Lemurian Journey

Surrey   7th November 1999
Meditation 4 of 4, from a workshop with Kathleen Murray and Mahasamatman

Kathleen:   Just making all those final adjustments, so that you are as physically as comfortable as you can be.   Preparing yourselves to go into these wonderful states of relaxation and into deeper states of meditation.

So being conscious of your breath, with every inhale taking in the crystalline energy that is around us.   Breathing out, letting go and releasing, any of the vibrations and feelings and beliefs that we carry that are calling to be surrendered, for our highest good.   Breathing in the love, breathing in the light from the Divine Source of Creation.   Calling in our higher selves, our I AM presences, all our guardians and guides, and once again inviting in the Universal crystalline beings, the Ascended and the Galactic Masters, Gaia and all the guardians of all the dimensions to assist in the transformation of energy.   The transformation of all energy- personally throughout humanity’s consciousness everything in the land that needs to be released and throughout every dimension to Source.

Mahasamatman:   Greetings, Loved ones.   We are all with you again, even though it has not been so long since we shared, much has happened.   As it would in the worlds of energy, as a consequence from all our input this morning.  So we have great pleasure in telling you that many, many others have benefited and are benefiting from all this work.   If only you knew you would be encouraged, and yet you can know.   You can receive that encouragement to grow and to become, and to make all these intangible worlds more real to you, for they are what exists out with time and space.   They are your universe, full of creative energy, and what a place, full of things always in movement and change.

We hope that you continue this work and continue to receive the treasures that will come to you when you are committed at this level.   Committed to the growth of yourself, to the growth and expansion of your species, and the growth of Gaia, in taking part with her in tending and caring for the land.

So we wish to share with you some of the finer frequencies of Lemuria.   We wish to take you into the lands of expansive horizons, to experience for yourself Oneness.   Now each of you will have a guide from Lemuria joining you now.   And you can make this guide as real to you as you wish.   Whatever you prefer to see this being as light, as colour as feeling or as real in the form that this being appears to you.   The Lemurian resonance is present and will be transmitted to you from the crystalline vehicles that are here with you.

We ask you now to become part of the crystalline vehicle that you are working with, or part of ourselves, Mahasamatman.   If you wish to travel with us, inside us to the Lemurian vibration, you are welcome.   See feel and imagine that self of you becoming smaller in your perception, to enter into the crystalline vehicle that you have chosen.   In your perception as you shrink in size, you will feel your crystalline vehicle grow in your perception.

And grow and grow…so you may experience the largeness of our being, for we will talk now for all of the crystalline vehicles that you are working with.   So find yourselves inside us now.   Within our crystalline structure, you will see the parts of us where rainbows dance and play.   And where the crystalline structure holds waterfalls of energy, flowing down sparkling light throughout planes and rivulets of flowing energy.   Become at one in this crystalline world of adventure.

Let your imagination take you into all the places that are here, for we as a crystalline vehicle will continue to grow larger and larger until we ourselves hold the far horizons of the Lemurian vibration.   You may find stairways within our crystalline structure that take you into different levels of being within these far horizons.   Or you may find yourselves at platforms, at lookout posts, vistas, viewing places, like balconies, and here you may look out at all the wonders of this world.

You may see caverns of light in crystalline structure, you may see deep caverns and tunnels.   You may see crystal mountains, crystal volcanoes, crystallised water as in snow.   And with your Lemurian guide feel free to fly to travel to look to experience all the wonders of this land.   You may see the natural landscapes that form bridges creating links between the temples of Lemuria, or you may be attracted to the sacred gardens of Lemuria.

Wherever you are guided to now, you can make this as real for yourself as you wish, using your imagination to ignite yourself into this world, which exists beyond belief, beyond any constraints of the mind.   When Lemuria, the guardians of Lemuria, and those who took care of the Lemurian vibration, needed to withdraw their presence from the Earth, this was when the human mind collectively set up limitations.   This was when there were beings that were more interested in setting limitations, containing areas of operation for the human mind.   Mind control- this was part of the journey for humanity.

It was at this time in the Earth’s history that the Lemurian vibration began to disappear.   To disappear from being accessible to all who desired.   Now of course there are so many of you who firmly believe in freedom, who firmly believe in your own empowerment, who firmly believe in unlocking your potential, who are the truth seekers.   This is all you need Loved Ones, to go into these states beyond belief, which give you the access to Lemuria.

Lemuria holds all the imprints of paradise on Earth.  Gaia and all those who take care of her, wish to see this paradise return.   This is how you can help, by making it real for you, by allowing it to become real for you, bit by bit.   Each time you take yourself in asking for access, it is as though the Lemurian vibration can descend into awareness of the human mind.   And only to those whose minds are full of freedom.   This is a land that holds much treasures, so enjoy now, explore, it is a land that as paradise holds everything.   All the beauty that is still represented in Earth in small patches, the beautiful beaches and seashores, oceans of colour and clarity, sand which holds crystal gems, and the richness of the plant kingdom.

Imagine the tropics with all the hues and colours, and the buzz of hummingbirds, bees, insects and birds of colours in flight.   This truly a fantastical land, and the forms of those who are in spirit ever changing, the devic kingdoms, the fairy realms, the angels.   And the animals- the Lemurian vibration holds all the mythical animals, unicorns, pegasus, creatures with wings, all of those mixes from legends, they are all here.   So you may enjoy meeting and experiencing them.   And you may also enjoy becoming them, for those beings that are, it is more accurate to say the forerunners of human beings, the light beings that are you, are shapeshifters.   You can experience being a flower, and being a spirit that looks after a flower, and becoming a butterfly and becoming a unicorn.  It is your choice Loved Ones, and we give you some time to play here.

Just let all of these impressions come into your consciousness.   The more that you let go and relax, the more this magic can come through you.

Now let your Lemurian guide give you a symbol.   It may be a colour, it may be a form, it may be both.   But what you are given now, you are given in energetic form and it is placed in your energy field, so you may carry it with you.   It does not matter that when you focus on so many other things in your life that you forget that it is there.   The important thing is that it is, and you are carrying that symbol, which will awaken the potential of others to allow this vibration to return to consciousness, to human consciousness once again.   Wherever you walk, which ever parts of the land that you live in or are attracted to, when you remember, give that symbol to the land, consciously and state the intentions to anchor the Lemurian vibration in the land once again to awaken and activate this reality.   Even when you do not remember, when you walk you will carry this vibration and we suggest that you can do both.  But we do ask you to make those times available consciously, and it need only be when you are walking in a park or in a street, or somewhere out in the countryside, or by the sea.   To allow yourself, even for a few moments to return to a state of relaxation, and drop back into meditation to connect with the Lemurian vibration.   To make your symbol, your gift real, activated once again in your energy field, and give it to the land.

Now one of the wonders of this work, is that each time you give your symbol whatever that symbol is, and it may be writing in some form- you will see yourself taking it from where you carry it, and giving it, and placing it, imprinting it on the land.   After you have very ceremoniously placed it, with as much ritual as you wish.  There need be none, there may be lots.   You may wish to accompany it with more of a meditation space, taking crystals to where you are going, and perhaps inviting groups of friends to join in on this work.   Or it may be done in a matter of moments, the magic and the wonder of it all is that once you have given it away it will still be with you.   Through your vibrancy and connection to this vibration, it will appear once more with you- it is a never ending gift.

No matter how many times you see yourself giving it away it appears with you.   It is indeed like the stories that you may have read in fairy tales, where a person has been given a gift and the gift has magical properties, for the gift always replenishes itself- like a loaf of bread that always eaten appears whole and freshly baked the next morning.

Lemuria is a land of magic and fairy tales.   It is more than a land of magic and fairy tales but it certainly is a land of magic and fairy tales.   It is the reality where you have lived many lifetimes and it is the reality which has given birth to all of the magic in your world now, to all those stories of fantasy, legend, myth.   To all those stories that you have read your children, well the ones with the magic that are beyond belief.

So Loved Ones, in giving you access to this, it is giving you continual access to the lands of your own fantasy, to open them up and make them real to you again.   There always has been the mind control and the conditioning, when you have been told as children that fantasy is not real.   And yet now it is time to break those bonds, this fantasy is more real than illusions and has more effect on the evolution of yourselves and on the Earth than anyone could really imagine.   It holds all the visioning of paradise here on Earth, heaven on Earth.   As you make these journeys into the land of the heavens and bring back the memories into your consciousness, to make them real on the Earth, you are making it all so much more tangible for others, you are nurturing the Earth, Gaia.   You are nurturing yourselves, for inside you there is a magical child that instantly responds to fantasy.

It is a land of Dreams…of visioning…so we give you just a little more time there just now…

OK Loved Ones, it is time for you to tune out of this vibration for just now.   We would like to say how much it has been our honour to be guiding you this weekend.   To be called in by yourselves to be of assistance, and as you know by now we have so much joy at these opportunities.   We would also like to say how we are always with you, call us in, we can come into each and everyone of your meditations, just ask.   For that is another one of the pleasures of our being a Universal consciousness.   We can be anywhere and everywhere when asked and needed, in addition to our own desires and our own projects in Universal alignment.

No matter how big or how small, for there is no difference in the realms of energy, all is interconnected.   We can always be there for you.   And you may feel our gratitude flowing through our hearts, uniting us all.

With love and Peace,

Kathleen:   Now you may feel that you wish to stay in an altered state of consciousness for a little bit longer, you may wish to come round and come back into focus in the room.   Just whatever… savour these moments however you wish.

And breathe the love that is in the room into yourself, there is so much of it here.   I am going to take a moment to be quiet in this love, for myself.   But whatever you want to do, to come through and open your eyes and be physically present that is fine.   I am just going to take a moment to be in the Love.

Gaia: Loved ones this is Gaia, expressing herself to you for all you have shared.  And very simply we are with you, we Gaia and all the guardians and all the spirits of the guardians of earth that are my consciousness.   You have allowed yourselves to make my presence real in your lives and I thank you for this, and I add my Love to your presence.

Kathleen:Oh and I also have a whole range of beings that wish to say thanks, so I am just going to convey it through myself now.   There are great waves of gratitude from all the Ascended and Galactic Masters, from all of them.   And from Melchizedek and Metatron, and the archangels.   They celebrate with us our lives in joy, and in love.

We have the presences of many other Goddesses as well, I am not sure how much you can all pick up, but I’ll just convey some to you… Mother Mary, Qwan Yin.   So many blessings coming our way, which I’ll say thanks on behalf of all of us.

OK Thank you to you all.


From a Council of Lemurian Elders

15th August 2004 Rhynie

Greetings to you. We are part of a Council of Lemurian Elders, devoted to finding the truth in everything.  We are also in the Council of Mattering. We ask you to join with us now, as is our custom, through our presences and yours inter-joining. Take a moment and a few deep breaths and we will merge. Those of you who join us will be well accustomed to our presence and will answer this signal gladly. Preparation has gone on for a long time to allow our communications to now be so true through so many layers of your being. The awakening of your unconscious presence is a boon to our consciousnesses merging. Many of you realize how powerful your unconscious presence is, that part that mainly takes communications from God and Goddess and All That Is Divine and creates symphonies in your individual world. The symphonies of creation in which you have been writing the scripts since time began. And yet what is the change now?

Just what could be the change now? For there is one. We can all sense something has changed, and just what could that be? For each and every person there is of course a different reality. But there is one change that we all share that joins us all together. And that would have to be of course a reality change that is in everyone’s scripts. And what would that be?

Well yes of course, let us not keep you in suspense for any longer! What reality could everyone on the planet share – regardless of their origins from the time before the creation of Gaia as light consciousness into matter?  The origins form the stars, and adventures into Galactic consciousness. You came out of the Galactic Consciousness to assist in the bringing into matter an amalgam of stellar beings –to co-create and witness the birth of Gaia into matter. And so this is why you would have returned to planet Earth at this time. To attend to the mattering of Gaia’s re-growth into Light. An expansion which will be like an implosion and explosion at the same time, very impactful when the critical mass level is reached and boom! It happens.

What people sometimes call shit hitting the fan.  So when you find yourselves in one of those ‘shit hitting the fan’ situations you will know that you are reliving a script that you created in Atlantis and you have to interplay with it in this reality Now.  Elements will feel familiar and you will spot the new ingredients, as there always is this creative scope, every time you do relive the scripts which are the ones which created the most fear for you.

So now do you sense what we are talking about? This year has been an incredible year for huge things going on for humanity, personally and globally. Well this year so far… how are you going to enter into this next phase then and what goals are you going to set yourselves?  You will know the central themes you are given to work galactically through your earthly life. By galactically we mean multi-dimensionally through your stellar connections and soul energy. This you can know intuitively and we see so many more of you are ready to deeply trust your own truths, which set up mandalas of light and an interplay of beauty that only truth radiating out clearly and purely can. We use the term mandalas in the same way as others use the word light grids, or grids of energy that is part of Gaia’s body.

Whatever you have been challenging yourself with, know that now you hold the potential for a completely freer vibration of freedom.  For you will have freed yourself from major control issues.  Or not, perhaps you are still moving through them. We hope that what we share with you will give you more courage to go for your own truth and not give up with half measures or worse still, be fooled by all the distractions that there are on the way.  We are talking of very big happening for each of you. And what matters is how you respond. What control will you exercise on the parts that are desperate to gain their freedom? Will you crush them and dominate them, or will you let go your control and let them out of their jail, or the trap that you have ensnared them in? Will you face your biggest fears and dissolve them once and for all (instead of living in the fear again)?

So no wonder some of you are facing life threatening situations, however you concoct them for yourselves- life threatening illness, spectacular accidents, impossible coincidences that lead to nothing, odd when the build up has been so great – nothing fits or makes sense in the real and larger framework that you do know exists. In fact some people have been finding their very reality being challenged. And do you know that because of all realities joining into Atlantean seeded dramas then every choice that you make can be fuelled by that other reality. You choose all the time.

When you are ready to create your reality from the future, where you cannot control any detail, and where you are of course no longer interested in manipulating energy by control, you are fuelled by the Dreamers Council in the Lemurian Elders Council. Any soul taking on visioning, dreaming, proposing and supplying energy which co-creates our next moment (running parallel to this reality but inter merging as ‘deja- vu’) is acting out the patterns of ancient wisdom held in the energy lines of five, pentacle, pentangle, pentagon. You in this earth reality along with you in the Dreamers council, both work your five orientated magic along with three others, God, Goddess, All That Is Divine. This is the magical and mystical  thirteen. 5 times 2 plus three.

One of the ancient systems of energy use. And what does energy give you- power. And later was born the struggle and conflict for power- energy harnessed at creation point and then flooded along certain channels at key Galactic times.

We are simplifying here, into the outline of a story, a metaphysical structure which when you merge with your truth you too will be able to use. The mergence creates the change of being necessary for you to suddenly be experiencing change. In that change all perceptions of energy manipulation have been recreated, transformed into the 13 vibration, the One held by Lemurian Elders

Yes Lemuria. Oh we hear you say, but I have no memories fro Lemuria. I haven’t recalled any ‘past lifetimes’ from Lemuria. I can recall Atlantis, so I think that I wasn’t there in Lemuria…

You were there, you who is reading this. You are time encoded to your Lemurian wake-up call. It is NOW! These are archetypal stories, as you read the words the memories will come back to you and the healing will begin. So is this your story…

There was a man whom you admired and respected.
He meant a lot to you, he had influenced you greatly in your own awakening.
A first spiritual Love.
Your first spiritual Love.
First Love.

He was bonded in his tradition.
He kept the codes.
And he kept his own council.
For this some respected him greatly and others despised him his freedom.
They didn’t understand his role.
You could see the hidden beauty, the beauty too bright and too vibrant to be perceived by all.

You could correlate to these ancient cosmic matrices.
You held deep in your cosmic memory
A knowledge of the first matrices that held Heaven and Earth together.
That was how deep your bonding went with this One.
One whom you recognized but could not be part of the plan yet.

You watched him as he moved through the city.
Endlessly, seamlessly, moving the dimensions
Magician that he was.
He had come from Lemuria.
You had known him there, but you did not know you knew him until…

You wished then that others could see him.
You watched frightened as his power grew.
Was he meant to be this way, there was a distortion.
It was subtle at first.
He Loved and he ravaged and he knew not what he did
His innocence prevailed.

The betrayal.
The separation.
The loss of Self in Love.
But in whose name this Love?
Was this Love with that name?
Things were not clear, there was disortion.
That gateway remains to his soul.
His soul, your soul.
Fragments of One Being.

To become One,
To return to Lemuria.

You know the codes when you see them returning. You recognise the patterns of Light that show in your dreams. You begin to consciously hold the Gateway through Atlantis again. The gateway through and to Atlantis. It is time to shed the Light of Divine Council of Lemuria to light the way, to heal the traumas of humanity. To give the pathways to Peace a clean and clear and shine again.

We honour you your journey. And the stories are many fold…

The women always had been allowed in the forest.
But now there were none.
Where could they be and what had happened to their guardianship?
They would never neglect and they shared their care and responsibilities Between them redistributing as women had to come and go for initiation Ceremonies, birthing and caring for their children.
Never would all of them be able to neglect their care of the forest.
Only matters out of their hands would bring these results.

The trees talked of their loneliness,
Of their separation from their womenfolk,
Their spirit to match their physical body.
How could they survive here without a mobile form of being to assist in the community life?

They didn’t know the pacts that were being made by infiltrators, spells cast to enchant with control. Permission given by energy signature from the inside.

And the first seeding of cancer.
It screams back to us now and one of the voids in the matrices is still dark.
It looks like a void
But it is not.
It is made
It is created
It looks like
But it is not.
Look into the form and you will find the hidden light codes.
Each nodule squirming as the illusion shows itself to honest eyes.

You remember these and you know how to diffuse them.

They are detonated by a brainwave of certain frequency.
Electrical fields charged to control.

THE CREATION OF A MIRACLE in the presence of an ARCHETYPE passing by

You always undertook the missions
To Unharness and let free
To unravel
To let escape
The reasons to be.

There are many now incarnate
Who know the way
To discharge control

We talk to you
We call to you
Let bear your Soul
Unified in Lemurian Nights

We begin the ceremonies of OLD
Origins of the

The moonrises were always the potent time
Magic abounding from fairy realm
Light of Dawn streaming
The Touch of Dawn as she strides the Day
Soul ar

Remember the Lemurian Dawns
Remember the moonrise over ocean
The calling of Our Souls.

The Rose whose heart
They sought and coveted
As they passionately longed for
Wove a web of deadly frustration

This bonding is time to deny
To break free by denial first
Denial dissolving the fear

Bearing freedom of the Soul
Bringing Unified Presence
Creating an Archetype passing by
A miracle unfolds
Another One of the Lemurian Nights

Knights of the Moon
You are called NOW
To heart
To home
Are those pathways clear?

Get to
Maintain and hold
Your torch
Your Radiance

To create an Archetype passing by
As a miracle unfolds.

And so to you, young ones…

The Stone of Indestructible Liberation
The Web of Intricate Deceit

How can you see our faces, the trees ask?
How can you worry over the sea?
How can you pretend you are whole?
Fragmented One

The Stone that built the cities
Grace abounds
The choruses of Angels
In the Temples in the sky

Freedom’s values kept hidden in the cask
A place in everyone’s heart


The Pain

It could only be
One known to few
But yet to you

How can you honour Self?
How can you honour that one else?
Death and destruction
Faced in knowing torture

Sacrifice of Self
And honour.

Keep quiet
Abide the eruption
Knowing the illusions.

Do not tremble in your faith
Do not weakly collapse
Your sense of Self
Into the opening invitation
Of falsehood and deceit.

You know the void begins to beckon
You know the call will come out for you
This time you can’t wait
You can’t hide
They will come looking
And this time the destiny is to find

You read it in the stones
You saw it in the sky
Written in codes of Light
In Sunrise and Sunset

The Day
The Night
It speaketh
To all of humankind

Deep in your heart
You have that call
In You All.

This time you know you will answer
You will come out of camouflage
You know by doing you embark
Death and destruction await you

You know
You saw

Self chosen
God rather than Goddess.

Council, Loved One Remember?
In the heart of ruby
Rest assured

Remember the spinning of the Vortex
Remember the distortion of the Merkaba
Go home
Oh Stones of Illusion
Have you met with the Delusion of Death
The entrapping of heart’s energies
Your presence remembered in the Soul Codes for Planet Earth

But Gaia
Where is Gaia?

You unclear
You uncover
You discover
Your part to play revealed

The Script you can enter
Now fully and complete
Be assured of Success
And listen to
The music in the Skies.

The rays of Sun come through the Moon
Sister and brother reunite

In the Stones you stored the knowledge
Behind the precepts of Time and Space

Just use the code

Swear allegiance
Drop the uniform
Into unicorn

Life breath
For breathing
As the sigh shudders
Light matrices

The inscriptions in the Stones

Come hunting
Passions awakened
Re dressed.

You know you have joined them again
Light and welcome gladdens your heart

Hope established
Potential accepted

The stellar guardians relinquish
Majesty and presence
Into heart restored

The stones empowered
And activated

Light enhancing
Life enchanting


The optimism of the Dreamers
Keeps every spirit high
Rituals darken skyline
At sunset
Brightening the sky
With full moon’s light

Sentinel rejoicing
Reunion with All.

Councilling the Sacredness
Restored into the hollows
Hallowed for ever
Only to be encovered

The saving of souls who have lost their way.

Hidden in the Skulls of Man
Songs sung and singing now
Bound in a metal loop

Seek the undine
In the water
To pass.

Mortal implications.

The Dreamers come
They weave their magic
Sure and fast it travels
Ancestral homes revisited
Purge the energy of the serpent

Into the trees

Stones sung
Sound around
Death becoming.

Ones come together
Fleetingly pass
Magic shared.

Secrets held
Once again.

Right the ending
Write the ending
Choice abounds
In freedom’s hands.
And the Stone
Of Indestructible Liberation succeeds.

Grace of god
Illusion of hope
Find the light on truth.

Grace of Goddess
Easily found
Enriched within
Young Ones Heart

Returned to Grace and Union
Majesty restored
And trees contain

The wisdom of the triplets

In blood rejuvenated
In lines are sung

The Songs of everlasting Peace.

The Magician looked into the sphere.
The consulting ones bewildered
Flashes of current Power
Beyond expectation

He hid the codes.

You look now
And only find
The tarnished doorways

But the copper script
Is heightened on the copper plate
Used to distract
You look beneath

The sphere begins shining
Into the darkness
Radiating Light

From Sirius came
From Orion came
Magicians flew
Caskets blew
Feathers soared as wands danced.

The celebrations of the Equinoxes
The traditions of the Ancients
Released they become
Clear to see.

They stand now with no illusion
Diligent and

The tall Ones who came in Golden robes
Sapphires to read
With soup to turn

Leave the cauldron chores
Aye wait.

It is
You imprint
It is
You own
It can always be so
You can begin again.

The Emeralds held
In hands of gold
Faces of moon silver and shown
The faery folk
Await you.


In green
In shadows
Catch the muse or two
Dancing, look deep.

Deep into the
Depths of Creation
Longing to be
To Be.

Stripes under the sea
Stars reflected
In codes on water
Woven by whales
Sung by dolphins
Ancient Ones.

Sapphires now
It is time to talk
Hear the voices
So long denied.

Stretch the ear
The mouth
The nose

Become in blue light
Striations of Future Light
Held waiting
Release given by command
Destiny fulfilled
Passion with holding.

Crystals now embedded in human kind
The decision taken
For better
For all ways to follow
Stumbling upon
Earth woken
Dawn broken
Sunset rejoice.

Ceremonies coveted
Crystalline matter collapse

And now forever
We are bound together
Bound in faith
Lavishly trusting

Hoping we hold

Greetings to you, we are the Dreamer’s Council of Lemuria. It is time now for the stories to be told again and when the ancient wisdom awakens in your heart, you will hear the music weaving between us.

A Picture of Understanding

April 2003

Greetings to you Loved Ones, and what a time it is in you and your planet’s his-story and her-story. The destruction through war that is ongoing on your planet just now changes things, as you could well imagine. We would like to explain to you, to create for you a picture, a picture of understanding. We are not here in any way to talk about the politics of this war, we are more interested in the human condition. We are more interested in helping humanity, far more interested in allowing an understanding to be seeded in human beings who desire Peace in their hearts.

What we would like to give you an understanding of today is the human condition when traumatized. This war is traumatizing the people of Iraq and the people of neighbouring countries, as well as traumatizing those in Britain and America, those who have relatives out there fighting.

Humans when traumatized become fragmented, fragmented and divided, scattered and fearful, and very open to being invaded. The invasion of this country of Iraq is not just from forces from the British and American armies, marines and military personnel. They are only symbolic of the invasion which goes into human minds and human hearts, and humanity as a whole. That invasion is not only of Iraq but of planet Earth, there are beings from other dimensional realities taking the opportunity created by the destruction to very firmly place their presence on Earth.

So today we would like to take you on a journey to altered states of consciousness. Begin by using your breathing.

Breathing in the breath of life calling in the sacredness of your being. Calling in your higher self, your guardians and guides, your soul’s council. With every in breath, breathing more slowly, more deeply. With every out-breath releasing, releasing all that stands in your way, known and unknown, all your resistance to anchoring your Divine presence here on Earth. Breathing in the crystalline energy fields as they answer your call. Expanding your energy field, breathe the breath of life into your heart, feel your heart expand further than it has before. Imagine that with every in breath you are pulling in energy through your chakric system, down your pranic tube, into Gaia, into the masculine and feminine of balance in Gaia-the consciousness you have chosen to live on and with, to travel with and to journey through all of this together, in this realm and many others. Welcome Gaia!

And now as energies are traveling down your pranic tube, into Gaia, feel his/her response. Imagine you can sense your root chakra breathing, breathing in planetary vibrations, the energy of wholeness that is indeed held within Gaia’s consciousness. In the sacredness of her being there is no violation. We are here to remind you too, Loved Ones that in the sacredness of your being there can be no violation, however intensely you feel it, however often you create it, knowingly, unknowningly, consciously, subconsciously, unconsciously. And as we talk today of those in trauma, realize that within yourself you may still hold traumas, fragmentation. It is time to reclaim, to reclaim your soul’s energies, time to reclaim your power, time to reclaim your hope. Time to reclaim all.

As your heart expands and your mind grows calm, open all your senses, all your senses. Just send out that request, asking to be a human being with memory of full empowerment. Feel your body relax and go into a meditative state. Send out that request for full empowerment. There are many injustices that humankind has done to humankind. Memories of these injustices are carried. There are memories of injustices from your last war that have lived on at a cellular level and have helped to create this Earthly war. And there are layers, as it would be, on top of all the injustices that human beings can do to one another. There are opportunists from other dimensions, beings not in Divine service. Beings of Light, but beings not of Divinity. These beings of Light, who when they have been on the planet before, and they have many times, have been recognized as beings of Light, as gods. And we speak of those from Nibiru, amongst others.

It is a complex strata of non-Divine beings who take advantage of human nature. And even when a human being is on their spiritual path, in their daily life, with an awareness of working consciously with energies, there is always the responsibility to maintain clarity, wholeness, wholeheartedness and a Love that transforms all fears. Even human beings who are on their spiritual path and who well know the times of expansion and growth; will find that once again their fears resurface to be experienced. And it is not to experience the misery again, not now, once your awareness has been awakened. It is still to clear the residue of trauma, fears, held deep within the human psyche, deep within the collective consciousness of humanity. It only takes one wheel to go out of alignment for the journey of self-realization to become a journey of destruction. It only takes one part of self to hold the vibration of fear, for that fear to be amplified into self-destruction. It is a destruction that perpetually creates itself.

Breathe deeply Loved Ones, and move into a deeper state of consciousness just now. As time goes on your higher self, your Divine presence and all of your guardian angels and beings from the angelic realms that are here to assist you, will attune you. Prepare yourself for an out of body experience and come and join us in a Lemurian Healing Temple, where we will show you the pathways to assist in clearing your trauma. There may be many of you that are yet to discover the trauma you carry, or the fragmentation that exists in the depths of their being. Many of you have touched points of rage, of anger that does not end until the rage is felt and cleared and healed and forgiven. There is so much anger in humanity and to be able to anchor in your divinity through your human body at this time, each one of you will have your processes to uncover and discover that anger and rage, and heal that anger and that rage. Rediscover and unearth that worthiness of your being.

And now to go on that journey into the depths of your being, guided and co-ordinated by your higher self and Divine Presence, opening up all your senses, surrendering and allowing, beautifully the grace of your human nature to be given to you. And as the crystalline kingdom, our presence as skull consciousness coming through crystalline beings included, allowing the crystalline kingdom to attune you, to attune your asking, whoever you are. Breathing more deeply, the breath of life and all things sacred permeating through your being, flowing beautifully, in and through your energy field, and up and through your energy field, you as a human being bridging Heaven and Earth.

We welcome you now into a Lemurian Healing Temple. Lemuria? The state of Divinity on Earth again, full empowerment of human beings. A state to be reclaimed, renewed and regenerated, through your ancestors, through our ancestors. And let your senses create with you, the Lemurian Healing Temple that is all around you now, the pillars, the standing stones, the crystals, the trees, the flowers, the kingdoms united. And your soul’s council is here, and your soul is here, so embrace and embody and feel the crystalline energy fields around you now in this temple. Initiate, set into motion, begin, a song, a dance, your song, your dance, from your universal nature, the song of your heart.

And receive now, receive, Loved Ones, receive Love to transform all your fears. Receive the soul wisdom to bring back the fragments of your being, traumatized on Earth, at many different times, incarnation after incarnation. Allow this healing today to flow through you, through all your earthly lifetimes, including this one. The angelic kingdom are here, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Michael, synthesizing for you, allowing to run through your conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds, sweeping through with light carrying Love and a clarity of sacredness, for deep within the human psyche there remains memories of hell, with human beings being placed between heaven and hell. And this is not a reality of truth, human beings are between Heaven and Earth. And Earth and the beauty and the sacredness of life on your planet are not hell. Whatever you have experienced in your traumas, real to you at those times, it is not the truth, for life on Earth was never meant to be hell, and today we wish to change the genetic codes that hold those memories of hell. Allow God, allow Goddess, and allow all Divine Beings to assist you.

Let the idea of Hell be purged through all levels of your being. And was this set in motion a long, long time ago when beings from Nibiru came to Earth? And was this set in motion a long, long time ago, when renegade beings came from different star systems? You will feel your vibratory truth resonating inside of you. Wherever you were seeded with the notion of Hell, let that genetic modification, that limitation on your empowerment let the constraints, and the prisons, and the poisons and the entrapment of your being, the dysfunctioning of your self for the decapitulation of self- whatever has been your experience. The removal of parts of self in all kinds of traumatic ways, the fragmentation and the torture, the trauma which was created to allow that notion of hell to exist. Let your root experience be uncovered now. And feel the love Loved Ones that is around you. Feel the love form your Soul, from your higher self and your soul’s council, and let that Love flow, flow into all your pathways of struggle, let your Divine nature be embodied in you now, in this Healing Temple, so that you as an individual can shine the Light and Love into all your own pathways of struggle.

And let your Divine self now show you a new pathway, Divine self, human self, future self. The pathway of a future self to be anchored by you over the coming three months up to the summer Solstice this year 2003. You may see the pathways of Light, the mandalas of crystalline Light carrying Love, the colours of your majesty to be anchored onto the Earth plane. You may perceive this in some ways, for your Divine Self now anchors this in your unconscious presence. Those pathways are there. They are now present. And through your unconscious presence, this is where the genetic changes will take place, cellular regeneration through your unconscious Divine presence. The roots are so often in your individual unconscious presence. Your roots of your rage against God, against Goddess, the roots of all that stands in your way of anchoring your Divinity, is so often in your unconscious presence. And from your unconscious presence the strata for creating your reality moves and becomes your subconscious, playing the programmes. Your conscious mind is fed through your subconscious and your life is being driven from these deeper levels, the creation of all in all sacredness which can flow through the Divine beauty of your unconscious presence, creating with majesty through your subconscious, and your conscious Divinity and will aligned as One. These are the full codes of empowerment for humanity. Yet so often the trauma and the fragmentation in the depths of your being in your unconscious, holds your power fragmented out of reach. Divinity almost within access, but not quite. You consciously strive, you consciously desire, you do, you be all you can, your subconscious responds, you clear. You have cleared so much Loved Ones. You process, you align, you attune and yet you still know that you cannot feel the most sacred inside you. You cannot allow the worthiness of yourself to be on this planet, for at the root of your being there is an unplugging, a fragmentation, a trauma. And now is the time to heal this Loved Ones.

For can you imagine that you as spiritually aware human beings carry these traumas, and if you can, then so can every human being. And with the war and the destruction on your planet ongoing- one of its aims to fracture more human beings, to traumatize, to hold in fear nations. And in fear, in control. To hold them hooded, imprisoned, entrapped. All the things that you desire to free yourself from now, all the notions of hell. It is an imperative Loved Ones, that you surrender to the great majesty of Love flowing through you now, to allow Love to flow through you, so at the same time others who are being traumatized, at the same time they are being traumatized you are setting the pathways for freedom in your own unconscious presence. Allow yourself to reach this deeply inside you.

So allow your personal Divine blueprint with the aid of your higher self and soul, future self, allowing this time scale of up to the Summer solstice of 2003 to make this tangible in your reality – your unconscious presence released in its full majesty, its full healing. Cellular activation. Limitations, the constraints, the entrapments removed, removed by Love, transformed through Love, through Divine Grace. And as all these fears and constraints are lifted from you, lifted as you give them away, your individual vibrational field is being reset from an unconscious level. It will take time Loved Ones to synthesize, to synthesize through the whole cycle of the moon, all the cycles of the sun and your own individual astrology. Through one moon cycle and another and a third for completion.

This year of 2003, allow it to be the year when you move into grace, through the summer solstice and beyond. Harmony and balance, wisdom and Love reset inside you, desired by you, created by you. With the intent not only to free yourself from your own prisons, but through your prayers, given daily to peoples of the world, peoples of the world in trauma, through your prayers you can send out vibrationally the healing that you are going through. The freedom from these prisons, the freedom from torture, freedom from hell. That there is a life without hell. And all that passes through you from your experience over the coming months will be residue, and yes you may feel it intensely, for anywhere you have stored in your physical body, your emotional body, your mental body, your spiritual body anywhere you have stored trauma will be released in a movement that comes from inside yourself. So Loved Ones, please have compassion for yourself as you experience the release of the residue from your trauma. And each time you feel the intensity of your prisons, remember you are creating freedom with Grace and you will feel all you can feel to release, to move through you, to create a dynamism of freedom that becomes more and more potent within you as Love transforms all. And we encourage you to see yourself as a potent human being, potent at this time of war, at this time of trauma seeded, at this time of fear and degeneration as human beings are terrorized. It will take those of you who desire to free yourself from whatever has given you terror to be the most potent healers and Divine being in human form on the planet today.

And know Loved Ones you will always be supported, will always be provided for, for this path of service is the greatest you can give and allow yourself in this year of humanity. Loved Ones you are still receiving this vibrational healing, it is still ongoing. Let it be. Allow your human Grace to be rediscovered by you, as Divine Grace surrounds you, you as an individual, you as all humanity, in all your different cultures and races and tribes and nations. And you with Gaia, Earth.

Pray for Divine Grace each day with Love, in Peace, Namaste.

Gathering of Ancients, Council from Lemuria

Channeled by Kathleen Murray 18th November 2005

Greetings to you, Loved Ones. This is the Council of Lemuria, the council of Elders from Lemuria. We are those who watch the portals, those who dance the songs, those who trumpet in the vibrations, those who hold energy, those who hold power, those who hold sound sacred. Oh, Loved Ones, such joy
and pleasure to meet with you, to join with you again, in this now as we create together a portal of ancient beings.

For the ancient skulls and ancient sacred pieces are portals. Perhaps the most important thing about crystal skulls is their potential for being portals, portals to the other dimensions -all dimensions- and depending on the frequency of the receiver, the skull itself, there will be the channel open and connecting between the realms.

We wish you to remember with us, Loved Ones. Open up your memories and feel your participation, in the reality which was then and is now, parallel to your life now but touching it at every side so you become aware of the whispers, the calls, the gentle nudges and the more purposeful shoves!

We speak to people who will find their destiny on Earth fulfilled by truths they will reach and hold, allowing this parallel reality to flow into your life, with the energy of your soul and soul’s council to provide for you and nurture you. And there is so much Love for you to feel supporting you…


Lemuria and the hill community with its temple of giant stone, a ring of stone. A stone ring but not a stone circle. A temple in the mountain, overlooking the plateaus and the hills down to the sea line and the sea shores. From standing out looking down across to the sea, a magnificent view of all different kinds of terrain, the cliffs, the rolling hills with the birds and the beasts. The beings that inhabit the forest, the rocks, the streams, the lakes, the sea shore. And in the sea, the sea folk, the mer-creatures, the consciousness that sound the vibrations of the sea, talking always to the beings of the stars, in the midnight skies.

And the Lemurian that hold their places in this gathering of ancients.

Rock ledges around the stone temple where we all stand together, to hold the vibration in a horse shoe shape. And to allow to come from the heavens more light beings -of origin of horse and of origin of unicorn. The steeds of the universes and they come in stampeding, energetic and dynamic- pleased to be here to show their energy, their prowess, to dance their dance of triumph. And they are the dancers of triumph that herald the heroes of triumph, those from the star system of Cassiopeia and Arcturus, who together have been in a mission to Earth.

And ones like ourselves sound the sounds that call the beings together. We hold the weave of sound in light and the dancing patterns which flow across the membranes of our sound around the ledges. We are on the sixth level, and all together (with the seventh level above us) we are creating the matrixes and mandalas of sound -weaving colour and light and together they dance and they flow into each one of us. They also flow from each one of us, creating in the centre of all thirteen of us, a ring of fire, of fiery light. And beneath us, five, four, three, two and the first layer or level of sound are also creating these mandalas.

The patterns create a line into the centre, like ours, these lines together create a portal of sound and light, creating fire in light and light in fire. Ancients altogether (with the seventh level above) creating -the total resonance is shared by seven groups of thirteen. And those seven energies speak to one another until they grow and form a column, a column of light in fire and fire in light, dynamic energy to hold the presence of one who comes, to hold the celebration so that the one who comes can sound this fire, can breather this fire through sound. Sound from the throat of a being who is majestic, one of the songsters, a gongster, a being of the gongs, to create the sacredness of gong sound.

In this being comes…

And sound it does. Burning into places in the mountain, creating tunnels of fire in light and light in the fire. And the tunnels are created by this energy which moves through the Earth laying pathways of mountains of the future, of the valleys, of the glens, of the oceans of the future, searing a pathway of light in fire.

Other beings that come and join, beings of all the elements sounding. The wind, the rain, sounding the sun and sounding the moon.

Stars who sing choruses, planets that sing symphonies – the sound of connection of every living consciousness to every living consciousness. This is the background sound of creation. Can you play this sound and can you hear this sound, Loved Ones, this is the invitation?

Loved Ones, what an invitation to come together again as a tribe of elders – each specialised and each of you with a part to play. Can you bring back the memories, Loved Ones, of the times when you gathered together at sacred sites around the Earth to manifest the presence of Gaia?

And of how now, when you come together what can you create as you sound together with your hearts and your sacred voices, and with your hearts wide open? With the instruments you have- to play with the elements- you can become again, you can become once more the council of elders of Lemuria who hold the frequencies to allow more light onto this beautiful planet, this once star.

Take time Loved Ones with your memories, for as you attune to the Lemurian vibration, you will open up a process of being within yourself, so you may hold the portal to the ancients open in you again and in humanity again. It is time now for many light workers around the world, regardless of their denomination, of their beliefs (the more diverse the better), to follow the truth of a single aim holding the vision of love and peace and the healing of all conflict.

When you open up the ancient in you and join the council, you will hold that vibration and sound it out. And as you pray and as you chant, knowing your sound is travelling and communicating with the other Lemurians who are making this call just now, simultaneously around this planet of heart and mind united in Love to create the vision of peace.

Sounds that are songs singing the harmonies to connect throughout all the ages and with every being in every kingdom who has ever sounded love and peace.

In times gone by and in times in the future, these songs are sung transcending time so that the energy is matched now, the vision is held now, the ancient beings in you are awakened now. It is the time to come together to make the sounds of love and peace, and to hold the vibrations in your heart and in your heart knowing – to allow the memories to be rekindled and united in you.

Let the fiery light of creation create in you as you all create anew together, with excitement, inspiration, creativity – it is infinite it is boundless, it is fun.

Connect within, in with us. Connect within and within us into the unity of our shared vision.

Please Loved Ones, honour your goal of bringing through to human consciousness this vast energy of Love that is available for the healing of human kind, through inspiration, through Divine communication and through a legacy of Love, your legacy of Love to reclaim.

We love you and welcome you at any time to be with us, in Love and peace, Namaste.

Council of Elders from Lemuria

Channelling to contribute to a Global Channelling event
Published on website www.highersourcenews.com
29th November 2005    Kathleen Murray

I am asking the Council of Elders the question, “In order to serve the highest good of all what do people need to know about the State of the World?”

Greetings to you, Loved Ones, it is with great joy and pleasure that we join with you again. A joy as always, to be here to share, and to provoke in you the answers to this question. So join with us now, we ask you to join with us now by removing yourself from your conscious focus, finding yourself a space to be, and going through whatever techniques you usually use to free yourself from your physical body. We wish you to join us in consciousness- and not in words alone- so we ask that you allow your spirit to become free and to let your physical body become comfortable. Through using your breathing, breathing slowly and deeply with every breath, you expand your sense of self.

And you expand your energy field, connecting deeply into the earth and high into the heavens, you merge with your higher self, and call in your own guardians and guides so you may participate with us (in more than words!).

For we ask you to join us and sit with us in council…

The state of the world today is all a matter of perception. We would like to assist you with expanding your perception. So you may see and feel and live in an expanded reality. At this present moment in time, perhaps more than at other times in humanity’s evolution there are other realities that are touching this NOW moment. These other realities fuel the present moment on your earth as never before. So we ask you to imagine or see with your inner eye and sense with your inner senses, a hologram. In the centre there is your world and all around are other worlds that touch your world. Now we know that with your senses you perceive always as through a 3- Dimensional screen. We just remind you to imagine that you, the observer, can move all around and you are free to rotate yourself around and up and down. So you will have an impression of all the other worlds that are touching your world.

What we would like you to perceive is that the state of the world today is different from the past- it is alive with life and light. Everywhere these other realities touch are portals of energy which connect you. Now before in the evolution of humanity, these other realities would be touching your reality- but there would be no bleed-through, there would be no need to have other greater realities fuelling your world. Your world might have been fuelling the other realities instead!

But now the difference is there are several different pinpoints of energy, important moments in what you call history; impactful events in the growth of Gaia, and in the growth of humanity. It is these worlds that are open as portals to your world now, for this is what so many light workers have been achieving with their vibrational resonances and their own personal goals of working with light. There are many evolved beings on Earth and you are assisted by many evolved beings in the stars who are your ancestors. Please remember you have ancestors present in every kingdom, including those within the earth who are earth guardians. As each person grows, their knowingness of self grows and their self in all these other realities becomes more in alignment, more in attunement and more at-one.

In this sense of Oneness, the light workers are opening up personal portals so they explore knowledge and bring back memories from Atlantean civilisations, Lemurian civilisations and other civilisations in the stars, also from precious moments in times gone by.

In that great field of consciousness that connects us all you have far more fluidity than you have ever had to visit other worlds and to come back with knowledge and wisdom. There are pathways open into worlds that co-exist in your future and in your past. This freedom of movement, this is the evolution of spiritual beings who have the freedom to choose their destiny and to co-create with other beings, universal archetypes, a communal destiny for Earth. This is the honour that is bestowed upon you, these are your rewards when you grow. You do wish to grow, don’t you? Out of selves that are limiting, beliefs that are restricting and emotions that are dense and binding you to the past?

So we encourage you Loved Ones to seek freedom within, and that goal will give you freedom without, so you too may transcend other worlds and use the other energies that are offered you as a resource to your world and your life. It is a beautiful truth that more beings, including human beings are aware of the inter-connectedness of all living things, with all that is living in creation. They can feel it, sense it and live it – they can hold the vision that humanity will become whole and united in this way again. We ask you all to remember the resources that you have, that sit side by side with you, above you and below you. Resources – your spiritual resources – which are there for the asking, no matter what your beliefs are. Just because you are a human being incarnated, and a spiritual being in humankind.

The state of the world is evolving and growing as each human being evolves their consciousness. As we have explained above, this leads to being aware of other realities and their impact on the now. The state of the world is fuelled by realities that are calling for resolution. And although most humankind are completing their soul’s agenda for this lifetime, there are many humans who have completed their souls’ agenda, and they are free then to work with their soul family’s agenda. They are there to council you into the expansiveness of multi- dimensional awareness.

We encourage you Loved Ones – always to feel the greatness that is inside you, the infinite that exists in you and the truth that you are all here as individual consciousnesses; with the ability to channel universal spiritual energy into your life; to enrich your life following spiritual principles and holding the visions of Love and Peace.

Light workers for decades now have been focused on opening up portals of light. These portals of light are what have connected the dimensions together. That wave and that mission have allowed the other realities to touch yours and to fuel through to your world. So imagine light that comes out of a central sphere and touches into other spheres, that light dissolving the boundaries and creating a core that is in alignment with the spheres above and below it, as the light moves into Source and back from Source.

Light workers have called for the presence of God, for the presence of Goddess, for the presence of All That Is, Divinity, the Divine Source of Creation, they have been joined by the way showers, the pathfinders, those who have carried the torches out into the darkness, the magicians, the metaphysicians, and those of any religion who by their prayer have brought light from heaven to earth. All of the Light is valuable and all of this light does make a difference, as we hope we can explain to you today, to answer the question – what do people need to know about the state of the world to serve the highest good?

We feel you need to know your success. We feel you need to be aware of the successes of the many who have come before you and who have paved the way for you. We invite you to send out a wave of gratitude that resounds in all hearts and minds and souls. Gratitude to yourself, gratitude to others who have assisted you on your path and congratulate yourself and others- for the state of the world today is enriched by your presence, and by your awareness and your knowing-ness. It is enriched by your presence and your participation and we would love you to feel your achievements and honour your progress- from where you have come in this lifetime until this NOW moment; and to see that exponential growth in yourself and to appreciate it in yourself and all others who join with you. If you can create this much light on your planet so far, how much more light can you create when you commit deeper tomorrow?

For today we ask you to celebrate and congratulate yourself and tomorrow we ask you to commit deeper and to hold the goals that are in your heart more strongly than ever before, allowing yourself to radiate them out as one human being in a field of human consciousness, connected with all living beings everywhere.

Loved ones we leave you with the visions of Love and Peace in all our hearts and souls…

Namaste.  Council Of Elders from Lemuria