This course will be available as an Online Course later in the year. However when there are enough students who would like to travel to Rhynie to do the second year, I will teach it in an intensive format.

Crystal&Gem-Year2-CSoonYEAR TWO SYLLABUS

Geopathic Stress, Earth Energies and Ley Lines

What is Geopathic Stress? What are Earth Energies and Ley Lines? How can we as crystal healers create harmonious environments to live in? Identifying and modifying, transmuting or transforming negative energy lines affecting people and places.

The Creation of Sacred Spaces – Looking at practices developed by indigenous peoples from around the world. Meditations with Earth Healing Crystals to sensitise to Elemental energy, and to connect into the Crystal Banks in the Earth, using crystal from around the world.

Site Visit to Stone Circle and dowsing project in local area to attune to and draw energy lines. Student project to dowse and draw map of own home identifying negative energy lines and proposing a solution for the site using crystals. Practical projects.

Lasers and Elestials – Personal and Global Use

Psychic surgery

Talk, discussions and demonstrations with practical sessions for students

Meditations for attunement

Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald Rays – The Cosmic rays of Light through Crystal Manifestation

Talk, meditations and healing with these crystals and the Rays.

Advanced Configurations

Talk and demonstrations, practical sessions with students

Advanced crystal mandalas as Body Layouts and for Earth Healing

Practical Demonstration and talk

Esoteric and Vibrational Healing in Depth, for Maintaining Well Being and Restructuring Cellular Disease Patterns

Talk, discussions and Exploration with the Inner Senses through Meditation

Principles of Homoeopathy, understanding Miasms, Disease Pictures

and use of advanced Crystal techniques to Aid Holistic Healing

Hydration and Nutrition – principles for maximizing health and reversing Illness

Discussions and practical demonstrations in lunches and refreshments throughout the course.

Crystal Skulls – The Heritage and Legacy and Their Power and Consciousness

Talks and Demonstrations

Meditation and Shamanic Journeys with crystal skulls, contemporary and ancient with Sound and Light Technology, Kirby Seid’s Light Labyrinth, Holotope Mandala and projector

The Relationship of Sound to Light:

Practicals and talk

Sacred Geometry, Merkabah and Light Bodies in Lemuria and Atlantis

Presentation, talk and discussions


Practical with use of Platonic solids (crystals cut into sacred geometric shapes) on the chakras

The Development of Sound in Healing

Concert of Gong, Tibetan Singing Bowls, and quartz singing bowls, drums, rattles, tingshas,

Tibetan Bells, aura chimes, Milltones

Gong Bath

The Thirteen Mayan Body tones

Demonstration on body as healing session and students to practice

All these techniques can be developed individually by each student to complement and for use in Crystal Healing.