Crystal Keys Levels 1 - 3

The information in Crystal Keys has come through my second crystal skull, Kalif, at a time when I needed a lot of help with crises in my life; my newborn baby Joy who wasn’t interested in sleeping, my soul sister Do with a return of her cancer and Joy’s father with cancer. I asked for help and Crystal Keys was the answer given.

The Crystal Keys workshops have been taught throughout the UK and in Greece, France, Holland and Hungary since 2001.These workshops are always being updated with specific guidance to help us with the stage of healing and genetic evolution we are in now. All that I am learning about on my spiritual path is shared through the Crystal Keys.

Essentially we are the Crystal Keys to ourselves, to open our higher consciousness and manifest our wisdom in our lives now. We are the ones we have been waiting for! There are techniques of crystal healing (different from the Crystal and Gem course) and concepts to understand in every level, to help you deepen your inner wisdom. The Crystal Keys crystals that we choose for this work are our spiritual companions first and foremost, to unlock who we are. We can also use them to practice healing on others, and contribute to Global healing projects and Earth healing.

I’d like to share with you what I have experienced teaching Crystal Keys since 2001. There is a huge opening in people’s consciousness to Lemuria, not just to the possible existence of an island called Lemuria, which in its latter days co-existed with the island of Atlantis; Lemuria is not only an island in the myths of pre-history, it is a vibration which spans many dimensions inside the Earth and outside in our Solar system. The Lemurian vibration can exist anywhere there is a Lemurian to call in the presence of Divinity.

I have been guided by the Council of Lemurian Elders since 2004, to learn more about Lemuria and to share this with people who are Lemurian souls; to reawaken in them a knowing of their Lemurian beings and their homeland. The Council of Lemurian Elders span a wide array of beings from different origins (most look very un -human, some more akin to creatures) and they channel through my crystal skulls as a collective. I work as a human member (well almost!) of a vast team of crystalline beings in the Council of Elders. This is the time of Awakening of Lemurian Consciousness and it is wonderful to see more and more Lemurians coming into awareness of themselves.

The council of Elders call the time on Earth (really before the existence of time), when the consciousness of Gaia was in light and we were all Light beings here together to create a paradise on Earth. So Lemuria, according to the Elders starts with the Light of Galactic consciousness and covers all our experiences of individuation from the Divine Beings we are into matter. It covers all the manifestation of the different species on Earth, with the Galactic Light each carries and the creation of sacred spaces on Earth and in Gaia’s body. There is no separation between our individual journeys and our journeys on Earth with Gaia.

In Lemuria, which is only a vibration away in our wonderful holographic perception, we are the Earth guardians and Keepers of Sacred spaces; we have many different forms before we took human form. We can discover ourselves as “mythical” creatures like dragons and unicorns, for me these myths are all about this time. My perception is that through Lemuria we can connect to our Divine Beings on Earth, merged with Gaia’s consciousness and if we reconnect with our Lemurian selves we are bringing in the power of creation of wholeness on Earth, which is the journey we are all on now.

By “remembering” or reawakening our Lemurian potential we are closer to the truth of who we are (whatever that means to us as multi-dimensional beings). The aim of the courses I teach is always to create spaces where people can access the truth of themselves, a spiritual journey of discovery and adventure. The courses have different themes of learning; details of working with crystal consciousness and creating magic in our lives; and they all have the same aim, to allow people to recognise themselves, their soul’s potential and be who they really are.

The Crystal Keys set of courses start with the foundation of discovering our Lemurian selves. They give you techniques to evolve on your soul’s journey, crystal magic and holographic understanding of the universe. It is always your perception of yourself and everything outside of you which creates your reality. This is a deep and powerful journey of spiritual empowerment, giving you the abilities to manifest the reality of your desires, personally and globally. The Crystal Keys courses give me the opportunity to be the most creative with my teachings and it is the current vehicle for channelling and new information from the Council of Elders from Lemuria.

Crystal Keys is not only for those who have chosen “crystal healing” as a vocation, it is for everyone to help them become autonomous in their spiritual development. Everyone’s quality of life improves when we are in tune with ourselves. We can live our dreams! If we are creative with art or music then we can heighten our creativity with our Divine connection. We can have more passion, motivation and inspiration and while we fulfil our needs in this life we can learn to create the future dreams for humanity and Gaia with ease, elegance and grace.

Crystal Keys, The Wholeness of Lemurian Wisdom is healing with Sound, Crystals, Colours in Imprints of Wholeness, Symbols and Vibrational Remedies. See, Ancient Beings/ Crystal Skulls/Kalif to look at Imprints and Symbols on line.

Once you have paid for a Crystal Keys Levels 1 and 2 workshop, you are welcome to repeat again at no extra cost as long as there is space in the venue. You are asked to bring a contribution for lunches, something to share with your fellow students. There is a reduced cost to repeat Levels 3 and 4, or a fee if a student wants to become a teacher of Levels 1 or 2.