As-K-Ra the Jade Skeleton

AsKRa 2013 with holotope mandala

The Jade Skeleton, so I believe, was found in a tomb or temple in Mongolia along with larger than human size jade skulls. There are around 8 of the skulls known about at present; along with a double jade skull and two skeletons. The whereabouts of the second skeleton is unknown.

These ancient artefacts found their way into China, probably smuggled, and ended up in the hands of a Vietnamese family. The current head of the family is Ho, who channels Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan, through Ho, has given the guidance to which guardians the jade skulls and skeleton choose. My friend Kirby Seid, in California, had to go through a series of initiations in altered states of consciousness to ‘pass’ the tests before being offered the artefacts.

Kirby then offered me in 2001, the jade skull of which I am the guardian. From the ancient beings that come through the skulls I was given the job of finding other guardians. Now there are two more in the UK. I was offered in 2004 a small double jade skull which has shamanic masks carved on the third eyes, this is the Twins.

2000 in California

Here is an excerpt from a reading with Bashar, an entity channelled through American Darryl Ankah:

“…created in a mystery school known as the Jade Temple in the Mongolian/Northern China area. This was a high order healing temple. Generally, it was used as both a teaching device, and as a diagnostic and treatment tool. Patients would touch the skeleton a certain way and the practitioner would be able to translate the nature of the illness or condition by reading the resonance of the jade skeleton. They would also administer resonant treatment through the artefact like a radionic device.”

From Taoist master Liu Ming

He said that the origin of the skeleton would be almost impossible to trace, because thousands of years ago, in the Mongolia/northern China area, there were many many tribal factions. Similar to Tibet where you have a mass of land the size of the United States and many segregated factions of mystery schools and temples, etc. He said that the Dali Lama is trying to present a united front, a whole country that is what we know as Tibet today. But historically they were really split up. Mongolia would invade China and vice versa. It wasn’t seen as a country invading a country, but more like provinces and tribes invading each other back and forth over and over for thousands of years. That the Jade skeleton had come from one such provincial temple or tribal order that was probably taken over several times over. Back in that day, he explained, the rules of war were such that after a battle, each side could collect their dead and give them a proper burial, so the souls wouldn’t be lost. So they could pass to the other side so to speak. The other general principal of war was to completely extinguish your enemy…a kind of genocide. The fear was you didn’t want them coming back generations later to destroy you. In such cases of extreme loss, the small number of tribal members left after such a war would create an effigy such as the jade skeleton. They would use this as a tool to cross over whole masses of people because the practical means of collecting bodies and preparing them etc was impossible for the few that were left. So this may have been functioning to do a kind of collective soul retrieval and passing over of souls/spirits for a particular group of people according to Master Liu Ming. Ming said that the fact that this artefact was here implied that whatever it was created to do was probably completed. And it is looking for a new purpose.”

2000 while in California

In 2005, Kirby offered me the opportunity of working with the jade skeleton in the UK. I know from working with the ancient beings that the skeleton would like to be fully active with in a spiritual community again. It was created in a spiritual community for a larger, global spiritual community.

Kirby had an offer to buy the jade skeleton from a museum; but we both felt that this enigmatic, ancient and sacred artefact would come alive in the hands of people, and not locked in storage in a museum. With my friend and soul sister Gillian Ellis, who is also a guardian of one of the jade skulls, we started to look for ways to make the future of AsKRa secure for the future. We began by pledging our own money as a deposit so AsKRA could come and join us in the UK.

I felt that the only way we could raise the large sum of money needed was to have AsKRa with us and begin to come alive again to do his spiritual work. So the consciousness that is the being of AsKRa could assist us in the creation of his future.

AsKRa was sent to Scotland in 2006, he had to be carfeully taken apart so he could travel in 3 boxes and reassembled in Rhynie. He arrived on the day of the Spring Equinox in 2006 in Aberdeen. I was holding a workshop/retreat in Rhynie with Gillian and excitedly went into Aberdeen to pick him up. Naturally we prioritised our time so we could meet, greet and assemble him.

Spring Equinox 2006, unpacking, oiling and assembling of AsKRa

I asked Vicky Argyle from to do a reading for me. Here are a few of her comments on the skeleton;

“It is incredible…amazing energy…very great clarity about it, really helps to put the person interacting with it on path, I feel. …it is an enormous gift and the stellar impact of it and the energy matrix that it carries with it are very profound (sorry, I feel it working through me now as I could ever since I have seen the picture, so goodness knows what it does when you connect with it in the physical level.) But it is cleansing everything down the spine, from the third eye all the way down and through the body, every single aspect through the physical is cleansed and negativity is shifted through working with it.

It is an incredibly powerful gift for those who are passing over in that they only take with them the purity of their light; the rest is dissolved, obliterated effectively. There is a real power of intention. The carving that took place in the mask did not happen on this earth. It has come from a completely different culture and civilisation than anything we have known here, but it is something that is working for the good of humanity and has come to uplift us. Immensely powerful.

So for some people -hard to work with because it really doesn’t allow you to avoid anything.”

Since 2006, AsKRa has travelled with me to festivals, conferences and public events so people can meet and experience this wise being, who may be one of our ancestors. Many people have given donations. He spends perhaps a year at a time with Gillian in Surrey, and then with me in Scotland, so people can access him.

We have paid the large sum of money now so we know his future is secure. The final payment was paid with more of our personal money, so I am still fundraising. If you would like to make a donation or become a sponsor to help AsKRa realise his potential, please contact myself or Gillian Ellis.

We never charge money for spending time with our crystal skulls, at workshops or public events; but as part of the fundraising work both Gillian and I facilitate private or group meditations/journeys with As-K-Ra. AsKRa will be with me in Scotland for the beginning of 2014, until March and then he will be in Surrey with Gillian for the rest of 2015.

Please phone Gillian on 01932 855452 or  if you would like a session in Surrey. Please phone myself on 01464 861584 or if you would like a shamanic healing journey with AsKRa in Scotland.

The cost for these facilitated sessions is £150 and this is part of the fundraising work for AS-K-Ra. To spend time with As-K-Ra un-facilitated, a donation of £100 is asked for a 1 & 1/2 hour session or £50 for 45 minutes.

There is an idea that AsKRa is not a carving but actually the fossilised remains of one of our ancestors, called the Gaians, the original green people of the Earth.  There are only two known of in the world, but there may be more.

The Divine AsKRa, on a wonderful stand made by Gordon Burdall 2007


AsKRa has glyphs or shamanic masks carved on the top of his skull and on every bone or part of his skeletal structure. Each one is slightly different and my current work is to connect with the shamans who work through him and to begin to understand what his Divine purpose is now and how I can serve as a guardian. The following photos are of some of the glyphs.

For more photos of AsKRa at conferences and events please click here (LINK TO FESTIVALS)

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