Current Projects by Kathleen Murray

Current Projects

Here are links to channellings from the Council of Lemurian Elders which have been made into dvds on youtube.

Please click the links below and enjoy!

The DVD artistry is the work of Coleen Mackenzie

An interview in France, if you’d like to know more about my work with crystal skulls

Click on this hyperlink to view a DVD made by Debowska films in August 2011 at Bugarach; in English and French.

The Crystal Room, Rhynie

This is the room I used to teach or do healing sessions in, before the creation of the Lemurian Temple. It is a beautiful space to meditate and enjoy communicating with the other worlds, so it is always part of my current projects.

The biggest project I have been involved with in recent years has been the creation of the Lemurian Temple in the sacred garden in the centre of the stone circle. It was completed just before the Winter Solstice 2012. We are always changing and being creative in this wonderful space.

Below are pictures from 2011 and 2012. The timber dome, or Hobbit House as it is affectionately called, has a green roof, created with sedum (flowers of different colours).

Our Solardome is large, 7.5 m in diameter, and when not in use as a ceremonial or public space for workshops; it is my music and art studio. What a wonderful space to paint in!

The project was given planning permission in 2008 and we collected and researched the information required to get it through Building Standards in 2009. Excavation started in 2009 and in May 2010 we started the preparations for building to start.

The Solar Dome Project Rhynie

Lemurian Temple in creation

I have seen visions since 1995 of a temple where people can be in the Sacred Garden, meditating, sharing our spiritual journeys, playing music and creating art! It’s been a long and patient journey to get the project through planning and building standards; and finally the start of digging out the centre of the stone circle which began in 2009.

Stone Circle Summer 2008. Medicine Wheel and Stone Circle Summer 2008

Before Excavation begins January 2009, marking out the site of the Solar Dome

Before Excavation begins January 2009, then our stone circle is carefully moved to allow the excavation to start.

2009 – May 2010  hoping we have the centre in the right place!

May 2010, at last building begins and one circle becomes two…

Lots of digging and drainage work, foundations laid and retaining walls begun

Alan Mackie, the man who knows how to make a great big hole! He’s a gem and this is the creation of the soakaway

Well if you didn’t know what a soakaway was, you do now… It’s a big hole deeper than the foundations of a building which you fill with stones and water from our French drain all around the domes goes into it!

And then of course it is filled in! Are these the sandstones we are looking for, for our walls? Found at Culbockie, Black Isle. Sandstone delivered to site.

This is Philip, our master joiner/builder and crystal skull man

Now where did we put those sacred stones from the stone circle? Time to realign them in a Star of David and Pentagram, the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in Sacred Union June 2010

When the stone masons finished in August 2010 – we have sandstone and crystals in the walls!

Lots of Beautiful Energy beings overseeing the building! August 2010. Not quite sure who was sitting beside me on the chair for a meditation!

August 2010

Solar Dome June 2011

Medicine Wheel inside Solar Dome June 2011

From Fairy Circle June 2011,  Dragon Hedge June 2011, Small dome foundations June 2011, Towards House June 2011

January 1st 2012

Inside the timber dome January 2012. The incredible wood work is the creation of my friend Philip Andrews, with help from locally sourced Elm trees. (And just a little proof that Scotland doesn’t always have snow in winter, yes it can be sunny in January…)

January 2013 now we have an incredible Lemurian temple (which is the Solar dome and Hobbit House), the inauguration was the Winter Solstice 2012, the end of many years preparation. Below are photos from January 2013, during a Crystal Keys workshop.

The snow really just arrived on the day we were starting the workshop (it’s true!)

The entrance hall and looking into the Hobbit House

Hobbit House

and into the Lemurian temple…

AsKRa, our ancient jade being (skeleton) is always part of Earth/cosmic Healing

The altar – this Madagascan Elestial Generator has chosen to be our central Lemurian crystal working with the stone circle, just outside the Solar dome. Photo on the RHS is with Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche, the lama skull and the Sentinel crystal.

These are paintings I am working on of some of the Council of Lemurian Elders. The central crystal image is from the Heartland crystal in Lemuria.

Maybe someday you’ll come and experience the Lemurian Temple for yourself, at a workshop or ceremony (Solstices and Equinoxes). You are very welcome!

Story of the Sacred Garden from 2002

The work on the Sacred Garden Project started in the summer of 1996.   I was given the guidance to call in a crystal to help with working with the land energies in the North East of Scotland.   Divineva, a 640 kilo rosey quartz crystal was found in Brazil and shipped back to Scotland for our Summer Solstice Celebrations.   She was place in the centre of a crystal mandala, called the Mother Mandala, with 6 large Brazilian crystals making the other points.  Merlin was one of the Ascended masters who was giving us guidance at this time.   Myself and Christopher Sell, who is another spiritual teacher, were called to do a Star Consciousness workshop on the Solstice, connecting up another ancient devic kingdom site called Paradise Woods and East Aquorthies stone circle.

The devic kingdom in my garden also came into communication asking that we re-introduce water in ponds at the bottom of the garden. I and other volunteers dug out the ponds, always following guidance through intuition and dowsing. Christopher Sell and I were told to call in another being to help us with our work at the Summer Solstice. We expected a human being, but as these things go, (!) it was a crystal skull, the first one that appeared in my life, who joined us in our work. Mahasamatman communicated clearly that he was here to stay in Scotland to help with opening up the Sacred Sites of Scotland – Awakening the Sleeping Giant.

Now we are in 2002, and The Sacred Garden has become a project for anchoring The Divine Spark of Creation.  The book I wrote with the same title, is one aspect of this project; and grounding it into the Earth, literally(!) by digging and moving earth and stones and water, is another! Over the years we added a stone circle, made from stones which came from an ancient stone circle a few fields away. The stones told me they didn’t want to go back to their original places in the field, as they had been cleared in days gone by and dumped at the side of the road. They wanted to come and share with people again, as they used to, so they opted for joining our garden project. The local farmer and builder helped us move them, making jokes about Rhynie Stonehenge! I was given the guidance to dig a meditational area deep in the Earth in the centre of the stone circle and this is our kiva.

Most often I am given guidance in visions, either when I am out in the garden or in meditation. The visions never leave me until I do something about them! Over the years we have had many helpers, in human form and other being form, so it feels like a real community project. Gordon Burdall, who joined the Sacred Garden project in 1998, is our master stone mover and temple builder! He has an engineering background, and a very good understanding of the laws of physics. So combined with his strong dowsing abilities and the feeling sense of his creative work, he has taken on helping me with the creation of the Lemurian beach with dolphin fountains, Pan’s corner, the placing of many standing stones from a beautiful sandstone found at the coast near Findhorn.

We have planted many trees and flowers and our current project is a waterfall that the devic kingdom asked us to build just outside their new entrance to their world in a 350 year old ash tree. They used to come and go to their underworld, from the holly tree at the bottom of the garden, until a few years ago. When I began to receive communications from them, and I am talking about all kinds of ethereal spirits that traditionally are earth guardians – we know them as fairies, elves, gnomes, trolls, pixies and the likes – they made it clear to me that this site had always been one of their ancient sacred sites. The work we are doing as a team with their wishes is to restore this land temple to a resonance of beauty.  It is full of pathways into areas that are to be places for humans to share and be initiated into their world.   We are digging out the waterfall’s pond at the moment and are filling it in with clay. Apart from creating beauty the purpose of the waterfall is to catch the pranic energy of the Sacred Garden. The water will be a gift to humans to help attune them to the devic spirits.

When we hold workshops here, weather permitting, we often use the kiva for meditations. During our lunch and tea breaks, participants are free to enjoy the wonderful energies of the Sacred Garden. It is continually in creation to assist people in their personal processes of self attunement. Volunteers who come to help in the Garden enjoy tremendously the interaction with the devic kingdom, and the great feeling of well-being that the garden gives in return for love and care. People who come for personal appointments are also welcome to take time out to enjoy the garden.

The garden is a meeting place for all realms, grounding in the higher cosmic energies through the stone circle and its main resonating crystal, a 46 kilo elestial sceptre quartz, which is one of the living library crystals from the Pleiades. Now our stone circle holds the energies for the North east of Scotland, and through many Stone Circle and Sacred Sites weekends we have held over the years it is now connected in with many of the 99 (maybe more!) stone circles in Aberdeenshire. The Sacred Garden is dedicated to working with the Universal energy of Love, to bring in the Lemurian vibration of Wholeness and works with all the crystals in Mother Earth, as well as the Earth’s gridworks of light, in conjunction with the team of Earth Healing spheres in our crystal room.

I believe that being an Earth Guardian is a role that anyone can commit to, if they care about the planet they live on, and want to be part of the Earth Changes and Awakening of Spiritual Awareness that is happening now.   It is easy to dedicate your own patch of land to being sacred.   And it could be time for us now to all acknowledge that we are sacred beings, and that our homes can be inner temples to nurture our souls, so we realize the gift of Life itself, and the power we each have to be responsible in creating beauty and wonder.   What we give is always given back to us, what a wonderful way to live our lives!

Other Current Project

I am always exploring ways of working with Sound and Light with my crystals and skulls. The above photos are from the Equinox 2006, using the Light Labyrinth to animate my paintings of Lemuria.

The Crystal Keys manuals for Levels 1 and 2 and 3 are always being updated. Level 3 was taught for the first time in Brittany, France in April 2011. Level 4 was taught for the first time in Labadous, Rennes le Chateau, France in August 2012.

There are now 14 teachers of Level 1 Crystal Keys in France, 1 in England, and 12 in Scotland. My Crystal and Gem Diploma Courses and Colour and Advanced Vibrational Medicine Courses are always updated too- we’re moving into a greater understanding of holographic universal principles for healing.

And I am gathering writings and channellings from the past few years into my next book, more later.

Radio Interview

On February 24th, 2013 I was in a radio interview with Bob Charles (Charleston, South Carolina, USA). In the words of Joshua Shapiro “Mr. Charles has interviewed more people connected to the crystal skulls than anyone on the planet.” I will be speaking about my work over the last 17 years since Mahasamatman or Sammie, my first crystal skull, came to join me. It is an informal chat show, so in the two hours we can probably cover quite a lot of detail about my experiences and understanding of crystal skulls.

Bob Charles Radio Show Kathleen Murray 24/02/13 (show archive link) (there are also archive materials you might be interested in)

I hope to see you sometime at workshops, ceremonies, conferences or events in Scotland, or Europe in 2015.

Love and Blessings,


January 2014

The Highland Gathering of Crystal Skulls 10: 10: 10

The Awakening of the Sacred Dragon

With Kathleen Murray & Guest Speaker Philip Andrews


Highland Gathering of Crystal Skulls