Crystal Keys Level 2 – Crystal Healing Course


Content of Crystal Keys Level 2

  • Light Manifest
  • Discussions of Fears of Transformation
  • Setting up a Healing Transmission Space
  • Holotope Mandala
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Fibonacci Sequence
  • Fractals
  • Disease Matrices

Crystal Keys Level 2


The Crystal Keys workshops are all about self-empowerment, learning new concepts and crystal healing techniques at every level. Participating in person: once a year I teach Crystal Keys Levels 1, 2 and 3 at The Academy of Crystal and Natural Healing in Rhynie, Aberdeenshire. Dates for 2016 to be decided; venue – The Academy of Crystal and Natural Healing, Lemurian Temple, Rhynie, Aberdeenshire AB54 4GA

Humanity is waiting to discover itself, to wake up to its true potential and to be free from limitations and restrictions which have been accepted in the past, passively and actively. There can be very good reasons why we have forgotten who we are; especially the power of our love and the ability we have to transform our fears. Crystal Keys will take you into the spaces for deep healing and once you carry that medicine for yourself, you can help others on their journey of empowerment.

In Crystal Keys Level 2 we have time to explore the bigger picture of reality, the eternal truths of Sacred Geometry and to attune ourselves to higher levels of truth. The healing offered is deeper transformation of fears and limitations, from this reality and other dimensional realities. We explore to understand multi-dimensional realities to develop our healing awareness, Sacred Geometry and the Fibonacci Sequence, Fractal Consciousness, Disease Matrices. We can learn to create our own Lemurian crystal temples and realise our work of Divine Service. Our Lemurian light bodies become more activated as we evolve and learn to co-create with Crystal Skull consciousness and our Crystal Keys crystals with a higher level of perception.

There are in depth healing techniques and new ways to create healing mandalas with Crystal Keys crystals; working with the Body Systems, ancestors from the star nations and using more specific crystalline vibrations.

We are the Crystal Keys – what is a Crystal Key?

Having the ability to be clear and using energy with the power of our hearts. Building a relationship with our souls and recognising the Divinity in ourselves and all consciousness.  Feeling the connectedness that runs throughout all levels of our Beings, taking us into levels and depths of Self, discoverable through sacred geometry and the fractal nature of the universe in Lemurian crystals and crystal skulls.

Channelling from Kalif the crystal skull

“I work with you all multi-dimensionally. It’s my gift to myself to look after people, to work in Love with people. These are some of the skills that you can learn once the doorways are open to levels of yourself that are energy masters – clear, activated crystalline beings. We do this through our crystalline light bodies. We do this through our Greater Selves. All you have to do is just learn, just come and be… You can’t perceive multi-dimensionally unless you have clarity.

It is vitally important to be able to see the Beauty, the Light, the Love you hold; to actually look at yourself and see how beautiful you are. We will be given opportunities, taken into spaces and asked to look at yourselves – not the personality in this incarnation but at the Beauty, Light and Love you are.”

In Level Two there are new concepts to explore or integrate further if you are already aware of them, and meditations/shamanic journeys to expand your perceptions. New techniques are taught to expand your creativity with your Crystal Keys Crystals. The cost for this workshop is £300 (online or in person), recordings of meditations from the workshop are included. Lunches of organic soup and bread are also included if attending in person.

We have filmed the Crystal Keys courses as workshops to help you feel that you are present and part of the teachings. Of course if you have any queries when doing the online course you are welcome to email me, and if needed have a chat on the phone or skype.

Students are encouraged to repeat each Level as many times as they like, to be able to integrate the information and benefit from more healing experiences. The exchange for repeating a Crystal Keys workshop is a contribution to lunches and/or refreshments; and is possible as long as there is space in the venue. If you have participated in a Crystal Keys workshop in previous years, and the course fee has been updated, then please offer the difference in cost as an honourable gesture for what you will receive.