The Alchemists’ Cauldron

Kathleen Murray
28th February 2006 

I see an interplay between two realities – Atlantis and the star system of Cassiopeia. At the time of this event there was (is) much interplay between the healing temples in both places. Vibrational learning was going on and there were students of sacred rites studying in the same mystery schools in both places. I see a dual temple system. On Earth a recreation of a mystic order from Cassiopeia. So the founders of this sacred cosmic vibration were from Cassiopeia, but now there was simultaneous learning in all the temples, directed through crystal skulls, or in particular transmitted from a large one, and picked up by crystal skulls held by priests and priestesses in the temples. The large one is not manifest physically, it is a projection of a council of elders, from Lemuria. Most of the large crystal skulls never manifest physically as they are more powerful when still in light form. The smaller ones were needed to record and store information, for the larger ones only worked with energy, like an alchemist’s cauldron (a very apt analogy).

The alchemists were the elders who projected or dreamed the energy into being. They would brew their dreams and release them into the reality for which they were created. These creations were received by crystal skulls in the temples.

I see a cave and an old woman and an old man, many other (mzees) women elders are sitting around the fire, the man is alone and he has recently come into the cave. He is in despair and is asking for help. He needs the women to tell him where the truth is buried. He knows he has stumbled upon a web of lies in his own temple, which lies hidden in a chambered cairn in the Earth. The lies are being masked and fed into his initiates from one of the skulls. This has never been known before. There had never been a breach of security of sacred keepers.

Some of the other male elders know what is going on, they are magicians. The women to whom they come for guidance are shamans. They are the keepers of the bones. They can access deeper and penetrate more masquerades than any other shamans, because they have the bones. The bones are phenomenal tools to plunge into ungodly resonances, and not get stuck. The bones have the ability to stay there and hold open spaces without being detected by the occupants. This would allow the working shamans time and space to alter or find whatever their mission was. They could test out the space and accurately pick up hidden energy fields of light. The spaces they were most commonly in were ones where living consciousnesses and soul fragments were being masked because they had been captured to be used as an energy source, fuel.

Or they might be captured and held fragmented forever as this would create the most havoc in the realities they had come from. The grief and pain and links which were kept connected to, for instance the human beings left behind would be used as the energy fuel instead. A nice steady stream guaranteed plenty of mind games and control woven into vulnerable beings.

The women shamans would gather themselves within the skulls of the skeletons and then use the bones for travelling into other realities. The fact the bones were all connected mirrored a set of travel routes which could always be used for escaping, once they had achieved their missions. They had clear passageways in a whole matrix of over-shadow which was so large it spanned many star systems.

They could unravel and reset clouds of light pollution and distortion. They could penetrate and dissolve most of the different energy masks and black veils which trapped souls. What they hadn’t come across before may seem like a challenge, but because they were so relentless and persistent in their spearheading presence, it was only a matter of time before they could triumph. They were experienced and much respected for that.

There was a collection of tribal gatherings that would unite the shamans from Mongolia, China and Tibet. Sometimes they didn’t need to travel anywhere to unite, they’d celebrate the same festivals and unite in the smoke of the dragon wood. They had the same lineage and although they’d settled in different geographical areas they worked with the same herbs and metaphorically brewed their magic in the same cauldron.

Within the communities of the tribes and clans throughout the world there are many different cultures that share the same roots, the same stories moving through the stars.

The Magicians in Cassiopeia recognized the need to lay the silver pathways through the stars to awaken the crystals that lay buried or hidden on Earth, Sirius and the Pleiades. These told the stories of the times before when many had to escape the first fall of Atlantis. Then Pleiadian renegades had created turmoil as they wished, sowing the seeds of disintegration into the minds and hearts of humans. Deep within the matrices of these crystal skulls, some scattered into many pieces, each as alive as the other, lived a race of trapped beings.

They had voluntarily asked to be trapped into an energy vortex. Time encoded to explode into unconscious knowing first then to light a fire to clear pathways which would purify the souls attracted to their light.

Shamans unite…

There were many objects of ritual used by the women of the bones. These women set about the ceremonies that would free the race of trapped beings. The plan had not been to lose the soul group volunteers from the sixth matrix. But with the shattering of the skull they operated from, they were trapped without trace.

The ones who had created the explosion knew what their aims were. They had been given the brief to annihilate the sixth matrix souls as they were proving to be a burden. They were engaged in many light activities that were starting to make a difference to the planet they lived on. They were oscillating large waves of sound with their light, the resonance they held together. This sound was awakening crystals which had held the energy lines for that planet, the music being created was singing a song of freedom and things were beginning to change.

The grandmasters of the foundation didn’t want change. They enjoyed their coveted positions with lifelong security of riches, social standing and power. To achieve their aims they had brought in techniques of working with crystals which had begun to diminish the presence of the crystal devas. Soon they found it easy to invent more and more techniques which saw the end to participation between the kingdoms, especially human and crystal. The bond between some crystals and human had become extraordinarily strong, too strong.

To be continued…

Channelling on Cancer and the Third Atlantean Civilisation

11th June 2005 

I asked my beings that come through my crystal skulls and who guide and support me, why disease is very challenging for us.

“The Magic of Healing has limitless possibilities with which we very often interfere. There are some very simple natural laws that govern the healing essence in every sentient being. These laws are laws of truth spoken from the heart, signals sent out in wholeness and in purity, from one source to another source and responded to accordingly – the laws of creation and manifestation.

Now why do we manage to distort, entangle, block, cut off, defend ourselves from and sabotage all these lines of energy of source coming directly to us to assist us with our healing?

Where is the oneness, the wholeness of Love in any aspect of disease? Very abstractly, disease in any part of the body is Love that has forgotten itself.

Any of the issues that we have concerning illnesses is the processing that we need to do to clear our emotional and mental bodies, of course as well as our physical bodies, of the disease.

Love that has forgotten itself is a resonance of fragments. Fragmentation can become disease. If we are to truly act as a conduit for Divine Love, with our resonant energy field asking from Source for an infusion of energy; we need to be there open and ready to receive – always in communion, always in union, always in balance within that wholeness.

However within humanity there are many common blocks, self-sabotage that forms defences, violent actions, logged within humanity’s consciousness, subconscious, unconscious – matrices of disease. Matrices of disease that have been sown in times gone by on the Earth. One of the reasons for the fall of Atlantis 3 is the spread of a disease very much like your cancer.

There was a time when the downfall of Atlantis was known as imminent, every living being incarnate and disincarnate made different arrangements to accommodate the fall of a huge energy source. There were living beings within all the kingdoms who opposed the domination by a force that was malevolent, interested only in use and abuse of the living gracious energy from all living beings.

Every being responded true to their own, and the ones who were holding the vision of wholeness once again return so all the fragments of every living being in every species can come together again. They left the imprints of wholeness hidden. Many beings have discovered these now, but there are many hidden, many more to be found – they are codes. The Lemurians who left them left them in all manner of things, everywhere, so that access could be found by every living being who would return to this state of seeking. Because they would return to the very moment of the destruction as it hit them and they would be taken there by a certain disease. And that disease is cancer.

And it is working in all your bodies. It is more true to say that every living being is growing cancer right now. Now as more is understood of the nature of cells and their growth and what controls their growth – although every individual organism is running its own programmes and has its own issues and has its own body consciousness and its own agendas with life. There is an overlying matrix which has a need to control human beings – that it was set in motion in the latter days of the third civilization of Atlantis by the large insectoid beings who had formed their own council from many different stellar nations, and had joined together in their common cause to take the power of the Earth; Gaia’s consciousness and humanity’s, to be used for their own means. To be used as an energy source to be manipulated.

These beings seeded inside themselves and inside humanity a need for a particular cellular movement at a particular time. This kind of thing can also be called implants. So the control for use of energy which creates in human beings a need to self-destruct.

So there is a need to find in humanity now as many ways as possible to allow freedom from this control game. We know some of you will find it horrendous to know that the extent of control on this planet is everywhere. Larger than you could ever imagine, because it is everywhere. It is not just underlying one aspect. The actual matrix for self-destruction is everywhere, this is how it was seeded. This is why your cancer figures are coming closer and closer to one in three people, and the potential for going to one in two people, and then to everyone.

Sound and light can play so much a part of healing of this nature. Vibrational Healing is needed to break through these matrices, the matrices that hold disease. There are matrices that hold every single disease. It is a format which every being with a human consciousness has access to.”

The Council of Elders from Lemuria

I have always been given guidance from the beings that are with me, from my soul’s council over the years, to never suppress my emotions. Emotions are the power that humanity is known for; or the power of Love once these emotions are transformed into Love, into wholeness, into resolution, into Oneness.

I listen to myself, supporting myself, but I also have a discipline to work with the negativity. When I had my cancer I worked with meditations in the morning, in the evening, at night, as often as I could. I asked for help from friends to look after my children, Joy, aged four and Amethyst aged ten, while I could do as much healing as I needed.

I was taken on journeys by my guides – Journeys into my tumour. So that I could work with the consciousness of the cells and through those cells I could follow the pathway to a whole array of beings, the ones who have seeded cancer on this planet in those days long, long ago. They are here now to reap what they have sowed. There are many strata of these beings, and some of them are in human kind, those we may know as the Illuminati, the Dark Brotherhood, those for whom our governments are puppets.

“You must never give up your search for freedom, it is in the essence of yourself.  The disease matrices exist in every single one of you and if a button is to be pushed then a potential for manifestation of cancer and other terminal diseases is actualized. If you have that potential for manifestation of disease then you also have the potential for the dis-creation of that disease.

And what is it that stops you from knowing your own power in your health, in your wellbeing? Fear. Fear that has been implanted in you so deep that it is taken multiple opportunities in many lifetimes for you to release your fear, to release the need to be controlled by your fear, releasing the need to be controlled. For all these beings cannot control us unless we have a need to be controlled. We are talking about now, how in your reality perhaps there is an infinitesimal part of your Self that still needs to be controlled. That part still holds its energy and plays its part in the matrix. It might be one tiny, tiny part and therefore will not have a lot of impact on your whole. But the more each one of you has fear, and the fear of the need to be controlled ultimately, that alone has the right resonance for controllers to assist you with what you ask for, self–destruction.

Because that is the nature of cancer. There are fields of fear around cancer that consume every person who has the disease, and also consumes their loved ones, their family and friends. All united in the same fear of death by a disease which is known to kill, all completely united by fear. And the person who has the cancer is fearful of themselves. They have ignited in themselves by hearing a diagnosis of cancer, a fear, a fear of their own death, a fear of their own self–destruct and they find themselves in fear of themselves as much as of the disease.”

I remember listening to voices in myself who went into martyrdom, playing a martyrdom drama- all part of the cancer picture. It is important to council yourself, to listen to these voices. The most wonderful and beautiful thing to attain is that you have a you that observes yourself, that you can feel united enough with your higher self to listen to these personality parts, lower selves, negative ego, your negative ego, consuming you.

It is important to listen but not be consumed, and important to be there to witness yourself. You may ask for help to do this, from your higher self, your guardians, your guides and your council. I had fascinating journeys into my tumour, exploring the consciousness with my guides when I was actively working with the cancer in my own body. For I was wishing to create a temple of Light, filled with Divine Love, around my tumour, around myself. To create a high resonance that would transmute, transform and transfigure all aspects of the disease within me, and I was taken on magical journeys. I have recorded four journeys of the same nature as the ones I went on myself (unrecorded at the time). These are available on CD entitled, Soul Reunion, Journey into Self, Trust and the Temple of Light, Council of Elders.

In these journeys, you are connecting in with your higher self, your Divine presence, your guardians and guides and your soul’s council. So every person who makes that journey of consciousness, they are a way-shower, taking light into a darkness of destruction for the human race.

For all these beings who have the courage to go in there and hold their light and their truth and their healing as a statement of their being to the universe, the courage is immense. The journey can be triumphant, you need faith to follow this one through to its end, and you develop faith as you follow faithfully. And you develop a spiritual and heavenly rapport with your earthly self, through looking after yourself in all levels of being.

Spiritual and physical bodies working together, clearing emotion and negativity through your subconscious and unconscious selves, freeing yourselves from the matrices of destruction, freeing yourself from seeds sown in Atlantis, allowing yourself to be a beacon of Light, an inspiration for many others.

All of this may or may not mean, following the instructions from the National Health Service (or whatever it is called in your country). It may or may not involve taking any drugs that have been developed as poisons, cancerous in themselves, so that you are always held in a disabled state. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, mammograms, biopsies and surgery are procedures to treat cancer, but they are not treating it to enable life to be reclaimed. They are disabling life by deploying your immune system, and can put you at a disadvantage for life. If you have felt your life was difficult – as it will become apparently difficult when your health becomes under pressure as tumours start growing in you. If you have felt at times the toll that it takes daily on your body as energy is consumed by your tumour then imagine yourself free. Free from any kind of consuming energy.

Let freedom be your goal and ask for life in wholeness.

Kathleen Murray