Crystal Keys Level 3 – Crystal Healing Course


Content of Crystal Keys Level 3

  • Understanding the concept of Miasms
  • Disease Pictures and Matrices for Healing
  • The Light and Dark Crystalline Matrices
  • Finding and visualising the Sacred Geometric Matrix of the Human body
  • Developing the vision to allow crystals and crystal skulls to amplify the Divine matrix in the PNH (person needing healing)
  • Finding and identifying the flaws in the matrix of the PNH (detecting the individual miasms)
  • Activating with crystals and sound
  • Elestial Crystals: Temple Elestial crystals and personal space ships, exploring Elestial consciousness
  • DNA, Golden Ratio and Fractal Truths
  • Visit to Sacred Site to share Earth Healing in Divine Service


The Crystal Keys workshops are all about self-empowerment, learning new concepts and crystal healing techniques at every level. Participating in person: once a year I teach Crystal Keys Levels 1, 2 and 3 at The Academy of Crystal and Natural Healing in Rhynie, Aberdeenshire. Dates for 2016 to be decided; venue – The Academy of Crystal and Natural Healing, Lemurian Temple, Rhynie, Aberdeenshire AB54 4GA

Humanity is waiting to discover itself, to wake up to its true potential and to be free from limitations and restrictions which have been accepted in the past, passively and actively. There can be very good reasons why we have forgotten who we are; especially the power of our love and the ability we have to transform our fears. Crystal Keys will take you into the spaces for deep healing and once you carry that medicine for yourself, you can help others on their journey of empowerment.

Crystal Keys Level 3 can be taken as part of your spiritual path, to help you in your work with clients and facilitating groups (for meditation and healing); or you can train to be a teacher of Crystal Keys 1. Before teaching Level 1 the student must be practising Crystal Keys Healing regularly, and attend in person a CK3 workshop. To be able to integrate the teachings and concepts, CK3 needs to be repeated. It is also recommended that Levels 1 and 2 are repeated at least once. 

Crystal Keys Level 3 is another big step forward in your perceptions and understanding of how energy and consciousness are in the Universe. We look more into our origins on this planet, broaden our understanding of the Timeline of Creation, our genetic ancestry and ways of releasing ourselves from past karmic burdens into a new level of freedom for our presences on the Earth plane.

Introducing the Light and Dark Crystalline matrices which hold our Light shadows and our dark shadows from every dimension we exist in, the Light and Dark Crystalline matrices also hold all our potential for becoming transparent, al that we have to transform.

Introducing the concept of miasms and deepening the work with our Crystal Keys mandalas to identify and neutralise Earthly (human), Planetary and Stellar miasms. This gives us great scope as a healer, knowing we identify and relieve any person coming to us for healing from genetic burdens which can compromise our health and wellbeing.

There are in addition current teachings introduced by the Council of Lemurian Elders.

Students who want to become teachers of Crystal Keys Level 1 can put forward a presentation and meditation (attending in person). It is recommended that people need to repeat Level 3 before they are ready to do this. Level 3 can set in motion deep healing for the student.

Crystal Keys students are always welcome to repeat each Level for free. This allows more integration of the concepts and allows a deeper healing journey for the student. Online course students will also be welcome to repeat for free in person. It is highly recommended. A hard copy of the Manual will be sent out to you; and on completion a certificate will be awarded and sent in hard copy.

There are four days of learning about Light and Dark Crystalline matrices in all realities, and understanding the concept of miasms. Techniques of miasmic detection which include earthly, planetary and stellar and attunements to Elestial consciousness. Students are encouraged to be insightful and intuitive; to recognise and practise an energy mastery of Self. This level allows more scope for shamanic work, and broadens understanding and perceptions of Self, using Elestial and Sirian crystals.

Once the concepts of Level 3 are integrated, the student can return to share a presentation on Crystal Keys 1 and a meditation which qualifies the student to teach Level 1. If attending in person, during the four days we visit sacred sites and/or stone circles nearby for meditation and healing experiences.

Cost or investment is £725.  Lunches of organic soup and bread (if in person) and recordings of meditations from the workshop are included in the cost.

Students are encouraged to repeat each Level as many times as they like, to be able to integrate the information and benefit from more healing experiences. The exchange for repeating a Crystal Keys workshop is a contribution to lunches and/or refreshments; and is possible as long as there is space in the venue. If you have participated in a Crystal Keys workshop in previous years, and the course fee has been updated, then please offer the difference in cost as an honourable gesture for what you will receive.