Crystal Keys Level 1 – Crystal Healing Course



The Crystal Keys workshops are all about self-empowerment, learning new concepts and crystal healing techniques at every level. Participating in person: once a year I teach Crystal Keys Levels 1, 2 and 3 at The Academy of Crystal and Natural Healing in Rhynie, Aberdeenshire.

Crystal Keys Level 1: There is an introduction to Lemuria in channelling and meditation, where you are given the opportunity to meet one of your Lemurian selves. There is a presentation about the Myth of Lemuria (please see the video Myth of Lemuria for a taster), exploring the foundation of Lemuria by the Sirians and the evolution of the Lemurian people. Were you a Guardian of the temples, a Dreamer, a Magician, a Seer, Crystal Dancer or Crystal Singer? If you are attracted to Lemuria or crystals, it is likely that you have a Lemurian self who has wisdom to share with you; to bring into your life now, not just in words, but as a presence. Crystal Keys will help you expand your sense of self, into more and more Wholeness. The integration of your new resonance will help you change your life.

In Lemuria, there was harmony with all of Nature, honour and respect for all living beings. In the larger cycles of Galactic energy the time is now for us to take back our power and live in a conscious, caring and loving way, that will change the future for all of humanity and our beloved Earth.

Humanity is waiting to discover itself, to wake up to its true potential and to be free from limitations and restrictions which have been accepted in the past, passively and actively. There can be very good reasons why we have forgotten who we are; especially the power of our love and the ability we have to transform our fears. Crystal Keys will take you into the spaces for deep healing and once you carry that medicine for yourself, you can help others on their journey of empowerment. 

Content of Crystal Keys Level 1

  • Metaphysics, Genetic Engineering
  • The Sirians
  • Vibrational Remedies
  • Earth Healing
  • Divine Intelligence in Crystals
  • Crystal Cleansing
  • Crystal Skulls
  • Etheric Skulls
  • Galactic Beings
  • The Story of Mahasamatman/Sammie
  • The Story of Kalif and Crystal Keys
  • The Story of Jade
  • How to Read a Vibrational Picture
  • The 5 Trigger Symbols for Healing Shame

You will learn how to dowse from higher self level, for Symbols and Imprints of Wholeness which give a vibrational picture of yourself, family and clients or Earth healing situations. The vibrational picture you are given is to increase understanding, and your Crystal Keys crystals (a team of 13 Lemurian quartz which you can choose) support all the movements of energy to create that new resonance. The person needing healing’s higher self co-ordinates the healing session.

If you are already practising different modalities of healing, then Crystal Keys can be a foundation for your healing practices. Once you have set up the crystals, you are free to express your love and care in any way you know. If you are a beginner, you can develop your intuition and sensing during the healing session, witnessing the crystals working.

If you are attending in person, you are given time to experience giving and receiving a Crystal Keys healing session. If you are taking the online course, then you can practice on yourself, or a friend or family member to begin with. There is also information about Earth healing techniques and how to respond to global crises. Everything we do can influence the whole, and we can make this world a better place.

We have filmed the Crystal Keys courses as workshops to help you feel that you are present and part of the teachings. Of course if you have any queries when doing the online course you are welcome to email me, and if needed have a chat on the phone or skype. Online or in person, you will receive a hard copy of the manual and a folder with Imprints of Wholeness and Symbols. There will also be access to the manual online.

Each participant can choose their own Crystal Keys set, comprising of 13 Madagascan Lemurian quartz crystals and a dowsing pendulum. I usually have a range of different types of Lemurian crystals, which vary on availability. If you prefer, I can ask your higher self and dowse for the crystals that want to be with you as your spiritual tools/companions. The sets cost between £55 and £250 (or more), depending on the size of crystals chosen. Crystals can be purchased in advance from the Crystal Healing Shop. Course materials include a manual, Invocation to Shamael – the Angel of Sacred Sound, a Set of Imprints of Wholeness and a Set of Symbols.

If attending the two day workshop in person, the Healer will be given a certificate to practice. If you are taking the online course, please contact me once you are confident practising healing sessions and can demonstrate your understanding; through email, phone or skype. Then I will send you a Crystal Keys Level 1 certificate.

The cost or investment in yourself is £300 (online or in person), recordings of meditations from the workshop are included. Crystals and Vibrational Remedies are available to purchase. Lunches of organic soup and bread are included if attending in person.

Dates for 2016 to be decided; venue – The Academy of Crystal and Natural Healing, Lemurian Temple, Rhynie, Aberdeenshire AB54 4GA

Students are encouraged to repeat each Level as many times as they like, to be able to integrate the information and benefit from more healing experiences. The exchange for repeating a Crystal Keys workshop is a contribution to lunches and/or refreshments; and is possible as long as there is space in the venue. If you have participated in a Crystal Keys workshop in previous years, and the course fee has been updated, then please offer the difference in cost as an honourable gesture for what you will receive.