the stories of creation, all pieces which relate part of the bigger story, or as you are fond of saying- pieces of the jigsaw- of the richness of your ancestors before recorded time.

You all knew that for Gaia to become your new homeland you would need gathering places to share knowledge and experience and places which could be seeded with universal knowledge.   The stones which became (came into being) on these sites, physically embodying the energy fields of portals to other dimensions, are receivers and transmitters, of information that is exchanged between universal consciousnesses.

Loved ones, your planet is a talking planet!   The vibrations that are emitted from these sites can be heard, though not usually by human ears.   Stone circles and sacred sites are communication points for the whole of creation.    You all have spiritual families which reside not only in this dimension, but in other dimensions which have their physicality in the stars, or in universal vibrations with no specific form.

Your spiritual families, your ancestors, can look after you and communicate to you through the portals in the stone circles.   Each stone circle has a different purpose.   Some collect and exchange genetic information, as to the ever changing state of human consciousness, Earthly and stellar libraries put together, libraries of information of what has been, and what will come again as we gather all the fragments of ourselves to recreate the potential for wholeness.

The wholeness that you attain gives you a perception of a world far greater than you know now, but deep inside you there are memories of this world of Lemuria.   You will find these memories in your hearts and through your souls.   You have asked to be reminded of your mission to connect, and we are here to remind you.   We are just like you, only we have chosen our incarnation in crystalline form.   We, with you, have seeded Gaia’s physical body with beauty and treasures of joy.

To visit these Sacred Sites even if you only experience them with your outer senses still means that the same interaction takes place.   You and your living energy field exchange states of resonance with the stone circle.   Stones within the circles all play different parts in receiving and transmitting this information.    You have to do nothing but just be there.   So by your presence on these visits you are taking part in the bigger picture.

And you have the choice to participate more fully with your conscious mind.   Imagine the pleasure you can have by going to sacred sites knowing you can learn while you are there and exchange your knowing with the stones!   As that old saying goes – everything is stored in stone and bone!   So you may participate by meditating at sacred sites.   You can ask to know the purpose of the place and consciously speak to the guardians of the sites.   If you do this give yourself time to be attuned to listening for the reply, however it may come.   You may need several visits to a place before you are attuned to hearing or feeling or seeing the response.   Or you may still your mind, relaxing and going into meditation, just to be at peace.   It is your choice.   We are trying to encourage you that everything you do will make a difference.   Of course it will be a far more energetic experience for you if you go as a group all aligned with the same intent.   So we encourage groups that meet regularly for meditation to make an outing to local sacred sites.   You may even claim your favourite park in a city as a site to treat as sacred.   It need not only be the traditional sacred sites that can hold the vision of peace for the future.

Of the well known sacred sites, many have been shut down in the past and are awaiting their time before operating more fully.   Some will never work again as the energy will flow through new sites, so be open to finding surprises when you tend the land with care and love!

We do stress the importance of visiting stone circles and other ancient stone sites like cairns, standing stones and burial sites.   The places at this time, and in the future will open their doorways, their portals into the other dimensions.   Some to the inner Earth and the powerful earth keeper crystals which record fluctuation in earth energy and maintain a balance flowing through your planet of the vibrations needed to move into the next phase of opening of consciousness.   And we talk of all consciousness, humans and all creatures and plants, all kingdoms are here to take part together.   Crystal skull consciousness links very closely with the guardians of all dimensions.   For we are guardians of sacredness throughout the universes.   We are closely linked with your devic kingdom.   We are the beings who seeded humanity.   We are you.   You seeded you.   You chose to create and recreate yourselves.   You chose the whys and wherefores of your own procreation.   That is what we mean when we say you or we are the creator gods and goddesses.

Imagine that!   You are that powerful.   And you are on your journey to rediscover that power.   And to make it easy to reclaim power when you have given it away, when you are healing all the abuse of being a victim, remember to call in God, Goddess the Divine Source of creation.   You will be helped into wholeness, you will be supported and nurtured, you will be nourished and provided for.   You will heal the separation from your father, from your mother, from the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine.   You will hold your knowing-ness of your divinity in your hearts.

Lightworkers unite, you can all tend the land that is nearest to you and your hearts!   You can share your prayers for peace for your world at sacred sites, not only for transmission to the rest of your planet, but to the rest of the universe.    And all will answer your prayers.   Know that as each and everyone of you awaken to the role you can play as a guardian of the Earth your energy and commitment will be matched a hundred fold by other guardians of the Earth and heavens.   Together we will make the difference, we can bring the vision we all hold of the return of the Lemurian vibration.   To the Lemurian vibration which is of peaceful power in heart and soul centred creation.   It is the Lemurian vibration of Oneness in Divine Spirit, in Divine Being.   You are all that Divine Being.    You have an opportunity to Divinity returning to each and everyone of you, though in actuality it has never left.   It is you who will drop all the illusions that have crowded your perceptions for many lifetimes, throughout many dimensions.

You will let the barriers fall down, you will knock the fences down, you will gain momentum and then you will tear down the veils and entanglements of illusion, until you see yourself as you truly are.   You, the great shining Light infused with energy of your soul, at one with the cosmos.   At one through the realisation of the greatness of who you are, Divine Beings, beings who know they are Divine.   This is the ultimate healing, the ultimate wholeness- the state of no separation from God, Goddess, All That Is.   You are God, Goddess, All That Is.   You are Divine!

Loved Ones, we leave you in Our Love and honour you for your presence,

Earth Healing Channellings from 2001


It is time to look at the bigger picture of what is going on with Foot and Mouth Disease in the UK today.

In my last article in Namaste in October, the beings I work with were encouraging Light workers to go out on the land and take on the role of Earth Healers.   Now the guidance has changed.   Over the last few months I have been aware of the access that Non Divine Beings have to our Sacred Sites.   They are actively being called into our Sacred Land by humans, at sacred times, full moons and especially the powerful Equinoxes and Solstices.   Whether the humans involved consciously know what they are doing and the destruction they are inviting or not is debatable.   I feel that there are two groups.   Some are in unknowing of the consequences and are playing with black magic, some are not and are indeed fully participant in violation of the dignity and respect for human life.   Abuse of power and sexual abuse of children and programmed adults, including sacrifices are something we have to face sooner or later.   It is a totally unsavoury subject, and sends many people into processing.

Introduce a disease into the picture which stops people from accessing Sacred Sites across the land, and then bring in trauma and fear in the sacrifice of thousands of animals.   We have a massive scale of blood letting which will spread terror throughout the crystalline grids and energy body of our Earth Mother.   You will have heard of the theories and truths of the power games that are being played with us, sourced and controlled in higher vibrational realities.  Have we been programmed, as part of the New Age Movement not to acknowledge the Dark with the Light?

Yes, it is a shock, as I have found it, to experience high vibrational light beings controlling our Sacred Sites, and continuing to control humans by entrapping them in fear, and using all kinds of ways to stimulate base emotions which are directed into their ceremonies.   Of course these other dimensional beings have their puppets in the humans involved.   This is a great reality which we have to wake up to.   Until we can face what is going on we cannot heal and take part in the healing of the land and humanity.   Lightworkers we are being told it is the time to face the shadow in us all.   And what could most abstractly be called the shadow in God.   That is why I call them Non Divine Beings.   They have beautiful light bodies, but no hearts and souls as Divine Beings have.

Until we as Light workers can embrace our own shadow and the collective shadow of humanity, we cannot move forward into the Freedom to Live in Love.

I will share with you the symbol that I have been given to work with humans and specifically land sites.  It is called the Non Divine Being Transformer Symbol.   I have watched it work.   In conjunction with a crystal assigned as a Non Divine Being Transformer, we can set up a high energy field by calling on the Divine Source of Creation, and all the Archangels and others who are assisting in transformational work.   If you are drawn to working with crystal skull consciousness then call on these magnificent multi-dimensional beings who are the Ancients of our Land.   They are here specifically to aid humanity in their journey to reclaiming their power and their knowing of their own Divinity.

Align your heart in meditation, open yourself up to the Love of God, Goddess, All That Is, and focus on this symbol. Place the chosen crystal on the symbol and let it work through your energy field from Source to transmute, transfigure and transform these beings.   This sets up such a high resonance to clear the land that these beings either have to leave, or accept that they are ready to embrace a knowing of Being Divine.   I have seen both happen.   And the objective of Freedom to Live our Lives in full knowing of our own power always happens.   Each one of us needs to affirm this.

We need to reclaim our access to our Sacred Land.  In Scotland we carried out a Sacred ceremony Spring/Vernal Equinox.   I asked members of our spiritual family throughout the world to join us in ceremony to honour the Sacredness of Life.   We gave of our physical bodies, as we were guided to let the land feel the impact of our genetic codes.   We put into the Earth our blood, our creation of our DNA codes weaved together to symbolise the preciousness and sacredness of Life.  We gave all we could in Love to transform the fear and the trauma which is being released into our beloved Earth’s grids by those who wish to see humanity to live in fear through the slaughter of thousands of animals, which will not stop the disease.   I am sure I do not have to remind you that many of the slaughtered animals did not have the disease.    This is a repeat of the message to humanity to live in fear and accept outside powers laying down laws, the laws of countries and the Universal Laws which are being misdirected to pollute the Cosmic Life Force.

If we do not act we are accepting a dire fate of still battling and struggling to have the Freedom to Live in Powerful Divine Heart Love.   If anyone wishes to join us in giving of their DNA codes, stand up and be counted.    And stand up and give a few drops of your blood and very precious life force energy to the sacred sites you live in, and amongst.   World wide people have participated in giving their powerful life force energy at the equinox.   This is just the beginning.   Please join us over the next weeks and months, until the slaughter and the trauma is stopped.   All you have to do is intend that the energy and life force of your DNA is joining a bigger bank of coding which we place in our Beloved Earth, dedicated to the Freedom to Live in love.   Collectively we will make a difference.   For men you may have to consecrate blood you let yourselves (by pricking your finger), and women your menstrual blood is the greatest gift you have.

Blood is the most significant at this time as we are working with those who wish to see the control of human beings through blood sacrifice.   When we give freely, totally from an empowered heart space, we can change the lower vibrations that will flow through the land.   When we use the Non Divine Being Symbol, and ask for the transformation in all realities, we are doing wonderful work in uniting together with Freedom in our Hearts.   Let’s make the commitment and make the difference!

Earth Healing Channellings from 2002

A Vision Quest of Peace in Scotland on Scottish Sacred Sites.

Channelled on 3rd December 2002

Greetings to you Loved Ones. Loved Ones, Scotland has an important part to play in energetics of your world of Earth changing its resonance.   The land here holds energies to access ancient wisdom, there are sites, particular sites throughout Scotland like the stone circles of Aberdeenshire, the mountains and the individual kingdoms – Callanish, the Ring of Brodgar and many, many others that hold open gateways where realms of Peace can be found.   This Peace can be found through vision questing on these sites.

It is a Peace that will make the resonance of your world more whole.   It is empowering access into the ancient wisdoms and mysteries of humanity.   At these sites different individual cultures like the Celts, the Druids and the Picts have contacted their ancestors – beings from the stars.   It is the stellar beings that hold for humans who come into the sites the keys of access into Self, into the wisdom that may be manifest just now.

Human beings are ready to work with very challenging, sometimes very challenging healing.   Healing the abuse of power, the resort to manipulation of power, non-Divine use of power, non-Loving use of power.   Within the Scottish mountains there are crystal banks from Atlantean times which hold seeds of destruction still, these can be identified and transmuted, releasing pockets of energy for reclamation of Love.   Simultaneously on this Vision Quest for Peace, the Earth guardians are ready to work in Divine alignment with Gaia, to transmute these seeded pockets of destruction.

While you are on Sacred Sites in Scotland, and in part One of this Vision Quest in Dalriada, you will be given guidance as to the places to be which will allow the transmutation of this destruction into a vast creative force of Love to fuel the Mission of Peace to be brought into your human consciousness.   Sound can be used to bring this information from these large crystalline banks in the mountains of Scotland, and in the other dimensions.   Sound made in chambered cairns, and in different ways of toning to the stones, those with their many fertile markings and those by their placement as living energy transmitters and receivers.   The Earth Healing shall be profound, it will run throughout the lineages of the ancestory of Scotland, the Kings of Scotland and the Queens of Scotland.

The healing for humanity is in manifesting a vision of Peace on these sites, in saying prayers through word and through sound, drumming in the elements, of working with the stellar beings, there are different star systems that will come into play with you as you experience togetherness of this mission of Peace.   We call you now through our heart’s song, may you sing, may you laugh, may you pray for Eternal hopefulness.

May you allow yourself to be supported by our Love.   Namaste.

The Vision Quest of Peace in Scotland

Access to the Stone of Destiny at Scone Palace.   Setting a trail for Peace to be in the lands of Scotland, to heal now and for evermore the abandonment, betrayal, shame and grief of the demise of the Scottish people.   Scottish clans are now worldwide with many talents and skills, ingenuity, resourcefulness and creativity.    Can we bring together and unite the Scottish people – Scots born of the land now, and Scots born of Scots of the ancient heritage and lineages who are now far and wide… the modern day spiritual soldiers?

The Flowers of Scotland we call you back!   You may be seeds or buds or flowers in full bloom, life force pulsing through your veins.   We call you now!

Let us manifest the freedom so many of you have fought and died for.   Let us celebrate our ancestry.  Let the Clans now be One big one, One Clan of Scottish hearts and voices, united in our freedom.

Call for Peace for Scotland, the Ancient Land!
For our World, precious as it is,
For all worlds and realms of being
In Peace we invite our souls to come Home.
2003 – the Beginning of the Vision Quest for Peace.

The Guardians of the Sacred Garden speak…

3rd December 2002

Young Ones, we are here to speak with you, we are the beings of the sacred garden, and the ancestral beings that live there too.   All of us speak, for this is our home, and our home may be realms which you have not yet explored.   The garden is an invitation for you to explore our realms with us.   We are here to take you on a journey into our magical worlds, through the thin and ever thinning veils, through the thresholds into Light.   And it is a Light and a beingness, our kingdoms of Devic energy, that you as humans cannot perceive.  Oh yes, there are those humans who have lived and come close.  Those are the stories you know of, the fairy tales, the myths and the legends. Those are the reminders of our existence, not the way we live now.   Fairy tales you read are from the past, we are here to share how we are now, how we live now, and our vision of Peace for the future.

We have ancestors that have always been and always will be.  We use the word ancestor to show we are born of them.  Those we are born of are birthed again and again and again.  And in that birthing are birthed into the future, so we have ceremonies to call the ancestors in, which link us with more importantly the future, and not the impact on our past.

The areas in the Sacred Garden at Rhynie, which we have guided you to manifest over the years are areas of initiation into states of being that will give the human mind a chance to reach into the unconscious presence of ourselves.   The Devic Kingdom are Fairies, and all manner of beings who live on this Earth side by side with human kind and yet are not of the creature kingdom entirely.

We can come clearly to you through your unconscious presence, through those experiences in nature where you let go and enjoy, and feel wonder and beauty and a Love welling up from inside you.  Where is it coming from?  From your unconscious presence, and we are there.  This is the way we choose to come through to be known consciously be human beings now.  This is why our access into human kind has paralleled an ancient jade skull (Reference to Jade, an ancient skull which has sigils carved into her skull, symbols from the collective and universal unconscious.  I have felt the changes in my life from being with her and the access she has opened for me into both my unconscious mind and the universal unconscious) joining us on site and this one as channel has been experiencing some of the delights of her own unconscious presence.

This one as channel may now know us and join us in our realms in a different way now, by feeling the freedom to come and go from our world.   She has healed many of her fears to be able to do this.   There are so many tales of human beings being trapped when they have come to live in our worlds.   What we are now offering to any human who has the courage to know us through our Love, is an opportunity to join us in our realms, and actively and unconsciously commune in our communities, to be part of our gatherings, our celebrations, our council meetings.   Our ancestors are stellar beings like yours.  So you may now realize that the interstellar and intergalactic meetings contain our presence too.   They do.   There is a spokesperson chosen as our collective voice, the voice of those who are on the Earth, in manifestation and incarnation at this time, the Earth Guardians of the sacred garden on this site.  He will make himself more known to you and he will speak and laugh and Love with you.

We rejoice in our communications, what fun to be had!   We Love and Live with you in laughter and delight!   May joy rise in your heart and may you celebrate with your mind and your being, Our being together.  In Love and In Peace, the sacred Guardians of the Garden.

We live in trees and stones, we live in flowers.  We have flower ceremonies.  We have always worked so closely in healing the human kingdom through flowers.   And you have not known so consciously of this – the greatest show of our Love.   There are the tales of fallen flowers of soldiers from battlefields now present in nature through flowers.  It is our gift.  Souls in all purity, defending their truth, their Love and those that have died for causes most noble, what ever that was to them, we answer.
And we answer in flowers.

We are in stones, we are in sand.   We are in grass, we are in greenery, and you in your constructing in the Sacred Garden, construct our new temples.  With the  completion of every stage of every project here on site, we have danced and we have rejoiced and we have celebrated and we have come to live in the new temples created here.

We take up our residence in honour and it is all new for us to explore.  Although you have been guided to create the forms of each temple area, all are unique in their creation.    We can vision and we can show, and you will make.   Then for us it is all anew to come through and experience in your realm.   We love to experience the physicality of your creations and the way you have created it, through following our wishes and our desires.  Still we express our delight in experiencing the sand, the plants, the stones, oh so many different stones!

For us it has been like designing our temples anew on the Earth, and know that you have helped us to fulfill these dreams of temples where humans and fairy kind can meet.   So the invitation is this – come and join us in our Fairy temples, temples of water, temples of trees, temples of stones, crystal temples, temple crystals, palaces of flowers.   The falling water, the fountains of the ocean, the dolphins and the whales, the Lemurian Beings, the unicorns, Pan and his consorts.   The imps, the elves, the gnomes, the trolls, the ogres, the giants, unicorns and dragons, serpents of wisdom, all may be experienced.  Come and join us in Love and let us grow together in Peace.

Earth Healing Channellings from 2003

Tomb of the Eagles

20th May 2003

Connecting in with the wonderful sacred site of Tomb of the Eagles after my visit to Orkney last weekend – and tuning into the 3 human skulls that were found there to hear their stories.

(This sacred site is well worth a visit and of the many human skulls that were found inside the Tomb, three remain.)

When I held Charlie in my hands, I felt a lot of anger and anguish and confusion about illusions. Confusion about signs that had been seen from the Eagles by his tribe. A lot of the tribe members were feeling this confusion, some of them were feeling an anger and a betrayal at God. In a way the sea Eagles began flying, in a way that foretold death and doom. Charlie, like many of the men in the tribe wanted to fight whatever was coming their way, an instinct to protect the sacredness of their site, and their families. When the tribe were in their gathering place, their sacred space, the one that is called the tomb – they could look out to sea. They could see the land that they all knew they were going to, their heaven, their Valhalla. They could see the light as it appeared across the sea, always reminding them of where they came from and where they would go to after this life. And at times if they wanted to speak to the sea beings, the sea beings would rise out of the sea, they were also from the stars.

The peoples who had a community here knew of their stellar origins, and their spirit messenger or totem was the sea eagle, who was also from the same starry origins as they, from the Pleiades.

When I held the eagle talons, this was confirmed to me really strongly. I had already felt the presence of Pleiadean light in my short drive from the ferry down to the Tomb of the Eagles.

When I picked up the second skull, the one of a young girl, aged at about twenty, she had a depression in her skull, all around that was very noticeable around the top of the skull and around the side and I could feel the energy down into the jaw. This would give a very interesting energy field. It seemed to me that I could still see this radiating energy from the depression in the bone, the human bone. And that energy would be very clearly encompassing the head of this girl throughout her life. From crown chakra encompassing the whole of the skull down into the throat. When I looked at her brow, the brow bone of the skull, I could see her third eye very intensely. She told me she was a visionary, a seer, one that would speak the words. She knew of her mission, a short intense focus on Earth at that time. She knew she came to hold a path of truth, the way forward for all the tribe that was in confusion. And she knew she had to bring peace amongst those who were angry at God. For she knew the end of their civilization, their tribe was coming, the end of their time on Earth, and a recall to the stars. The anger was from those who did not want to know why, and did not want to know why. And she did complete her mission by holding that vision, she was very much treated as a messenger from God by her tribe. They had always had ones like her, although she had an incredible force, always driven through her, in her vision, in her communications, and she held that unto her death and beyond.

The small remaining part of a skull, which has been called Grandma, of an old woman, had a very strong maternal, nurturing energy, very encompassing and full of wisdom. Steadfast member of the tribe, one that would always bring them back home to their roots, and remind them of their roots, whenever they strayed, whenever they doubted, whenever they needed advice and guidance.