Sad News

On Thursday 29th of December 2016, as the sun was setting, Kathleen Murray passed with Grace and with Peace.

Sharing the sweetness of her timing, her elegance, and her journey as much as we can.

As we reflect, we turn our thoughts of love to celebrate such an inspiration in our lives through her love and her work, feeling blessed to have had the opportunity to have met on such a deep inner level.  For many of us, she gave us the perspective to discover our light, shining a torch on us, helping us into those shadow parts of ourselves back into wholeness, back home to where we shine. Lemuria.

Dancing, singing, painting, making music, loving, sharing, creating, playing.

We will find a time soon to celebrate Kathleen in her Sacred Garblogden with those she cared for most (there were many of us!) details to follow.

Love to all xxxxxxx

Winter Solstice Gong Bath

Happy Winter Solstice for Wednesday 21st December. With my sincere apologies, this year for personal reasons, I’m not doing a gong bath day on Sunday 18th. So if we haven’t got in contact yet about a refund, then please let us know and we will get you a refund through Paypal or credit for anything else.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Peace over the holiday times with Love and many Blessings.


Crystal Skull World Day in Gent, Belgium

Gent is a beautiful town of old buildings full of character and canals. Tian Tu, Will and Vera’s Crystal shop and Light Centre is an amazing place with wonderful crystals and skulls. The people too are very nice ūüôā We shared Crystal Skull World Day last Sunday with a morning from the Lemurian Elders, Sammie, Kalif, Jade and the Twins. In the afternoon Vera gave a meditation and I played music ¬†– heaven as always. We had a full house, and also for the workshops!

This weekend on Sunday and Monday we are exploring the worlds of crystal skulls, discovering lots of new things no doubt, and then working with Nature Spirits, Earth Guardians and Galactic Beings on Monday in our work of Divine Service. I also have the pleasure of many personal sessions over the time I am here, 21 sessions, to meet new people. What a lovely time!

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Red Moon Rising

A full moon, full of the fire of passion! It is Time for magicians to gather together in forests, mountains, sacred places; time for us all to join with our hearts and souls together. We believe in Life, in Peace, in Joy, Happiness, Success and Love as a birthright for all children.


The Third Amethyst Geode Crystal Healing Skull

Here’s a preview of the third amethyst geode skull. And some photos of the two who seem a little like twins! They are both very unusual and beautiful skulls; the white is quartz matrix with amethyst (purple) and the orange colour is hematite. Geodes can generate a lot of energy on their own from all the crystal points, it is quite a thought about the potential of these crystal skulls because of their connection to skull consciousness in addition. They have both been working on the Map of Peace in the temple, one holding the portal for Beauty and the other for Truth, and soon to be open to new guardians.

Amethyst geode skull2AMG3AMG3AMG3AMG3

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I’ve been dreaming about whales and dreaming with whales. They’ve been coming into meditations and everyday awareness. These beautiful beings, guardians of our planet, sing songs of harmony as they swim the oceans. Whales are vast intelligent beings with star connections to Sirius, dolphins of course too. I am going to listen more to what they are saying to humanity at this time. If you feel a connection then let’s join together with whale consciousness ūüôā


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Tian Tu, Ghent, Belgium

In November I have the pleasure of bringing my crystal skulls and my work to¬†Belgium. I have been invited by Will and Vera who run a wonderful crystal shop called Tian Tu in Ghent¬†and both are talented healers/therapists. I’ll be there on 20th November, World Crystal Skull Day and¬†we’ll do a meditation to join everyone worldwide. I want to¬†introduce AsKRa, the jade skeleton and the jade skulls through the new DVD; ¬†and then there will be time with my skulls, channelling from the Council of Lemurian Elders and a shamanic journey.Also time for an introduction to Crystal Keys and questions.

Here is the link from Tian Tu: Google  can translate for you or email me for details if you think you can make any of the events.

I’ll be doing 3 days of personal sessions, two are already filled but please enquire if you are interested.

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Samhain Gong Bath Day

Samhain, one of the Celtic Fire Festivals,¬†is one of the two “spirit-nights” each year, the other being Beltane. It is a magical interval when the mundane laws of time and space are temporarily suspended, and the Thin Veil between the worlds is lifted. Communicating with ancestors and departed loved ones is easy at this time, for they journey through this world on their way to the Summerlands. It is a time to study the Dark Mysteries and honor the Dark Mother and the Dark Father, symbolized by the Crone and her aged Consort.

Crystal Meditation and Deep Sound Healing Experience with the Gongs

This is a day of celebration of life at the time of the Celtic festival of the Spring Equinox. We honour the ancestors and take time for self-attunement in the morning. There will be time to relax and enjoy a guided meditation in the morning, with crystals and Drums, Tibetan singing bowls, quartz singing bowls, gongs, bells, chimes and Milltones.

There is lunch of organic soup and homemade bread, please feel free to bring along anything to share. It’s always nice to have a feast!

In the afternoon there is the profound healing experience with the Gongs; a Neptune gong, a Sound Creation Fire Gong and a Sound Creation Earth Gong.

Please feel welcome to join us, but booking in advance is essential as we can be full!

Start time 10.30 ‚Äď 5pm (ish)

This is the link to book your place:

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