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About Us PageThe Academy of Crystal and Natural Healing is one of the oldest crystal schools in the UK. It began its life as The Academy of Crystal and Natural Awareness (TAOCANA); founded in 1986 by international healer and lecturer Dennis West. Sue Richter studied Advanced Crystal Therapy with Dennis, and went on to train as tutor for the Academy. In 1993 Dennis handed over the directorship to Sue Richter. From 1993 until 2004 the Academy became Sue’s life work, based in Carrbridge, near Aviemore. The Academy of Crystal and Natural Awareness became The Academy of Crystal and Natural Healing, and Sue developed Colour Therapy courses in addition to the Crystal and Gem Diploma Courses. Sue was very active up until her death with cancer in December 2004.

I am Kathleen Murray, it is my honour to be the director of the Academy of Crystal and Natural Healing since 2004. I studied with Sue and graduated in 1995. I, like many, found Sue an inspirational teacher who awakened my passion for crystals even more.

I love the worlds of crystals and crystal beings and my specialist subjects are Lemuria, Earth Healing and Crystal Skulls. My work is dedicated to the Divine, to making this world a better place and to helping people understand more of who they are.

My first crystal skull Mahasamatman or Sammie came into my life in 1996, bringing initiations and transformation and attracting in many other crystal skulls. The ones that travel with me are Sammie, Kalif, Jade and the Twins. My work with crystal skulls has led to invitations to speak at conferences in Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, Holland, Belgium, France, Hungary, Greece and Kuwait (over many years!). In addition to teaching in these countries, I have taught workshops in Australia, America, Brazil and Iceland.

Our Affiliations

The Academy of Crystal and Natural Healing is an ACHO Member Training School (Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations Ltd.), an ACTO Member Training School (Affiliation of Colour Therapy Organisations) and a member of Crystal Therapy Council. Crystal Therapy Council is the lead body for crystal therapy and healing in the UK and ANCH is a member of the General Regulatory Council for Complimentary Therapies.

All Graduates achieve a Diploma Qualification which is recognised for insured practice, licentiates and graduates can enrol on the ACHO register of Crystal Healing practitioners Graduates can use Dip. ACNH and/or Dip. ACTO after their names.

Students who study with an ACHO school will have access to excellent low cost insurance which is a requirement for case studies.

ACHO website: www.crystal-healing.org – ACTO website: www.acto.org.uk