Colour & Vibrational Medicine Therapy Diploma Course – The Art of Being You



The Colour, Sound & Advanced Vibrational Medicine Diploma Course will be an Online course for the future. The new title of this year’s course is THE ART OF BEING YOU.  This course will be filmed for the Online Course.

The investment for this £750 per year, a total of £1500. You can participate in each part as a stand alone week, cost £375 or if you wish to join for one of two days the cost i s£75 per day. Lunches of superb home made organic soup and bread (both made locally in the village) and refreshments are included in the course cost.

Welcome to this exciting new course which is all about you, your senses, your perceptions and therefore about the quality of your life. This is a new version of a course I have taught for 10 years and includes all the explorations into colour and sound as before.

Rainbow /Arc en ciel


The “New” is that ultimately it is a course about perception, teaching you how to use your senses to read the messages in everything in life; crystals, crystal skulls, nature, trees, clouds and more. We’ll    be doing a lot of experiential exercises to help you have confidence n your perceptions.

We’ll spend time understanding the physical body senses and then we’ll be activating our Light bodies to become aware of our 7 greater senses. The 5 familiar senses plus the 7 unfamiliar or greater senses used together give us an empowered and adventurous experience of life, to the Art of Being You!

If you want to complete the Diploma but have missed Year 1 Week 1 you can catch up when it becomes available as an on-line course. It is possible for you to participate in this week as a standalone week, or for any of the 2 weeks in Year 2. If you like the syllabus for the week and want to join us, then please get in touch. You are also welcome to join us for one or two days if you would like to expand your perceptions.

Syllabus for Year 1 Week 2: 28th September – 2nd October 2015

Daily meditations/shamanic journeys and current teachings from the Council of Lemurian Elders. Daily Universal Vowel Sounds associated with Colour Rays and Mudras. Also from Taoist philosophy – sounds of the Organs and 6 Healing Sounds meditation with mudras. This is a lovely practice which we will do at the start of each day.

Monday: Drum circle and Attunement meditation. Exercises in perception, reading the codes of information within crystals and crystal skulls. Sharing the Maps created by participants in week 1. 

Tuesday and Wednesday: Colour Healing Techniques – colour bathing using projected colour and the Light Labyrinth. Colour Breathing and visualisation. Practising Colour Healing sessions with silks and cottons, aura soma pomanders and the Oracle of Illumination (Vicky Argyle).

Thursday: Soul Rays, Galactic Rays and communication through colour and sound. Exercises in expanding perceptions with crystals and crystal skulls.

Friday: Expanding perceptions to beginning to learn how to read energy information in auras. Continuing from the exercise on page 8 of the manual (extract below)

An Exercise to Develop your Perceptions

I’d like you to write down every morning upon waking you first sense of colours of your Light and Presence. If you can, take a few moments before sleeping to do the same. To encourage yourself to perceive accurately with your greater senses, it is a good idea to use them! Sensing you Light and Presence before and/or after meditation is another way to see the progress. Recording the light of your presence by writing will help you with your perceptions.

Sense being you, sense with all of your senses, purely by intent and trying to exercise the senses perceived through your Light body.

The 12 Senses – 5 Physical Senses: touch, taste, hearing, smell, sight and 7 Greater Senses: clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, imagination, movement, balance, light/life (consciousness).

It is easy to do exercises like this when you are not processing and full of emotions or mental activity, because all of your perceptions are clear (though maybe unused). When processing, set the intention that you can receive the information to keep you tuned into to who you are and what you are experiencing, perhaps through dreams, or in moments of reflection or inspiration.

In the morning, begin a practice of awareness of the moment of coming to consciousness, while still holding an awareness of where you’ve come from (even if you don’t remember). With practice, your awareness of that space “between” realities expands. In the expansion, you’ll be able to perceive many new things. Take note (either mentally or in written form) and expand your awareness. As your awareness expands, you will become aware of your expansion.

Write down the colours of your Light and Presence. Sing any songs or sounds that are meaningful to you. Find the sounds and songs that to express your Light and Presence, use musical instruments if you like. You don’t have to sing or sound out loud if you don’t want to at the beginning. You could start inside your head until you have the confidence to express your Soul’s Light and Presence outwardly. There is such a joy to hear yourself make sounds through your physical body and to feel the vibrations you are creating with sound. It is a very healing experience, like giving back to ourselves something we have lost.

How to manifest Your presence and Your Desires

It is the same with colours. When you see, feel and imagine the colours of your Light presence daily, find ways of manifesting your Light. Wear the colours of your presence and ground them into physical reality. Surround yourself with the colours of your Light, in clothes, cloths, scarves.

Watch yourself grow, literally. Experience change as transformation manifests. You will become more in tune with yourself and more magnetic to your highest good.

How to use expanded perceptions in healing yourself and others

The achievement of being able to be tuned in with yourself allows you ease and grace when you are requested to do a healing session. Even if you use ways of scanning the aura that you have developed, you can have more access to information coming from a person if you use your Light body and the 12 Senses at the same time. You can learn to sense their aura and read or absorb the information subconsciously and unconsciously to help you expand the range of the healing you can give. We will be doing practical sessions to read energy information in a person for healing and empowerment.

If you want to complete the Diploma but have missed Year 1 Week 1 you can catch up when it becomes available as an on-line course. It is possible for you to participate in this week as a standalone week, or for any of the 2 weeks in Year 2. If you like the syllabus for the week and want to join us, then please get in touch. You are also welcome to join us for one or two days if you would like to expand your perceptions. Please email 

Included in the Course Manual:

Universal Vowel Sounds associated with Colour Rays and Mudras. Also Taoist Philosophy – Sounds of the Organs with 6 Healing Sounds meditation with mudras. This is a lovely daily practice which we do daily.

Physics of Light, Colour and Sound, Power Point Presentation (WEEK 1 YEAR 1)-Understanding the visible and radiation spectrum, Splitting White Light, Eye structure and Vision, the phenomena of Waves (light and sound), Ultrasound and laser light. Theory of Colour including primary, secondary and tertiary colours, Colour Wheel, and colour definitions.

Meanings of Colour: Social, environmental, historical and emotional, detailed information on colours related to chakras, colours in the aura and for healing. Introducing the work of Theo Gimbel and Barbara Ann Brennan. We begin with Red and work our way through Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

WEEK 1 YEAR 1: Mental Colour Therapy-talk and introduction to fascinating Colour Therapy Techniques. Separate Manual and healing charts with  demonstration and practical sessions for the students to experience.

Colour Healing techniques-colour bathing using projected colour and Light Labyrinth. Colour Breathing and visualisation, using silks in colour healing. Meanings of Colour-social, environmental, historical, emotional and colours in the aura and colour healing. We will cover what we can of the above in class and then students are asked to remember key associations with each colour. We continue with colour meditations-Orange and Yellow. Practical sessions with silks, aura soma pomanders and Oracle of Illumination (Vicky Argyle).

We complete our studies of Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet with short meditations and handouts on Meanings of Colour and we continue and complete practical sessions with colour dowsing over body with silks.

There is a manual to cover the first year material and students are expected to take notes from talks and practical sessions (cameras can be used!). Students are given the opportunity for as many practical sessions as possible to develop their confidence.

Case Studies 

Colour and Advanced Vibrational Medicine Course Syllabus Year Two

Please note, the Syllabus will be expanded to include new subjects for The Art of Being You.

Diploma Year: Diploma awarded on completion of a further 3 case studies and a presentation on a colour pioneer

The Esoteric Story of Creation in Sacred Geometric Terms (Flower of Life and Tree of Life, Fibonacci Sequence). Platonic solids and use on chakras. Healing and meditation with platonic solids, including practical sessions. Tertiary colours.

Introduction to Electronic Vibrational Medicine with Bruce Copen’s Colorific Instrument. Practical sessions Exploring the power of the human voice in healing-Sound as a powerful healing tool. Instruments for sound healing-the drum, singing bowls, rattles and percussion-a wonderful means of expression.

Chakras and the Kaballah Presentation. Harmonics of Vibration Presentation including esoteric philosophy-the Schools and Colour Rays (reference to Alice Bailey’s work). Soul Rays colour and meanings. Theo Gimbel’s The Human Body and Spine as an Instrument of Sensitivity. Sound and Light meditation using Theo Gimbel’s correspondences.

Colour presentations by students. Vibrational Pictures of the Chakras, exploring the work of Lee Pollack, progressive homoeopath, discussions.

There is a manual provided for the second year. 

Accommodation is available locally in B&Bs, or accommodation at the local hotel within the village or at nearby guest houses (within easy driving distance). There are self catering options to rent available for groups. Please enquire for details, or look on internet.